The link between pleasure and social change

Understanding the sacred mysteries
February 13, 2020
Confronting our social cancers
February 14, 2020

The link between pleasure and social change

By Dr Margaret Nakhid-Chatoor

Overthinking, re-thinking and/or the failure to think through current policies, strategies and interventions in the economy, in education and in our health and penal systems have perpetuated a power structure that is elitist and a populace on the verge of exploding into chaos, anarchy and subversive energies.

Most of the major social challenges that we face today in Trinidad and Tobago, can be traced back to the socio-cultural consequences of living in a Third World society where successive governments, eager to compete against First World rankings and qualify for monies and grants from international lending agencies, have sought to commodify all aspects of how its people live and survive: from the ways we raise our children, to schooling practices, how we teach civics and values, which sexual identities we should consider to be respectable and what we should enjoy and see as pleasurable.

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