“Thank you for keeping parish alive during down time”
August 27, 2020
Students encouraged to “renew commitment to education”
August 29, 2020

Fashioning a future

Kelvin Dubrie once had to choose between learning a skill or earning more money; he chose a future.

Dubrie, a driver with the TT Prison Service is working on the new pews for St Finbar’s RC Morne Coco, and voluntarily teaches woodworking in the Port of Spain prison. Dubrie, 53 years, has an unassuming manner so it took some convincing and clearance from his employer before he agreed to be interviewed. This happened August 21.

Dubrie’s interest in woodworking was sparked when he was a boy living with his family in the village of San Pedro, Poole, Rio Claro. A neighbour who lived nearby had a workshop and on weekends and school holidays children from the community helped him sand and cut wood. They were given $10 or $20. “We liked it, with $20 you could buy something good,” he said. Dubrie attended Poole RC primary and went on to Princes Town Junior Secondary and Rio Claro Senior Secondary. Dubrie and his two brothers had to do chores before attending school. “Animals to see about, my father and them had a business, they used to sell roti so we had to clean chicken,” he said.

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