Going nowhere fast…
January 4, 2021
More online, in-person training for 2021
January 4, 2021

Birds, bees, and cake mixes

It took a lot for Mitch and Jackie (fictitious names) to remain virgins until marriage. They had ample opportunities to have sex with other people before they met and much more when they were dating.

Mitch said that they did “things” but not sex. However, he emphasised that he wasn’t getting “any” even though his friends were boasting about how “much” they were getting, and he was missing out.

Jackie’s girlfriends weren’t different from Mitch’s, as they were asking for what they wanted from their partners and they all seemed happy. However, over all those years, the mental walls they built up to keep themselves from having sex and the guilt was not so easy to take down once they got married.

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