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Embrace the Cross of Christ – Archbishop to four new priests

As he spoke at the latest ordination of four priests on Saturday, September 14 at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Archbishop Charles Jason Gordon described […]

Preach to connect with the people

The following is an article on Homilies which takes excerpts of talks given by Archbishop Jason Gordon “The preacher must know the heart of his community, […]

Being a person of God…becoming a nation of God

Last Sunday, September 8, marked the end of the 40 Day Rosary for Life with a candlelit procession around the Queen’s Park Savannah. Archbishop Jason Gordon, […]

Improving literacy levels in T&T

International Literacy Day, September 8 By Lara Pickford-Gordon Email: snrwriter.camsel@abpos.org Twitter: @gordon_lp International Literacy Day is on September 8 with a focus on literacy and multilingualism. […]

Single parents: Give yourself some credit

By Kaelanne Jordan Email: mediarelations.camsel@abpos.org Twitter: @kaelanne1 A mental health clinician has this message for all single mothers and fathers: “You are not alone. You are doing […]

True freedom is moving as God moves

By Kaelanne Jordan Email: mediarelations.camsel@abpos.org Twitter: @kaelanne1 If your life is not moving towards a deep thirst and yearning for God or a deep sense of […]

Sing the ‘Amen’ with gusto!

We continue from last week, noting that every piece of liturgical music has a function for the worshipping community and assumes a certain form in which […]

‘Season of Creation’ launches in Toco

On Sunday, September 1, parish priest of Toco-Matelot, Fr Raymond Francis celebrated Mass at the Assumption Church, Mission Village to mark the start of the month-long […]

Four to be ordained

Deacons Stephan Alexander, Kwesi Alleyne, Kenwyn Sylvester, and Mikkel Trestrail will be ordained to the priesthood next Saturday. The venue for the Mass, which begins at […]

One RC school opening delayed, others face challenges

By Lara Pickford-Gordon Email: snrwriter.camsel@abpos.org Twitter: @gordon_lp St Finbar’s Girls’ RC Arouca was the only Catholic RC school of 118 which did not open on Monday […]

Church takes steps to improve school performance

Story by Lara Pickford-Gordon Email: snrwriter.camsel@abpos.org Twitter: @gordon_lp Archbishop Jason Gordon met with the Catholic Education Board of Management (CEBM) and school managers, August 15 to […]

Form and function of liturgical music

As we prepare for weekend liturgies, it is important that we pay closer attention to our music selections. The following lets us look at music and […]

Carmelite journey continues for Br Mikhail

The Carmelite family celebrates with Br Mikhail Woodruffe O Carm and Br Paul Richmond O Carm on their profession of solemn vows at the National Shrine […]

RC Schools To Receive Performance Push

Story by Lara Pickford-Gordon Email: snrwriter.camsel@abpos.org Twitter: @gordon_lp Archbishop Jason Gordon met with the Catholic Education Board of Management (CEBM) and school managers, August 15 to […]

Venezuelan bishop: ‘Gracias, T&T’

by Raymond Syms Email: editor.camsel@abpos.org Twitter: @RaymsCN The Bishop of the Diocese of Carupano – geographically the closest Venezuelan diocese to the Archdiocese of Port of […]

Santa Rosa priest praises First Peoples, asks forgiveness for past sins

By Raymond Syms Email: editor.camsel@abpos.org Twitter: @RaymsCN The celebrant and homilist at Sunday’s annual feast day Mass of St Rose of Lima at the Santa Rosa […]

Your questions answered – Mission Congress FAQs

There has been a buzz about the upcoming Mission Congress hosted in Trinidad and Tobago on September 17 – September 22. We thought of some questions […]

Don’t be afraid to be a saint

Archbishop Jason Gordon has called on Catholics to put aside their fears, trust in the guidance of Mary and become saints. He believes through personal conversion, […]

300 years of religious commitment

On Sunday, July 21, Emmaus Centre, Arima was the venue for the jubilee celebration of five Sisters of St Joseph of Cluny. Surrounded by the daughters […]

Archbishop sees opportunities for development and transformation

By Kaelanne Jordan Email: mediarelations@camsel.abpos.org Twitter: @kaelanne1 Archbishop Jason Gordon has said that he did not expect the prayers from the 40-day Rosary for Life to […]

Teaching YOUNG MEN to discern God’s call

Archbishop Jason Gordon revealed when he was 16 years old, his powers of discernment were really “not good” for he allowed his “inadequacies” to become an […]

Newly Ordained Fr Jesse Maingot Called to a Radical Life

As he participated in his ordination ceremony at St Finbar’s Church in Diego Martin on Saturday August 17, Fr Jesse Maingot was possibly reflecting on his […]

A Pill for Our ‘Picaroon’ Society

Q: Archbishop J, why “exaggerated responsibility for the common good”?  Every civilisation has its unconscious assumptions, driving forces that motivate and at the same time act […]

Siparia Boys’ RC take in Gold Cup final

Siparia Boys’ RC take in Gold Cup final La Divina Pastora, Siparia Boys’ RC in collaboration with St Brigid’s Girl’s RC, captured the inaugural Scotiabank/Concacaf NextPlay […]

Good music makes the Mass alive

By Fr Steve Ransome “A hymn is the praise of God in song”—St Augustine. Music is a very essential component of any liturgical celebration. Music in […]

Hospitality beyond the Eucharistic experience

By Fr Don Chambers In last week’s article, I posited that the Church’s ministry of hospitality is grounded and shaped by our friendship or relationship with […]

Maintaining our historical cathedral

The cathedral is once again undergoing further minor renovations. New furniture with appropriate signage will be installed in the narthex of the church where the Catholic […]

25th Anniversary of Caribbean School for Catholic Communications

By Kaelanne Jordan mediarelations.camsel@abpos.org Twitter: @kaelanne1 The media has changed so much of who we are as a Caribbean people and has given us such incredible […]

Find your inner salmon

By Kaelanne Jordan mediarelations.camsel@abpos.org Twitter: @kaelanne1 Just as salmon continues to swim upstream, against the direction of the waters, and under challenging conditions and circumstances so […]

Looking for a leader? Look in the mirror

By Raymond Syms Email: editor.camsel@abpos.org Twitter: @RaymsCN If you’re looking for a leader, just look in the mirror. That was the message from Archbishop Jason Gordon […]

St Therese Centre for Education and Training:  A community space for migrants, refugees and others

By Lara Pickford-Gordon, Email: snrwriter.camsel@rcpos.org.Twitter: @gordon_lp The St Therese Centre for Education and Training Saddle Road Maraval will be a “welcoming space”, a community centre for […]

Code aims to change political culture

By Lara Pickford-Gordon Email: snrwriter.camsel@abpos.org Twitter: @gordon_lp The Code of Ethical Political Conduct was signed by political parties on Monday at Archbishop’s House, Port of Spain. […]

Don’t miss the real meaning of the Mass

Story by Kaelanne Jordan, Email: mediarelations.camsel@abpos.org Twitter: @kaelanne1 You can get everything right yet still miss the real “intentionality” of the Mass. “You can celebrate it, […]

A long tradition of excellence—An Emancipation Day commentary by Fr Dexter Brereton CSSp


Code trying to change political ‘bacchanal’ culture

Lara Pickford-Gordon, Email: snrwriter.camsel@abpos.org, Twitter: @gordon_lp The Code of Ethical Political Conduct was signed by political parties today, July 29 at Archbishop’s House, Port of Spain. […]

Some Trinidadians Remember

By Kaelanne Jordan, Email:mediarelations.camsel@abpos.org, Twitter: @kaelanne1 Where were you and what do you remember of July 27, 1990? Catholic News sought some answers as the nation […]

Monsignor Julien Kaboré—A symbol of humility, a light in darkness and a nice human being

The Vatican posting of two Africans to serve in the Apostolic Nunciature of Trinidad and Tobago was an “idyllic period”. This is how Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop […]

Nelson Street Boys’ ready for Emancipation competition

Reigning seven-time Sanfest Best African drumming champions Nelson Street Boys’ RC intends to share some “licks” as they compete against some of the countries top drumming […]

Called to live a spirituality of hospitality

By Fr Don Chambers The Archdiocese of Port of Spain recently embarked on a fresh pastoral approach that emphasises three aspects of the Eucharistic celebration, Hospitality, […]

Liturgy school back up at the Mount

Liturgy School 2019 starts tomorrow, Monday with week-long activities of prayer, praise and worship, talks and workshops. This year, the school will be returning to its […]

‘PLAY like Raymond did’

Story by Kaelanne Jordan, Email: mediarelations.camsel@abpos.org Twitter: @kaelanne1 Family, friends, well wishers and members of the theatre fraternity were reminded that Raymond Sulan Choo Kong would […]

Getting in on the 20 per cent

By Lara Pickford-Gordon Email: snrwriter.camsel@abpos.org Twitter:@gordon_lp How many of us know about the process used by principals for the selection of the 20 per cent, apart […]

Remembering the attempted coup 29 years later

Lara Pickford-Gordon snrwriter.camsel@abpos.org Former minister in the National Alliance for Reconstruction (NAR) government Winston Dookeran engaged in “dialogue” with members of the Jamaat-al-Muslimeen in the July […]

Catholic men’s ministry in T&T

Ralph Charles & Fr Dwight Merrick reflect on two decades of Catholic men’s ministry. In 1999, Winston Garcia, Christo Gouveia, Paul Bousignac, Simon Rostant (both now […]

What is the 20 per cent?

Story by Lara Pickford-Gordon Email: snrwriter.camsel@abpos.org Twitter:@gordon_lp An analysis by Nigel Henry, Lead Analyst CEO of Solution by Simulation on leaked information on placement for Secondary […]

3Hs – How did we get there?

