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March 20, 2020
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March 20, 2020

Strengthen the ‘house church’

In the dryness of the “desert” and fasting from the Eucharist, Archbishop Jason Gordon is asking Catholics to remember the desert as “privileged space” where God speaks to His people. Families can strengthen the “house church” by praying, reciting the rosary and reading scripture.

“In these days of fasting like we’ve never fasted before; in these days of yearning for the Eucharist and [where] we cannot participate as we normally would, let us see in the desert time a fast, a sacrifice that would deepen and cleanse and purify our faith in Jesus Christ,” Archbishop Gordon said last Sunday at the Living Water Community (LWC) Chapel, Port of Spain.

There were three choir members present, LWC director Suzanne Dowdy who did the readings and Deacon Derek Walcott.  In a media release March 4, the Archdiocese publicised changes to liturgical practices: distribution of wine—the Precious Blood—would cease; Holy Communion in the hands only; no holy water; and ministers of the Eucharist must sanitise their hands before and after distribution.

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