Calling all FLUs
February 7, 2020
The equaliser in this life
February 7, 2020

Healing journey begins at the Mount

New Beginnings is the name of the weekend retreat organised by the Ministry to the Separated, Divorced and Widowed (SDW) of the Archdiocesan Family Life Commission. The next such retreat will be held March 13–15 at the Seminary Building, Mt St Benedict. A participant in a New Beginnings’ retreat shares her experience.

For 32 years of my life, I belonged to the Hindu faith. While I was a practising Hindu, I always prayed to the Lord.

When my son was about 2½ years of age, he got gastroenteritis and we were in the nursing home for four days. The day after he was discharged, I was praying and thanking God for His mercies and for allowing my son to be healed when I heard a voice that said “You need to go to Church. You need to go to the Catholic Church”.

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