By Fr Martin Sirju, Vicar General “3Hs? What’s that? Where did it come from?”  Many people have been asking that question. Well, let’s try and answer […]

Transmit Christ’s life to be successful ambassadors

As 53 graduates of the Catholic Bible Institute received their diplomas and certificates, they were reminded to become “reflectors” of Christ and carry their “letters of […]

MAT: putting the pieces together

For the past few weeks, we have been providing information on the new Parish Architecture (how we organise our parishes in the Archdiocese) through the medium […]

Some safety tips from the Children’s Authority

For babies and toddlers Toddlers by nature are curious, and unfortunately lack a strong sense of danger, and this can bring its own unique child safety […]

THINK safety, care for children

The Children’s Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (CATT) last Wednesday held a media briefing to underscore for parents, guardians and caregivers to treat children as “number […]

Food, Water, Education: South parishes assist Migrants

Our parishes continue to do the best they can for our migrant Venezuelan brothers and sisters. At the parish of St Benedict’s RC, La Romaine their […]

Leadership conference for you

Story by Kaelanne Jordan, Email: mediarelations.camsel@abpos.org Twitter: @kaelanne1 The Church and world at large are enduring a period of great challenge and change. In such environments, […]

The MAT and Pastoral Council

By Fr Matthew d’Hereaux As we continue the work of building Church in the Archdiocese of Port of Spain, the faithful has been asking, “So, what […]

The role of the Pastoral Council in the new architecture

By Fr David Khan The Church is the living body of Christ. In diverse ways, we all share the responsibility for the mission given to her […]

Fr Joyeau—troublesome, beautiful…all love

Story by Lara Pickford-Gordon Email: snrwriter.camsel@abpos.org Twitter:@gordon_lp Some may say he was a bit of a “troublemaker” or a little “cantankerous” from time to time; others […]

Remembering Fr Hugh Joyeau

By Gregg Durham, Carmelite novice It was on my last surprise visit home to Trinidad about a month ago, I walked through the living room and […]

The Body of Christ connects us like the roots of a tree

Corpus Christi—the Body of Christ, is like a rhizomatic tree whose roots are intertwined and produces shoots out of which new trees grow. It withstands unfavourable […]

Where are we?

by Archbishop Jason Gordon The process at arriving at our Archdiocesan Pastoral Plan began in January 2018 with an articulation of the problem by clergy deriving […]

The Church has always helped those in need

Archbishop Jason Gordon is rebutting the public’s perception that the Church is doing “more” for refugees and migrants than poor and marginalised Trinbagonians. Speaking during Catholic […]

One Caribbean Church, one people

Archbishop Emeritus Joseph Harris said the holding of a Caribbean Catholic Church synod is “the obvious step forward” for the region to be recognised as a […]

Theology for the Ordinary People— Caribbean Theology Conference, June 24–28

It has taken “audacity” and “courage” for Caribbean theology to develop over 25 years and more of these are needed in moving forward. “Theology is about […]

Fmr Fatima student, parishioner ordained in US

Trinidadian Deacon David Darryl Wong was ordained a Diocesan priest by Bishop Peter Libasci of Manchester together with Deacon Adrian Frackowiak at the Cathedral of St […]

Out of the Valley of Dry Bones

Vicar General Fr Martin Sirju has challenged the Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) to establish “prayer hotlines” in all parishes because “people want prayer, they want to […]

Getting the Church out of the Valley of Dry Bones

Lara Pickford-Gordon snrwriter.camsel@abpos.org “If we want to renew the life of the Church and get out of this valley of dry bones, we have to be […]

235th Annual Corpus Christi celebrations

The celebration of the Solemnity of Corpus Christi on Thursday begins with Holy Mass at the Grand Stand, Queen’s Park Savannah at 8.30 a.m. Parishes in […]

On World Communications Day

A message from Fr Robert Christo – Vicar for Communications For the year 2019, the 53rd World Communications Day took place on the feast of the […]

Confirmation impacted my life, what about yours?

By Renee Smith,  parishcomms.camsel@abpos.org The Church teaches confirmation is a true sacrament instituted by Christ and different to baptism. It is administered by laying-on of hands […]

Questions for the Congress, Mission Month

Every parish community of all AEC dioceses will be provided with sufficient copies of the booklet Baptised and Sent to read and study. The following parish […]

Parishes continue to reach out to Venezuelan migrants

By Renée Smith and Lara Pickford-Gordon Parishes and communities throughout the Archdiocese of Port of Spain are opening their doors to support Venezuelan newcomers in their […]

Church alive: Helping our Venezuelan brothers and sisters

By Renee Smith and Lara Pickford-Gordon rsmith.camsel@rcpos.org, lpickfordgordon.camsel@rcpos.org Parishes and communities throughout the Archdiocese of Port of Spain are opening its doors to support Venezuelan newcomers in […]

The Feast of the Visitation gives a lesson on solidarity and faith

The following is a daily reflection on today’s Gospel by a local contributor. Get your daily Gospel reflections, readings, homilies and much more by downloading the […]

St Benedict’s RC ‘Green Space’ set to flourish

Story and photos by Kaelanne Jordan, Email: kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org Twitter: @kaelanne1 On the National Day of Caring A multifunctional outdoor green space to boost the morale of […]

Students Demand Change

Over 500 students from both primary and secondary schools gathered on the front parking area of the Archbishop’s Residence with banners and posters in hand, chanting […]

Come feel the rhythm!

A platform to feel the rhythm of God’s heartbeat, of time, faith and the symphony of creation will be offered through Trinity TV’s upcoming telethon. The […]

Stop using plastics at Church events

Technology’s total control of us, the loss of our clean rivers and the sense of community gatherings in natural areas, as well as the need for […]

Caratal Sacred Heart’s Netball Success

Sacred Heart RC School in Caratal won the Victoria Education District Netball Competition 2019 against Mon Repos RC on Friday, May 24, 2019. The final score: […]

Excitement at Nelson Street Girls’ transformation

By Lara Pickford-Gordon lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org Their screams of joy must have been heard for several blocks in Port of Spain as the students of Nelson Street Girls’ […]

Supporting our Seminarians

From Archbishop’s Appeal Recognising the dire need to support the priestly vocation, the Archbishop’s Appeal was given a mandate to support our seminarians. The clarion call […]

Msgr Ventour steps down as rector

Msgr Allan Ventour has been associated with the seminary at the ‘Mount’ for 47 years, as a seminarian, teacher and rector. After six years managing the […]

Challenging lectures for 25th Caribbean theology conference

Story by Kaelanne Jordan, Email: kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org Twitter: @kaelanne1 Theology is not an exercise of the elite as certain expressions such as ‘God don’t sleep’; ‘Heaven and […]

You cannot separate Jesus from Mary – Nuncio

Who are we to refuse the person that God Himself has chosen to be the Mother of the Son of God? This was the crux of […]

Historic beatification for Opus Dei

From the Prelature of Opus Dei A group of persons from Trinidad and Tobago was to join with many others from all over the world, in […]

La Divina Pastora: Leading stray hearts back to Jesus

By Lara Pickford-Gordon lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org Twitter: @gordon_lp It is tradition for people to visit the shrine at La Divina Pastora RC Church, Siparia to lay their burdens […]

From Venezuela to vocations, AEC discusses its vision

President of the Antilles Episcopal Conference (AEC) Bishop Gabriel Malzaire of Roseau (Dominica) has expressed concern for the crisis in Venezuela and the concomitant refugee situation […]

Corruption: We like it so?

By Lara Pickford-Gordon lpgordon@rcpos.org Twitter: @gordon_lp Years ago, when I was scheduled to do my driving test to get my licence, the instructor after the driving […]

Earning $$ or just ‘breezing out’ on the promenade

Lara Pickford-Gordon lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org On May 2, the 50th birthday of cricket star Brian Lara the man after whom the promenade is named, Mayor of Port of Spain Joel […]

Go to confession, it is a “gift”

Speaking at the Mass for Divine Mercy at Santa Rosa RC last Sunday, Archbishop Jason Gordon said people have told him, ‘I don’t have to confess […]

Cathedral Mercy Door closed

A decision was made by the Administrator of the Cathedral, Fr Martin Sirju and the maintenance consultants—after consultation with Archbishop Gordon—to have the Mercy Door at […]

Protecting our heritage structures

Many of our churches are in need of restoration (CN, March 10). Catholic News approached architect Rudylynn De Four Roberts, a member of Citizens for Conservation, […]

Archdiocese to begin roll out of MATs

Roll out and sensitisation have started in vicariates for the introduction of Ministry Animation Teams (MATS) in parishes. The MATs will work alongside clergy and parish […]

Priests are ‘lovers’ – Archbishop

By Kaelanne Jordan kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org Lovers aren’t always perfect but their intention and action of love demonstrate their commitment to love even in the midst of their […]

Thank you and farewell, Fr Baskar

After ten years of committed service to the Archdiocese, Fr Antony Baskar Jayaseelan MSFS, will be transferred to another appointment. Better known as Fr Antony or Fr Baskar, he […]

Priesthood is an offering of love

By Kaelanne Jordan, kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org Archbishop Jason Gordon has thanked priests of the Archdiocese of Port of Spain for the incredible sacrifices they made on a daily […]

Yes to Bill – Archbishop

By Kaelanne Jordan kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org The passage of the Unexplained Wealth Bill 2019 in Parliament Monday, April 9 was a “wonderful” example of how the business of Trinidad […]

Unexplained Wealth Bill “vital” says Archbishop*

By Kaelanne Jordan kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org The move by Government, with unanimous support from the Opposition to pass the controversial Unexplained Wealth Bill in Parliament was one of […]

Archbishop Gordon:  Impossible to live a crooked life when the only line is a straight line*

Lara Gordon-Pickford lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org Striving for a virtuous life can have consequences. Archbishop Jason Gordon illustrated this disclosing that his father quit a job after being asked […]

Cooler Cathedral coming

Archbishop Jason Gordon has directed the technical consultants attached to the Cathedral to find a solution to make the church cooler. The ventilation in the Cathedral […]

Are you an “undercover Catholic” in your workplace?

