Coping with COVID-19 ?
March 26, 2020
Culture of death rears its head in pandemic
March 26, 2020

Lessons learned outside the classroom from coronavirus

Grenada-born Sr Julie Marie Peters SSM is a member of the General Council of the Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother, a Franciscan religious congregation. She serves as their General Assistant. Catholic News approached Sr Julie for her thoughts on her COVID-19 experience in Italy where she is based.

I stood in shock when our celebrant for Mass announced to us on March 10 that he would consecrate enough Sacred Host to last us until April 3 because according to a letter which they had received from the Government, he did not know if they would be allowed to come for Mass. I had not heard about that letter before hence my surprise. Then I became confused because I knew that we were “safe” being far away from Northern Italy.

As the restrictions became more stringent, the lockdown more generalised and severe, the social distancing became more rigorously isolating, I began to feel sorry for myself. However, somewhere deep down in my better self I immediately knew that self-pity was not a choice for me and that I would have to be vigilant with me.

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