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January 24, 2020
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January 24, 2020

Same-sex parenting: harmful for children, or not?

At the beginning of the year we were jolted into the reality that same-sex parenting is a fact of life here in Trinidad and Tobago, with newspaper coverage of a lesbian couple welcoming a baby daughter into the world on New Year’s Day. The baby was conceived through (do-it-yourself) at-home insemination, with sperm donated by a gay friend.

Conventional wisdom has accepted that children have a right to know and be raised by their biological parents, and that children fare best when raised in the same household by both parents who are married and committed to each other.

Advocates of same-sex parenting would have us believe that the children raised by two ‘parents’ of the same sex are no worse off, and may even fare better, than children raised by married heterosexual parents, adoptive parents, single parents, or divorced parents.

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