Deacon Derek Walcott cautioned followers of Catholicism from being identified only by their attendance at Masses. “How are we manifesting our faith in our workplaces?” he […]

Bloom where you are planted*

By Kaelanne Jordan, kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org Does God allow bad things to happen as a form of punishment? Archbishop Jason Gordon tackled this question in an Instagram live […]

Fr Jeffrey Supersad: It began with a dream…

By Simone Delochan sdelochan.camsel@rcpos.org A dream of laying prostrate on the ground, face down in a church is not a typical one to have, especially when […]

Fr Lindsay John: small nudges

By Lara Pickford-Gordon lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org The “call” to priesthood doesn’t happen in the same way for all men. For Fr Lindsay John, 43 years, it came as […]

Mount St Benedict safe…for now

By Kaelanne Jordan kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org The maintenance employees at the Mt St Benedict monastery commenced work last Tuesday to change the PVC water lines destroyed by a […]

Ego must go

By Lara Pickford-Gordon lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org The ordination to the priesthood of Deacons Jeffrey Supersad and Lindsay John was long in coming but God was relentlessly in pursuit […]

Delight for double ordination*

By Kaelanne Jordan The local faith community and well-wishers from Guyana, Suriname, the Dominican Republic and the US gathered to witness the ordination of Deacons Lindsay […]

Calling all men of God to transform church, T&T

By Kaelanne Jordan, kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org The launch of the National Catholic Men’s Ministry (NCMM) does not indicate that men will now “take over” or suggest unhappiness with […]

Church land for Bethesda

By Lara Pickford-Gordon, lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org Bethesda, for persons with disabilities (PwDs), has received ten acres of land at Todd’s Road/Arena Road in Carlsen Field, Chaguanas to construct a […]

T&T’s first Catholic church in urgent need of restoration

The St Joseph RC Church established in T&T’s first capital is testimony to the Catholic Church’s early history. At 204 (1815–2019), the structure has deteriorated and […]

Endgame of Lent: being closer to Christ

For the Lenten season, Archbishop Jason Gordon has challenged Catholics to observe and practice the three Hs—Hymns, Homilies and Hospitality by listening to sacred music; reading […]

We cannot divorce ourselves—Archbishop on Carnival

By Kaelanne Jordan, kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org Archbishop Jason Gordon has declared that he cannot “remove” himself “entirely” from Carnival and neither should the Catholic Church be removed from […]

Faithful four ordained to the diaconate

THE early morning’s light rain may have been God’s way of showering blessings on seminarians Stephan Alexander, Kwesi Alleyne, Mikkel Trestrail and Kenwyn Sylvester who were […]

Remember gratitude & charity: advice to new priest

Bishop Gerard County CSSp of St Vincent and the Grenadines ordained his friend of 26 years, Rev Ako Trevor Walker CSsR to the priesthood at the […]

Ready to fulfil a Redemptorist mission

Communications Officer Renée Smith interviewed Rev Ako Walker CSsR days before his ordination. THE THOUGHT of devoting your life to Christ is a journey. Some find […]

Children’s Rally to kick off AEC Mission Congress

From the AEC Secretariat For the past six months, the Antilles Episcopal Conference (AEC) Mission Congress 2019 planning team has been meeting to strategise and implement […]

Pray for spiritual renewal

The First Friday of each month is a time of grace to turn to God and implore God’s divine mercy in this plight that our Church […]

Address social issues regarding children’s education

By Lara Pickford-Gordon, lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org Until legal amendments are made, the compulsory age of education in the Trinidad and Tobago Education Act 1966 is six to 12 years. […]

CCSJ: build a just country, world

Reflect on the causes of injustice in Trinidad and Tobago and the world, and make a commitment to promote justice for all. The Catholic Commission for […]

History shows migrants can help T&T grow

By Kaelanne Jordan,    kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org Archbishop Jason Gordon has maintained that the influx of Venezuelan refugees in the country can be a “wonderful opportunity” if citizens treat […]

Rehabilitate, not legalise*

Archbishop on marijuana issue By Kaelanne Jordan, kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org Archbishop Jason Gordon again reiterated that while he is not in favour of persons being criminalised for marijuana […]

New coat of arms

Bishop Llanos’ coat of arms as Bishop of St John’s-Basseterre differs slightly from the coat of arms as Auxiliary Bishop of Port of Spain. The shield […]

Bishop Llanos ‘weds’ St John’s-Basseterre

By Raymond Syms, Editor Bishop Robert Llanos celebrated his 61st birthday last Sunday and finally ‘tied the knot’ after a two-year ‘engagement’ as Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop […]

Abbot’s doctor pleased with successful operation

By Kaelanne Jordan, kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org Abbot John Pereira OSB is now recuperating “nicely” at the Monastery of Sant’Anselmo in Rome as his surgery for transurethral resection of […]

As Venezuela faces humanitarian crisis: “Respond as Christ would”

As the mountains surround Jerusalem, So the LORD surrounds His people from this time forth and forever.’ (Psalm 125:2) We are experiencing a time as never […]

Cluster bids farewell to Fr Harold

The Diego Martin/Petit Valley/Crystal Stream cluster bid farewell to Fr Harold Imamshah at a Mass on January 25 at the Church of the Nativity, Crystal Stream, […]

Strategic Intentions – Big Picture 2019

We move to the implementation phase of the Pastoral Planning process for 2019. Consistent with feedback received as we execute, the emphasis this year is on […]

Fmr Delegate for Youth thanked for Christian witness

A humble former Episcopal Delegate for Youth Winston Garcia was commended last Sunday for his Christian witness to young people of the Archdiocese. A farewell Mass, […]

‘Fr Chris’ celebrates 20 years of priesthood

The man says ‘yes’ to the priesthood but the most precious gift is how God uses the ‘yes’ to allow His mysteries to be known to […]

SVP refutes claims

By Lara Pickford-Gordon, lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org The Society of St Vincent de Paul (SVP) is refuting allegations made about the treatment of children at the Cyril Ross Nursery, […]

Bishop Llanos’ installation today

Bishop-elect Robert Llanos will today be installed as the fourth Bishop of the Diocese of St John’s-Basseterre. He has been the Apostolic Administrator of the diocese […]

Teach youth old-time religion with no gimmicks, Archbishop tells catechists

It is an “awesome challenge” to be a catechist, and a privilege to bring the faith to the present generation. In the past, all catechists had […]

A message from the Archbishop

Parish Pastoral Planning – Big Picture 2019 My Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, We have spent 2018 in planning mode, listening to you. Your input has […]

Stand your ground, don’t water down the faith

Catholics at the National Conference of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal were called to stand their ground against mainstream culture and society and develop a countercultural way […]

‘Shepherds’ must be on fire, for ‘sheep’ to feel the heat

Catholic Charismatics were encouraged to embark on a new season of renewing and reviving the Church as “active participants”. Fr Trevor Nathasingh believed that in order […]

Archbishop: Let’s harness children’s imagination, creativity

As he paid tribute to the contribution of the Sisters of St Joseph of Cluny to education, Archbishop Jason Gordon urged Catholic educators to respond to […]

T&T WYD group stays in Colon Kuna

A group of 47 left Piarco International Airport last Monday to represent the Archdiocese of Port of Spain at World Youth Day (WYD) 2019 in Panama. […]

Abbot Pereira prepares for surgery*

By Kaelanne Jordan, kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org Abbot John Pereira OSB (in photo with Ghanaian priest, Fr Vitus Mensah) continues to remain positive and relaxed days before an operation […]

God’s Will

By Simone Delochan, sdelochan.camsel@rcpos.org In the space of about a week in the first half of December, three books were released by the local Catholic community. On […]

Gov’t responds to the street-dweller problem

by Lara Pickford-Gordon, lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org How many times have we seen street dwellers and wondered why the authorities do not round them up and take them to a […]

Millennials want to see witness, not hear authority

Archbishop at CCR conference Archbishop Jason Gordon called on participants at last weekend’s Catholic Charismatic Renewal’s (CCR) conference to pursue and evangelise millennials.He believed should that […]

St Benedict’s to be relocated*

By Renée Smith, rsmith.camsel@rcpos.org Efforts are being made to relocate St Benedict’s College, La Romaine. The 62-year-old structure is severely compromised with the building having outgrown its […]

VG: ‘Holy Innocents’ shouldn’t be cosmetic

Story and photo by Lara Pickford-Gordon The Feast of Holy Innocents should not be a “cosmetic” exercise but a time for parents to reinforce the faith […]

As we were in 2018

By Lara Pickford- Gordon,       lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org In 2018 the Church was called to respond to the needs arising from the influx of migrants particularly from Venezuela, flooding […]

Justice system requires an ‘architect’

Writer KAELANNE JORDAN joined Archbishop Jason Gordon on his recent visit to three of the nation’s penal institutions. Archbishop Jason Gordon made a promise to clients—formerly […]

Christmas mystery reminds us of God’s love

Amid the bustle on the Brian Lara Promenade Friday, December 21, Archbishop Jason Gordon called for love to be the guiding force in the lives of […]

LWC offers hope for refugee children

By Lara Pickford-Gordon, lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org The story of a refugee begins with “hope”, in search of a better life to find freedom, protection and welcome.  The Living […]

2018 was a busy, challenging year, says Archbishop*

By Kaelanne Jordan, kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org Archbishop Jason Gordon said since his installation as archbishop last December, 2018 has proved to be his busiest year. It was one […]

Mary—the ideal Advent figure

By Kenwyn Sylvester, seminarian On this fourth Sunday of Advent the Church invites us to enter deeper into the season by looking at a person who […]

Bishop Llanos appointed to St John’s

Pope Francis has appointed Apostolic Administrator, Bishop Robert Llanos to the Diocese of St John’s-Basseterre. The appointment was made public last Tuesday at noon, Rome time. […]

Abbot celebrates Christmas away from home

By Kaelanne Jordan, kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org This Christmas will be the first Abbot John Pereira OSB will celebrate without his Brothers at Mount St Benedict. He told Catholic […]

Archbishop’s Christmas message: Be vulnerable to God

The Son of God coming as a baby is inviting us to know the love of God and to reach out to others. In his Christmas […]

Inmate asks Archbishop to advocate for swifter justice

Archbishop Jason Gordon visited the Port of Spain prison on December 10 as he began his visits to prisons last week. He was invited by the […]

‘Called to Serve’

That’s the title of a new book authored by ‘a woman before and beyond her time’. Simone Delochan reports. The launch of Called to Serve, held […]

Irish Dominican history in T&T

By Lara Pickford-Gordon, lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org In the digital age, written letters on paper contained in the Dominican archive “may be among the last set of physical artefacts of […]

Embarking on an Advent-ure

By Kwesi Alleyne, seminarian Do you know that God wants to do a work in and through you? A religious sister recently shared that some years […]

Coping with a new economic reality

By Kaelanne Jordan,  kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org When you are unemployed, your life changes radically—professionally, psychologically and financially.  Bills you paid regularly/monthly continue to come in, but your income […]

Live Advent well – Archbishop

By Kaelanne Jordan, kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org Catholics ought to live the Advent season “really well” and prepare for Christ’s coming, Archbishop Jason Gordon said in the final instalment of […]

God chooses humans to do the extraordinary

When God calls us to vocation, He also prepares us and gives us what we need. “We have to recognise the preparation that God makes when […]

Love through God’s lens

By Stephan Alexander, seminarian Like the desire for God, love is a desire common to all human persons. It is also a virtue commonly associated with […]

Connected, working together, in alignment

We thank all parishes, priests and laity alike for organising and participating in the discussions to develop the Archdiocesan Pastoral Plan (APP) 2019–2023 during the month […]

New book on Irish Dominicans in T&T

The Irish Dominicans have a longstanding history of service to the Church of Trinidad and Tobago, much of which has been documented in publications by Sr […]

Educators must recognise learning diversity

By Kaelanne Jordan, kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org Dr Lennox Bernard has urged Catholic Religious Education Development Institute (CREDI) graduates to understand, interrogate and navigate the concept of diversity which exists […]

The role and function of the permanent diaconate

By Fr Jason Boatswain, Director of the permanent diaconate programme History During the Second Vatican Council (1962–1965), it was decided to restore the permanent diaconate to a […]

500 expected for AEC Missions Congress 2019

by Renée Smith, rsmith.camsel@rcpos.org The Antilles Episcopal Conference (AEC) will host its first Missions Congress for the region in September 2019. Pope Francis is calling upon the […]

Church in Education for formation

By Renée Smith, rsmith.camsel@rcpos.org Catholic education must be considered a domain for formation and not just education Archbishop Jason Gordon told the gathering of Catholic teachers at […]

Give God your best

By Kaelanne Jordan, kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org Altar servers of the Archdiocese were reminded of their call to live lives reflective of a “true religion” which means always putting God […]

Way Forward

By Gary Tagallie of the Office of Pastoral Planning Thank you for helping to forge our Archdiocese Pastoral Plan!  The Plan is expected to be finalised […]

How is Spirituality linked to our Pastoral Planning process?

The spirituality of good and comprehensive pastoral planning is the spirituality of communion. It involves the understanding that ALL of us in the Church and in […]

A message from the Archbishop

DEAR SISTERS AND BROTHERS, This is our Church and we all have a responsibility to find a way towards becoming the Church that Christ wants us […]

Church in solidarity with those on the fringes

By Kaelanne Jordan, kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org Archbishop Jason Gordon is reaffirming that the Catholic Church has always been at the “forefront” of helping people during difficult or challenging […]

Archbishop to Petrotrin workers – Put your hand in God’s

By Renée Smith, rsmith.camsel@rcpos.org Celebrating God’s inevitable love in the midst of challenge will allow you to embrace new beginnings. This message was shared by Archbishop […]

Conversation begins on sex abuse scandals

By Kaelanne Jordan, kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org Archbishop Jason Gordon is hoping the ‘Conversations on Sexual Abuse Scandals’ will yield clarity and the “best solutions” that are “caring” for […]

January surgery for Abbot

Abbot John Pereira OSB is now unable to return home until February 2019 as he is due for surgery sometime late January next year. Abbot Pereira […]

‘French Mass’ helps others feel at home

“Holy Mass is a journey to Our Father’s home, where He always waits for us at the gate, to receive us with opened arms, so that […]

In the beginning

Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Fortunatus Nwachukwu was appointed as the pope’s representative for the Antilles Episcopal Conference in November 2017. Catholic News writer/copy editor Simone Delochan interviewed […]

We are our brother’s and sister’s keeper

As the deafening cries of our vulnerable brother’s and sister’s reach our ears, after years of silent abuse suffered at the hands of clerics and consecrated […]

Archbishop: if all help, all will be cared for

Following is the full text of Archbishop Jason Gordon’s statement issued October 21. As we awake today, the day after the relentless rain and resulting floods, […]

A nation suffers…a nation helps

By Lara Pickford-Gordon, lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org The natural disaster came after more than 250.2 mm of rainfall on October 17–19, a heavier than normal amount— the long-term average for […]

The bridge-maker

It’s almost a year since Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Fortunatus Nwachukwu was appointed as the pope’s representative for the Antilles Episcopal Conference. Catholic News Writer/Copy Editor Simone […]

Abbot recuperating

Abbot John Pereira OSB told Catholic News that he is getting “stronger” and feeling better each day since his hospitalisation for deep vein thrombosis (DVT) of […]

Frs Angus, Michael pass away

2013 St Mary’s College Hall of Fame inductee Fr Angus Fraser VC died in London on Sunday, October 7. Born in St Vincent in 1931, he […]

CCSJ, GCL call for better living conditions

The Catholic Commission for Social Justice (CCSJ) and The Greater Caribbean for Life (GCL) have called on local and regional authorities to ensure there are humane […]

Parang lovers should welcome Venezuelan refugees

Parang lovers attending the National Parang Association of Trinidad and Tobago (NPATT) 2018 festival were encouraged to search their hearts and assess their reactions and thoughts […]

Vacant rooms at SVP homes a concern

The relationship between government and the Society of St Vincent de Paul (‘the Society’ and ‘SVP’) remains cordial, according to the report from SVP’s Annual General […]

Faith in God and self – not Petrotrin

Photo and story by Renée Smith, rsmith.camsel@rcpos.org The parish of St Benedict’s, La Romaine has attempted to address the feelings of “uncertainty” many are experiencing with […]

Joyous first profession for Sr Natania

Natania Antoine pronounced her first vows as a Sister of St Joseph of Cluny (SJC) on September 15, feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. The simple […]

Schools update

Pupils of St Patrick’s-Newtown Boys’ RC resumed classes last Tuesday at two locations. A sewer problem has necessitated the Standards One, Two and Four classes being […]

Archbishop launches ‘TT Parish in the 21st Century’ initiative

Archbishop Jason Gordon launched the ‘TT Parish in the 21st Century’ initiative at St Francis of Assisi RC Church, Sangre Grande earlier this month with the […]

Cathedral remains closed

Message from Cathedral Administrator Fr Martin Sirju The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception continues to be closed for the time being. Plans were afoot to reopen […]

Church suffers on path to resurrection

The sexual abuse scandal facing the Catholic Church is a crucifixion of the body of Christ and all Catholics share in this suffering. Archbishop Jason Gordon […]

Real men sacrifice and give

By Kaelanne Jordan, kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org To be a real man is to understand that pain and suffering is integral to life. A “real man”, Jesus Christ sacrificed […]

Mass to open Seminary academic year

The Seminary of St John Vianney and the Uganda Martyrs held its annual opening Mass for the academic year 2018–2019 on September 14. The chief celebrant […]

History in your hands

By Simone Delochan, sdelochan.camsel@rcpos.org On September 7, curator of the 126-year-old Catholic News Dr Kwynn Johnson presented the Editor/Acting General Manager Raymond Syms with the 1942 archive […]

Break-in at Santa Rosa

Police are investigating a burglary at the Santa Rosa RC Church, corner of Woodford and Sanchez Streets, Arima, in which church donations and stocks were taken. […]

Abbot recuperating

Abbot John Pereira OSB is now recuperating at the Fatebenefratelli Hospital on Tiber Island, Rome after he collapsed during the Benedictine Congregation of the Annunciation General […]

Church of the Nativity reopens

After temporary closure for repairs, the Church of the Nativity, Crystal Stream, Diego Martin will have its first Mass—a healing Mass, tomorrow September 24, Republic Day. […]

SIGNIS Caribbean forging new direction

By Renée Smith, rsmith.camsel@rcpos.org SIGNIS Caribbean voted for a new Executive Board during the organisation’s three-day Annual General Meeting (September 4–6) held at the Seminary of St […]

New staff at Chancery

Archbishop Jason Gordon has appointed Community and Social Development consultant Gary Tagallie as head of the Office of Pastoral Planning and Development and Sr Lystra Long […]

Catholic News’ short film premieres at Film Festival

It is in the pursuit of truth for 125 years the legacy of a faith and a people are told. This is the story of the […]

Transform hearts, take example from St Francis

Sangre Grande Parish celebrates 125th anniversary The renewal of the Catholic Church will not happen through a programme or movement; it starts with renewal of the […]

Church communicators must stand in solidarity

SIGNIS has emphasised the duty of Catholic communicators to “take up the pain of the victims and the defenseless”. This is in response to the recently […]

Benedictine assaulted

Brother Marius Williams OSB, 78, was beaten about his body by a young man on the grounds of the Abbey Church, Mt St Benedict at around […]

Bishop ‘Syd’ RIP

By Kaelanne Jordan, kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org The funeral for Trinidad-born Bishop Emeritus Sydney Charles will take place at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in St George’s-in-Grenada, September […]

Tortuga presbytery burgled, priest tied up*

Gran Couva police are currently investigating a robbery at the presbytery of Our Lady of Montserrat church, Tortuga. The incident took place at around 1.30 a.m. […]

‘In the hope of a Spring…’

By Raymond Syms, Editor, who attended the WMOF in Ireland The Holy Father will not have to travel too far for the tenth World Meeting of Families […]

Quake damage at RC schools

Initial reports indicate there was structural damage to RC schools from the earthquake of August 21. Several school buildings are old, so structural issues at some […]

Your lives may rock… But God is stable

Events like an earthquake will “rock” lives but if Catholics are faithful to the Gospel words of John 6: 69-70 “Lord to whom shall we go? […]

Chain of Communion

In a simple yet solemn ceremony at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Port Spain on Tuesday celebrated its first pallium […]

Pope, Cardinal congratulate Archbishop Harris on golden jubilee

Archbishop Emeritus Joseph Harris has been congratulated by Pope Francis and Cardinal Fernando Filoni, Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, on achieving 50 years […]

Public Utilities Ministry outreach

Parishioners of Sangre Grande and environs are invited to the first of a series of public outreaches by The Ministry of Public Utilities and its entities […]

Special ‘Pallium’ Mass on Tuesday

Apostolic Nuncio His Excellency Archbishop Fortunatus Nwachukwu will officially impose Archbishop Jason Gordon with the pallium which he received from Pope Francis, June 29 at a […]

CCSJ, GCL welcome Pope’s Catechism revision on death penalty

Pope Francis’ decision to revise the Church’s teaching on the death penalty has been welcomed by the Catholic Commission for Social Justice (CCSJ) and the Greater […]

Serving His best wine

By Lara Pickford-Gordon, lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org Coming to the priesthood in his senior years, Archbishop Jason Gordon anticipated that as the best wine was served last at the […]

Collaboration nurtures solidarity, synergy, stewardship

In the third instalment of understanding the IPCP process, Vicar for Communications, Fr Robert Christo, calls us to reflect deeply on the Bible reference so in […]

Nuncio blesses CTC’s new centre

“A small community, but full of life!” These words were used to describe the Companions of the Transfigured Christ (CTC) by the Apostolic Nuncio, His Excellency […]

Archbishop, coordinators give thanks for successful Youth Expo

Last Sunday Archbishop Jason Gordon hosted a thanksgiving Mass and dinner for the coordinators of the Catholic Youth Expo which was hosted by the Catholic Youth […]

‘Democracy alive and well’

Archbishop on pride march The fact that a gay pride march could take place in Trinidad and Tobago is testimony this country’s democracy “is alive and […]

Think ecological conversion

By Renee Smith, parishdesk.camsel@rcpos.org A call for change to preserve the environment came from Fr Stephen Geofroy who delivered a talk on the link between liturgy, ‘Spirituality […]

IPCP calls for pastoral conversion

Last week we learned why an Integrated Pastoral Communications Plan (IPCP) is a crucial model for the Church to adopt in a move away from an […]

T&T contingent in Ghana for ordinations

More than 25 Catholic faithful from Trinidad, United States and UK are currently in Ghana, West Africa to witness the priestly ordinations of two deacons who […]

Nicaragua unrest: SIGNIS expresses solidarity

The Association of Catholic Communicators of Latin American and the Caribbean (SIGNIS ALC), on behalf of all groups of Catholic communicators belonging to SIGNIS ALC, expresses […]

Striving for excellence

In Ministry, Communications, Family Life. By Kaelanne Jordan, kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org Archbishop Jason Gordon has admitted that the Church has not employed “good enough” screening mechanisms to detect paedophiles […]

IPCP: A call to holiness, collaborative ministry & communion

Our archdiocese and the region are taking steps towards a collaborative, pastoral model called the Integrated Pastoral Communications Plan (IPCP). Perhaps you have not heard of […]

A place for persons with disabilities

SCHOOL OF LITURGY 2018 A relatively new workshop at Liturgy School is, ‘Facilitating persons with Disabilities’ which will be led by Bethesda, a Catholic Community for […]

Parents, keep children safe during vacation

From the Children’s Authority The Children’s Authority of Trinidad and Tobago congratulates the nations’ SEA candidates on a job well done and wishes them success on […]

The Road to IPCP

By Renée Smith, parishdesk.camsel@rcpos.org Over the past year ministries of the archdiocese have been acknowledging the call of the Bishops of the Antilles Episcopal Conference by […]

Bring out the dancing shoes

Story and photo by Lara Pickford-Gordon, lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org The second annual Priests Can Cook takes place September 28 at the forecourt of the Grand Stand Queen’s Park […]

T&T Gov’t should reform death penalty laws

The Church’s social justice arm is calling on the Government of Trinidad and Tobago to re-examine the imposition of the mandatory death penalty in all murder […]

“A step in the right direction” – Archbishop Jason Gordon

  Archbishop of Port of Spain and Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Bridgetown (Barbados) Jason Gordon has welcomed the Caribbean Court of Justice’s (CCJ) recent […]

Anniversaries for Nuncio, Deputy

A small group of friends and well-wishers gathered to mark a very special occasion at a home in Maraval: the 34th anniversary of the priestly ordination […]

The case for civil unions

Simone Delochan, sdelochan.camsel@rcpos.org On the evening of Friday June 15, Archbishop Jason Gordon along with Spiritual Director/Theological Adviser of the Archdiocesan Family Life Commission, Fr Matthew […]

Haitian priest to speak at JE XVI

The Jesus Explosion XVI will be held at the Trinity College East Auditorium from July 13 to 15. Although a large percentage of the participants is […]

Fatima ‘Decade 2’ pays tribute to Justice Baird

Fatima’s College Decade Two Past Pupils Group (1955–1964) in a historic, but very simple and informal function recently paid tribute to one of their peers Chairman […]

What is your purpose? – Archbishop asks youth at Expo

Each Catholic has been set aside for a “sacred purpose” but do we believe this? Archbishop Jason Gordon put this question to adolescents and young adults […]

Live as witnesses – Fr Ango

Fr Simon Peter Ango affirmed that with all the problems facing Trinidad and Tobago today, mothers and women like Mary are greatly needed. “Mothers, we need […]

Archdiocesan Ministry for Migrants and Refugees launched

The new Archdiocesan Ministry for Migrants and Refugees was officially launched last Wednesday. Following is the full text of a release.On Wednesday June 20th the world […]

Promoting vocations is a labour of love

The vocations ministry will be “hard at times” and is not for the fainthearted, said Fr Matthew d’Hereaux. “It is a labour of love.” Speaking at […]

For the children and civilisation

by Simone Delochan, sdelochan.camsel@rcpos.org “We regulate marriage so we can ensure that the children have a mother and a father…so that the child has the best […]

Justice that restores relationships

By Lara Pickford-Gordon, lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org The justice system as it functions today is now “warehousing” more people in prison than ever before, and young persons remanded for extended […]

Gasparillo church celebrates golden jubilee

Parish priest Fr Jose Marie Thekkikutte MSFS and the parishioners of Tortuga Parish celebrated the 50th Golden Jubilee anniversary of one of its communities, Sacred Heart RC […]

Vocations Assembly on Labour Day

By Kaelanne Jordan,  kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org Some 300 teachers, parents, catechists, youth and young adults are expected to attend Generation S’ Diocesan Vocations Assembly ‘Vocations and You’ on […]

Pro Family, Pro Dignity

By Simone Delochan, sdelochan.camsel@rcpos.org Religious leaders advocating for the preservation of the institution of marriage as between a biological man and biological woman said their stance is […]

Archbishop: See with ‘eyes of faith’

By Lara Pickford-Gordon, lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org From the beginning, the Eucharist was a challenge for the early disciples of Christ and still is for the modern-day disciple. Presiding at […]

Trini ordained deacon in US

Trinidad-born Deacon David Darryl Wong was ordained to the diaconate May 26 at the St Joseph Cathedral, Manchester, New Hampshire, USA. Bishop Peter Libasci of Manchester […]

If you can’t reuse it, refuse it

Representatives of the Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother (SSM), Srs Delia Monrose and Cecile St Remy, and one of the ministries of the order, The Franciscan […]

Caribbean theologians look at Laudato Si’

By Kaelanne Jordan, kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org Caribbean theologians, scholars and students will honour Bishop Emeritus Anthony Dickson of Bridgetown, Barbados as a ‘Champion of the Environment’ during this week’s […]

Archbishop encourages new members to live Godly lives*

On Saturday, May 12, Archbishop Jason Gordon together with priests and deacons from the Central Vicariate welcomed the neophytes of the communities of Tortuga, Gran Couva, […]

Archbishop to principals: RC schools must form disciples

By Kaelanne Jordan, kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org Archbishop Jason Gordon told Catholic principals that they are operating parallel with the Ministry of Education (MOE), educating the nation’s children with little […]

Parents must agitate for better care and policy change

By Lara Pickford-Gordon,  lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org Parents and interest groups have to work together for children with hidden disabilities. That was the position held by speakers at the […]

Trinity Telethon

  On September 8, trinity tv will celebrate its fifth year as a 24/7 Catholic cable television channel. And almost as though in sync with its […]

Help students cope with disabilities

By Lara Pickford-Gordon, lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org It is the teachers’ responsibility to try and assist their students with disabilities and not say ‘I give up,’ said Dr Launcelot Brown, […]

Genuine leadership is about Love

By Kaelanne Jordan, kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org Archbishop Jason Gordon reminded Catholic school principals that in their role as leaders they must accompany persons from wherever they are towards […]

Archbishop visits Tobago

Archbishop Jason Gordon made his first pastoral visit to Tobago last weekend (May 19–20) and called for Catholics to “rekindle the fire of the Holy Spirit”. […]

Archbishop speaks to US students on religion, society*

  Sitting down to lunch with Archbishop Jason Gordon is not a normal occurrence for most people. However, this is exactly what nine students from Duquesne […]

Be spectacularly holy – Archbishop at Laventille

In his first Laventille Devotions’ homily as archbishop last Sunday, Archbishop Jason Gordon touched on three main themes: the importance of free will; living the Gospel […]

Barataria/El Socorro bids farewell to Fr Letang

By Kaelanne Jordan,  kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org At his farewell celebration last Sunday, Fr Elton Letang CSsR said his seven years of priestly ministry was rich and life-giving. He […]

God doesn’t use ‘big stick’ with us – Vicar General

Individuals and families affected by infertility, pregnancy loss or difficult pregnancies gathered at Our Lady of Perpetual Help, San Fernando last Tuesday for a ‘Hope and […]

CREDI hosts two-day Hidden Disabilities Conference

Archbishop Jason Gordon will deliver the opening address at the Catholic Religious Education Development Institute’s (CREDI) two-day ‘Hidden Disabilities Conference—What you cannot see’ on Wednesday at […]

Fatima statue finds a home

On Saturday, May 12, in celebration of the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima, the Archbishop’s Appeal will unveil the enclosure for the Our Lady of […]

MOP establishing roots in T&T

By Kaelanne Jordan, kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org A new mission of the Missionaries of the Poor (MOP) is currently being initiated in Trinidad. The Missionaries of the Poor, a Jamaica-based […]

San F’do churches commemorate ‘granting of lands’ anniversary

The Christian Historical Society (CHS), under the chairmanship of Apostle Terrence Honore, invited representatives of the Christian community in San Fernando to a special thanksgiving service […]

Caribbean Magnificat welcomes international co-ordinator

Magnificat—A Ministry to Catholic Women, will welcome its newly appointed International Co-ordinator, Donna Ross to the Caribbean later this week. Donna will first visit the Barbados […]

SVP Workshop

Some participants of the “Mathematics of Anger and Change” workshop April 16–20 display their certificates after the closing ceremony. It was the latest workshop hosted at […]

AEC bishops consider challenges during annual meeting

The bishops of the Antilles Episcopal Conference (AEC) have “quite a few pots on the fire waiting to boil”, according to AEC President Bishop Gabriel Malzaire […]

Packed agenda in Rome

His Eminence Cardinal Kelvin Edward Felix of Castries and the bishops of the Antilles Episcopal Conference (AEC) gathered in Rome, Italy during the week of April […]

Dominican refugees return home with stronger faith

After six months in Trinidad, victims of Hurricane Maria, Dominicans Myrle Shillingford, cousin Reginald and his wife Rosemerlyn Shillingford returned to their battered home in February […]

We have winners!

The winners of Catholic Media Services Limited’s (CAMSEL) ‘Win a Trip to Rome’ promotion officially received their prizes at a distribution ceremony at its Independence Square […]

New President hit the right note

Archbishop Jason Gordon said he was “very impressed” with Her Excellency President Paula- Mae Weekes’ inaugural address at her inauguration ceremony March 19. Describing the ceremony […]

Legionaries renew commitment

A member of the Legion of Mary touches the vexillum legionis (Legion of Mary standard) and recites the prayer “I am all thine my queen, my […]

The ‘Win a Trip to Rome’ winner is…

After seven weeks of anticipation and thousands of entries, the winners of Catholic Media Services’ Ltd (CAMSEL) ‘Win a Trip to Rome’ promotion were drawn last […]

Archbishop: Church, change thinking

Archbishop Jason Gordon met with youth and young adult stakeholders in March. Marisha Darneaud, former editor of Vision, Catholic News youth supplement attended and reports. On […]

AEC ad limina visit this month

Bishops of the Antilles Episcopal Conference (AEC) will make a collective pilgrimage to Rome, April 16–21 for the traditional Ad Limina Apostolorum visit with Pope Francis, […]

Trinidadian ordained to diaconate

Br Jesse Maingot OP was ordained to the diaconate last Monday at St Saviour’s Dominican Church, Dublin, Ireland. Rev Maingot’s parents Abigail and Roger (in photo), […]

Upcoming ‘hidden disabilities’ conference to raise awareness

By Lara Pickford-Gordon, lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org As a child Archbishop Jason Gordon had to endure being called names like “dumb” and “silly” because of difficulties spelling, reading and writing. […]

Mercy – God’s love gift

Annual devotions to the Divine Mercy will be held at various locations today, from Diego Martin to Arima, from Santa Cruz to San Fernando. Catholic faithful […]

Priests must build bond of unity – Archbishop at Chrism Mass*

By Lara Pickford-Gordon Officiating at his first Chrism Mass at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Archbishop Jason Gordon asked priests to work with him to […]

Cathedral desecration needs serious reflection – Msgr Pereira

By Kaelanne Jordan, kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org Msgr Christian Pereira, Administrator of the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception believed that the medical student responsible for last Sunday’s desecration of the […]

President Weekes has inspired the nation

Archbishop Charles Jason Gordon told Catholic News in an interview at the inauguration of the new President Paula-Mae Weekes on Monday, that the new President’s call […]

‘Tony’ Pantin was great in many ways – Archbishop

By Lara Pickford-Gordon lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org The late Archbishop Gordon Anthony Pantin was a simple, humble and intelligent man “who brought to the episcopacy a dignity … that is […]

Nuncio here to represent Pope and ‘build bridges’

ArchbishopApostolic Nuncio Archbishop Fortunatus Nwachukwu was warmly received last Monday when he was introduced at the Cathedral at a Mass to celebrate the 50th anniversary of […]

Holy Week Destiny

By Renée Smith parishdesk.camsel@rcpos.org “Holy Week is definitely one of the most sacred times of the Church’s liturgical calendar where many ritual re-enactments of the last […]

We need fathers like St Joseph – Archbishop at feast day celebration*

Calling on fathers of Trinidad and Tobago to “own” their children as St Joseph did for Jesus, Archbishop Jason Gordon has lamented the tendency of men […]

Archbishop visits St Xavier’s*

Wednesday, March 14 is a date that will be indelibly printed in the minds and hearts of the students of St Xavier’s Private School, St Joseph. […]

St Joseph celebrates feast day

The St Joseph’s RC Church, St Joseph will celebrate its Patronal Feast Day with a solemn procession of the statue of St Joseph to First Capital […]

Restoration work at Abbey church 

By Kaelanne Jordan, kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org Abbot John Pereira OSB said that the monks are very pleased with the completed restoration of the bell tower at Mt St […]

Archdiocese remembers Archbishop Pantin

At the consecration of Msgr Gordon Anthony Pantin as the eighth Archbishop of Port of Spain March 19, 1968, the Feast of St Joseph, homilist and […]

Diocesan clergy remember Archbishop Pantin*

Archbishop Jason Gordon was the celebrant at a private Mass for diocesan priests at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception on Monday, March 12, the 18th […]

Greatness in humility

The following eulogy was written and delivered by Patrick Tam at the February 23 funeral Mass for Fr Rudy Mohammed at St Theresa’s RC Church, Woodbrook. […]

He gave our nation hope

Tomorrow, Monday, will mark the 18th anniversary of Archbishop Anthony Pantin’s death. René Jerome Wihby, an educator, catechist, lector, choir member and parishioner of St Paul’s […]

Fasting – a healthy battle with self

Prayer, fasting and almsgiving are associated with Lent. Senior writer Lara Pickford-Gordon visited Our Lady of Lourdes RC, Maraval on March 1 to interview Fr Matthew […]

Seek out the student in need of love, affirmation

Archbishop Jason Gordon warned Catholic educators that if they do not see their profession as a vocation, then they should leave as it will impede students […]

Prayers for slain RC school teacher

The St Francis RC School, Sangre Grande has “lost a family member” with the tragic death of teacher and mother of five, Margaret Guevarra. She was […]

A man of extraordinary kindness, generosity, love

The extraordinary life and service of Fr Rudolph ‘Rudy’ Mohammed was celebrated February 23 at a funeral Mass at the St Theresa’s RC Church, Woodbrook. The […]

‘Ah choo!’ The flu and you

By Lara Pickford-Gordon, lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org These days it seems we can easily pick up a flu virus, an acute disease of the respiratory tract. We can be healthy […]

2nd Fall Prevention campaign next week

The St Dominic’s Pastoral Centre at St Finbar’s RC Church, Diego Martin will be one of four venues used for the second annual Stay Steady Fall […]

Decision stands: Redemptorists leaving

The Redemptorists leadership of the Baltimore Province said that they are not in a position to reverse its decision for the parishes of Trinidad. Fr Paul […]

Don’t have a one-sided image of Mary

Vicar General at Lourdes feast day Mass Our Lady of the dung heap? This isn’t the typical image of the Mother of Jesus but Vicar General […]

Heightened vigilance during east POS protest

The unrest in East Port of Spain sparked by the death of Akeil ‘Christmas’ James caused the suspension of classes at Rosary Boys’ RC on Monday. […]

Fr Rudy RIP

Fr Rudolph ‘Rudy’ Mohammed, 83, died peacefully on Saturday, February 17 at Champs Wellness Centre, La Romaine. His funeral Mass was to be celebrated at 10 […]

Become Ministers of mercy

Catholics need to apply mercy before expecting conversion, rather than expecting conversion before exercising mercy. Archbishop Jason Gordon shared this view at the February 17 opening […]

A Lent for love

By Kaelanne Jordan kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org Msgr Christian Pereira believed that calypsonians and soca artistes seemed to be “crying out” and desiring greater attention to love, and touched […]

Marian House celebrates 30 years helping young males

The Living Water Community (LWC) celebrated the 30th anniversary of its centre for youth, Marian House, with Holy Mass on January 31. Archbishop Jason Gordon was […]

Church must engage youth, or risk missing the bus – Archbishop

Archbishop Jason Gordon said the biggest challenge facing the Church is finding a way of engaging young adults so they become excited about Christ and committed […]

Standardised school forms are out

An agreement has been reached on a standardised application form for government and denominational primary schools. Representatives of the Association of Denominational Boards of Education (ADBE) […]

Hard decisions soon on CREDI

Archbishop Jason Gordon says “hard decisions” have to be made regarding the Catholic Religious Education Development Institute (CREDI). In an interview with the Catholic News on […]

Keep children safe – Children’s Authority

The Children’s Authority of Trinidad & Tobago is urging parents, caregivers and guardians to make the safety of children their first priority during the Carnival season. […]

Do good deeds, but fast from ‘selfies’

By Kaelanne Jordan kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org Archbishop Jason Gordon has invited the faithful to do good deeds during Lent, but fast from self-promotion. “Posting” good deeds, he believes, […]

Diocesan priests meet

The Association of Diocesan Priests of the Province of Port of Spain will host its Provincial meeting from Monday, February 5–Friday 9 at the Seminary of […]

More ‘Sirs’ needed – CTA Pres

The Catholic Teachers’ Association (CTA) disagrees that teachers are too reliant on textbooks instead of teaching. At a media briefing in early January at the Education […]

Safety first for students this Carnival, says MoE

Principals have been advised to be mindful of the performers they invite to schools as part of the pre-Carnival activities. “Just be careful who you invite,” […]

Make Church communications transformative

Archbishop Jason Gordon visited the Catholic Centre, Independence Square last Tuesday stopping at the offices of Catholic Media Services Ltd (CAMSEL), publisher of the Catholic News, […]

Barataria parishioners: ‘Don’t go, please stay’

By Kaelanne Jordan, kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org Parishioners at Our Lady of Perpetual Help, El Socorro and St Theresa’s RC Church, Barataria have launched two petitions appealing to the […]

Be your best self – discover your vocation

To become the best version of yourself, discover and live your vocation. “It is what God calls you out from and what God calls you to. […]

Msgr Pereira to CREDI grads: clarify purpose and persevere

To attain the kind of success of which they dream, graduates of the Catholic Religious Education Development Institute (CREDI) were asked to commit to clarifying their […]

Archbishop meets with clergy on priority areas

Archbishop Jason Gordon has begun a process to identify priorities that the local Church should address in the short and medium terms. At a recent meeting […]

Form Matters

MoE, Boards discuss admissions A committee comprising representatives of denominational boards and Ministry of Education officials will collaborate to develop an application form or forms for […]

Reason to hope

A reflection on the Mass of Installation for Archbishop Jason Gordon by Marcia Riley 2018, a New Year, a new archbishop, a new reason to hope! […]

President Richards’ state funeral

It was a solemn and emotional send off for the late George Maxwell Richards, Trinidad and Tobago’s fourth President at the state funeral held at the […]

US health missionaries visit communities

Family Missions Company (FMC), a non-profit Catholic missionary organisation from Louisiana, USA had the opportunity to serve in Trinidad, December 26, 2017–January 4, 2018. In collaboration […]

Dominica priest to celebrate Masses

Fr Brancker John, parish priest of St Patrick Parish, Grand Bay, Dominica, will celebrate two Masses in Trinidad next Sunday (January 28) in thanksgiving for the […]

‘We are here for you’ – Archbishop to refugees

Archbishop Jason Gordon, concerned about the plight of those forced to flee from their homelands, visited the newly opened facility of the UNHCR–Refugee and Asylum Seekers […]

Grant delays causing stress

By Lara Pickford-Gordon lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org The delay in grant payments to Catholic schools is having a “severe impact”, with cleaners and security staff owed and a couple […]

Spiritans ordained to diaconate

Clifford Mainooh CSSp and Gabriel Yao Nyamah CSSp, members of the Congregation of the Holy Spirit were ordained to the diaconate on January 6 at the […]

It’s a homecoming – Bishop Malzaire

The installation of Archbishop Jason Gordon is a welcome “home” said President of the Antilles Episcopal Conference (AEC), Bishop Gabriel Malzaire of Roseau, Dominica. Delivering remarks […]

Becoming a beloved disciple

Following is the Homily delivered by Archbishop Charles Jason Gordon at his Mass of Installation as the 11th Archbishop of Port of Spain, Wednesday, December 27, […]

Solving crime is everyone’s problem

A solution to crime must include persons living in marginalised communities and development of these areas. Archbishop Jason Gordon shared this perspective on December 27 as […]

Archbishop’s first stop is with socially displaced

By Simone Delochan sdelochan.camsel@rcpos.org “The thing about power is when you are seeking after power, you seek after it in your heart, but when you acquire […]

Put God first

By Lara Pickford-Gordon lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org Archbishop Jason Gordon has invited Catholics to join him on the path to becoming “beloved disciples” of Jesus Christ. In his first […]

New Year’s Message from Archbishop Gordon

Taking the Path to Peace As we begin this New Year, I share, fellow citizens, your deep longing for peace. If peace is to break out […]

As we were in 2017

In a few hours, we will wish farewell to 2017 and welcome 2018. We highlight just some of the events that occurred in the Church during […]

Fatima statue brought peace, healing, conversion

By Lara Pickford-Gordon lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org The statue of Our Lady of Fatima crisscrossed the country in the centennial year of the Fatima apparitions and will be remembered […]

Archbishop Gordon installed, calls on nation to put God first

As we went to press last Wednesday evening, Archbishop Charles Jason Gordon was installed before a packed Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, taking pastoral charge of […]

Archbishop Emeritus to travel

Archbishop Emeritus Joseph Harris said after the Installation of Archbishop Jason Gordon he is “gone” but not for good. He revealed that he will not be […]

Clean your hearts too for Christmas

There is nothing wrong with cleaning and decorating for Christmas “but if you think that in itself is fulfilling God’s promise then we have missed the […]

AEC bishops coming for Installation Mass

Cardinal Kelvin Felix, Archbishop Emeritus of Castries, St Lucia, and bishops of the Antilles Episcopal Conference (AEC) have confirmed their attendance at the Installation Mass of […]

Praise, tributes for ‘Archbishop Joe’

Members of the congregation at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception expressed their gratitude to Archbishop Joseph Harris, the second local archbishop of the diocese at […]

Farewell to the Archbishop in the East

By Kaelanne Jordan,  kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org The season of Advent is a period to begin building the habits that are necessary to enter the Kingdom of God.  It […]

An archdiocese in transition…

By Lara Pickford-Gordon lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org When Archbishop Joseph Harris submitted his letter of resignation to Pope Francis ahead of his 75th birthday on March 19, there was […]

Be authentic disciples, nothing else

Archbishop Joseph Harris last Sunday gave thanks to God for his six years serving the archdiocese. Delivering what he described as possibly his last homily at […]

Archdiocesan Christmas/New Year’s Mass Schedule

Send the time for Masses/Services for Christmas/New Year’s to parishdesk.camsel@rcpos.org   LIVING WATER COMMUNITY December 24: 6.30 p.m. December 25: 8.30 a.m. December 31: 7 p.m. […]

Not duty but joy

by Msgr Michael de Verteuil, Chairman of the Liturgical Commission Every five or six years (the next one will be in 2023) Christmas Day falls on […]

Installation, not ordination

The Installation of Archbishop-elect Jason Gordon as the 11th Archbishop of Port of Spain on December 27 should not be confused with an ordination. Canon 1008 […]

Change infertility to fruitfulness

Lara Pickford-Gordon, lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org Archbishop Joseph Harris has a message for the youths: Trinidad and Tobago 30 and 40 years from now will be the result of the […]

Giving voice to the Church

By Kaelanne Jordan kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org Archbishop Joseph Harris hopes to be remembered for removing the veil of silence and advocating for the Church to speak out boldly […]

Archbishop-elect’s motto: Totally Yours

Below is the official explanation of Archbishop-elect Jason Gordon’s coat of arms as written by its designer Deacon Paul J Sullivan, of the Diocese of Providence, […]

Lectio Divina book republished

Fr Michel de Verteuil’s Lectio Divina with the Sunday Gospels, Year B has been republished and is now available at the Liturgical Commission’s bookshop. The main […]

Dream & Dream Big!

By Kaelanne Jordan and Lara Pickford-Gordon Prisoners ought to recognise that they too are living an Advent period of creative waiting as they prepare for a better […]

Dominica PM to T&T: ‘You lifted our souls’

Dominica’s Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit urged Caribbean nationals and students to familiarise themselves with issues relating to climate change as science and historical facts indicate that […]

‘Pres’ first to go carbon zero

Presentation College, San Fernando has become the first school in Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean to pledge its commitment to becoming carbon zero. Delivering the […]

Archbishop: value of ‘creative waiting’ in Advent

Archbishop Joseph Harris said Advent was one of the seasons he really liked because it taught the value of “creative waiting”. He explained the expectant mother […]

Work to build up RC Schools – Minister at CTA Convention

Minister of Education Anthony Garcia called on Catholic school boards, principals and teachers to work harder to ensure that Catholic schools are once more at the […]

Courage, Mercy, Truth

The media challenge By Lara Pickford-Gordon lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org Pope St John Paul II’s courage, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s synthesis of reason and faith, and the mercy of […]

The Archbishop’s Appeal

The Archbishop’s Appeal had a relatively quiet year in 2016 as compared with 2015 which culminated in the re-opening and re-dedication of the Cathedral. Having successfully […]

Fr Joyeau celebrates 30 years of ministry

If anyone should become a faithful, holy priest, he must be willing to sell his possessions – the things that he considers important but that God […]

House Speaker issues challenge at SJCPOS alumni induction ceremony

Six outstanding alumni of St Joseph’s Convent, Port of Spain were inducted into the school’s Hall of Excellence in a ceremony which took place at the […]

Bringing back what used to be

One of the big challenges Archbishop Joseph Harris faced during his six years as Archbishop of Port of Spain was improving Catholic education. There have been […]

Archbishop-elect Gordon enjoys the outdoors*

Archbishop-elect Jason Gordon grew up in Fitt Street, Woodbrook, with his parents Stanley and Rose, sister and extended family. His paternal grandmother and an uncle lived […]

New Nuncio to Antilles appointed

The Holy See’s new Ambassador to the Antilles is Nigeria-born Archbishop Fortunatus Nwachukwu. News of the papal appointment was made public last Saturday (November 4) at […]

Symposium to explore truth, fake news

Catholic Media Services Ltd (CAMSEL) will be hosting a symposium next Saturday (November 18) at St Dominic’s Pastoral Centre in Diego Martin, 8.30 a.m. to 3.30 […]

Treat Trauma in Youth

Children are displaying lack of empathy and it is important to understand the cause of their behaviour. “When you’ve seen the absence of empathy and the […]

Halloween party promoters apologise for using Eucharist symbol

“Ridiculous and disrespectful!!!”; “desecration of religious articles”; “disappointing” are some criticisms to a billboard using symbols of the Eucharist – bread and wine and a crucifix for a Halloween […]

Make loving others second nature

Do you want to know how to love as Christ loved and put others before yourself? Turn to His mother, Mary. This was the message given […]

Six exciting years

Archbishop Joseph Harris reflects By Simone Delochan, sdelochan.camsel@rcpos.org “Exciting.” That was the word used by Archbishop Joseph Harris to describe his six years as Archbishop of […]

Archbishop inducted into CIC Hall of Fame

Archbishop Joseph Harris CSSp was among the 2017 inductees into St Mary’s College Hall of Fame. In his pen portrait he was described, among many other […]

Inequalities are real, help others cope – Chancellor

Catholics are called to be light and salt engaging in the “realities” of life. The problems which emerge can distort and bring darkness “to rob us […]

A new era in evolution of archdiocese

Statement from Vicar General Msgr Christian Pereira on the October 19 appointment of Archbishop-elect Jason Gordon As Vicar General, and Administrator of the Cathedral of the […]

T&T’s development challenge

By Lara Pickford-Gordon lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org The problem of murders in Trinidad and Tobago isn’t primarily a problem of “the people on the hill. The problem is a […]

Priests reflect on identity, formation

Some 30 members of our clergy went on retreat at the retreat house of St Joseph’s Convent, Tobago, October 9–12. Organised by Vicar for Clergy Msgr […]

De devil in church?

Recently, this image, taken at the funeral of John Cupid, caused controversy over social media because of what many perceived as the inappropriateness of having this […]

Farewell Fr Quesnel

The funeral Mass for Fr Roland Quesnel CSSp took place last Monday at the Assumption Church, Maraval. Fr Quesnel died October 11 at the age of […]

Save lives, nations – pray your rosary

The rosary is the most powerful prayer and it can fix nations and criminals, said Fr John Theodore CSSp at the close of the 2017 series […]

Archbishop-elect willing to “learn this place”

Archbishop-elect Charles Jason Gordon is committed to giving his heart and life to meeting the challenges of being Archbishop of Port of Spain; the metropolitan Archdiocese […]

New Archbishop of Port of Spain appointed

Bishop Charles Jason Gordon, 58, of the Diocese of Bridgetown, Barbados will be installed the 11th Archbishop of Port of Spain. News of the appointment by […]

CIC Hall of Fame inducts first female

Carmen Acham-Chen will become the first female inductee in the St Mary’s College Hall of Fame. The induction will take place Saturday, October 21 at the […]

Time, energy wasted to resume hangings, say NGOs

Capital punishment will not stop or deter violent crime, only addressing the root causes will. In a media release issued October 6 in commemoration of the […]

Share the ‘fruits’ of the vineyard

God has blessed the “vineyard” of Trinidad and Tobago with natural resources, but its renters have operated as though they are the owners, says Archbishop Joseph […]

Digital Archives a wonderful achievement

University lecturer and historian Professor Bridget Brereton wrote the following article ‘Celebrating 125 years’, which appeared in the September 27 issue of the Trinidad Express. Both […]

Celebrating Peace

The Living Water Community (LWC) celebrated the International Day of Peace last Sunday at their Frederick Street chapel with a gathering of different faiths. Reflections and […]

Clive Pantin – The Total Man

By Kaelanne Jordan,  kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org Clive Pantin was a classic servant statesman. He was an uncomplicated man who embraced the foundational Gospel values – he served, fed, clothed; […]

National awardees also serve the Church

Dr Courtenay Bartholomew, known for his dedicated service in restoration works in the Catholic Church, was awarded the Order of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, […]

Sr Anne Marie lived the Gospel by example

The following is an edited version of the eulogy for Sr Anne Marie Rodriguez read at her funeral Mass on September 14, Feast of the Triumph […]

SVP President calls for more efficient service

In his address at the St Vincent de Paul’s AGM September 23, National President Rudolph Boneo said while it is a time for the SVP to […]

Show Trinitarian love

On September 26, Archbishop Joseph Harris released a statement commenting on Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley’s announcement that immigration restrictions were being waived to accommodate Dominicans. […]

Easy to point fingers than check oneself – Archbishop

Archbishop Joseph Harris reminded citizens that until each one of us takes responsibility for the state of the nation, then we are going to continue down […]

‘Priests Can Cook’ to enhance school environment

Catholic schools today, like other schools, need to respond to challenges from social factors beyond the school compound which affect the child’s ability to learn. ‘Priests […]

NGOs, businesses rally for hurricane victims

The first shipment of relief supplies to Antigua and Barbuda was expected to leave Trinidad and Tobago via barge last Thursday and another on Friday (September […]

Show solidarity – AEC on disasters

The bishops of the Antilles Episcopal Conference (AEC) stand in solidarity with islands devastated by Hurricane Irma, and called for Catholics to unite in prayer for […]

God is a Trini…Trinity

By Kaelanne Jordan, kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org Archbishop Joseph Harris has warned Catholics not to become complacent about the risk of natural disasters. He condemned the popular saying that […]

Seminarians settle in Colombia

Luke Silva and Shimmon Lezama have begun settling in at the Seminario Diocesano de la Santa Cruz (Holy Cross Diocesan Seminary) in Caldas, Medellin, Colombia to […]

New Executive for SIGNIS Caribbean

The General Manager of Catholic Media Services Limited (CAMSEL), Lucille Nathu, has been elected the third President of SIGNIS Caribbean in the recently concluded three-day Annual […]

Men told to be examples, live faith in the home

The greatest gift a father can give to his children is his example. This is the view of American evangelist, Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, as he delivered […]

Priests ‘sweet hand’ to help schools

Archbishop Joseph Harris will join 75 priests and deacons in showcasing their culinary talents at ‘Priests Can Cook’ September 29, 6.30 – 10.30 p.m. at St […]

Fr Cuthbert, 93, passes

  The funeral Mass of Fr Cuthbert van de Sande OSB took place on Saturday September 2, at the Abbey Church at 10 a.m. Fr Cuthbert […]

Another Trini joins Redemptorists

Royce Thomas from Point Fortin became the second Trinidadian to profess vows of poverty, chastity and obedience (evangelical counsels) for the Congregation of the Most Holy […]

Bishop Harvey visits Maloney

Recently ordained Bishop Clyde Harvey of St George’s-in-Grenada visited Trinidad and was invited to be the chief celebrant at the 6.30 p.m. Mass on August 19 […]

A call to active duty

Catholic Men’s Conference 2017 Missionaries of the Divine Potter (MDP) in collaboration with Fr Dwight Merrick are hosting ‘Man to Man’, a Catholic Men’s Conference September […]

Census helps in pastoral planning

Cluster system approaches 1st anniversary By Kaelanne Jordan, kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org Vicar General Msgr Christian Pereira revealed that data from the parish census indicates that the Archdiocese has […]

The Official Promulgation

The Praxis Parochorum 2017 along with the companion document ‘Pastoral Administrative Manual’ – PAM are both issued in this year dedicated to the theme of Hospitality. […]

Looking to inter-generational partnering

Youth and young adults need to be part of Church leadership to have a “voice” in communicating the Good News and evangelisation of their peers using […]

Cluny Sisters celebrate lives of service

“The consecrated life is a life of radical faith and unconditional love”, according to chief celebrant Archbishop Robert Rivas of Castries, St Lucia, at the jubilee […]

Church robbery caught on camera

Investigators from the Sangre Grande CID are searching for the lone bandit caught on surveillance camera robbing three parishioners at the St Francis of Assisi RC […]

Called to be a worthy instrument

A “happy humility” should characterise and pervade the ministry of a bishop, the President of the Antilles Episcopal Conference (AEC), Bishop Gabriel Malzaire of Roseau advised […]

Leadership by example

The ordination of the new Bishop of St George’s is a time of hope and change for Grenada and he must “make himself small” to hear […]

Caribbean ‘handmaids’ stand firm in faith

By Cheryl-Ann Mader, CFC Handmaid The Couples for Christ (CFC) Handmaids of the Lord’s (HOLD) Caribbean Conference was hosted this year by the Spice Isle of […]

Coat of Arms

A bishop’s coat of arms (CoA) dates back to feudal times and reminds us of the status which bishops were acknowledged as having in European society. […]

Clergy bids farewell to Nuncio, Bishop-elect

Bishop-elect Clyde Harvey addresses brother clergy and other invited guests at a farewell reception for him and Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Nicola Girasoli (in background). Archbishop Joseph […]

Busy ‘immediate agenda’ for new bishop

Bishop Clyde Harvey’s “immediate agenda” upon taking office will be to meet the people. This will include a review of the ordination held yesterday (Saturday) as […]

Msgr Harvey’s farewell Mass

by Lara Pickford-Gordon lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org Bishop-elect Clyde Harvey has learnt a lot from the parishes of Maloney, San Fernando, Rosary and Gonzales with each place “stretching” him […]