T&T’s littlest Christmas village
December 19, 2019
Jesus, our North Star
December 19, 2019

Moving from ‘house-to-house’

Ever went paranging? Did you know there’s an order in which the Parang is sung? Ethnomusicology and Spanish lecturer Dr Francisca Allard shares with readers the history.

During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the custom of Christmas Parang flourished within the country districts of Trinidad. Spanish was the medium of communication within the cocoa-panyol community at that time and this resulted in the perfect transmission of parang songs to the first generation of Trinidad-born cocoa-panyols.

Eugenio Galán (deceased) stated:“Mi padre no habló inglés ni patois. El habló venezolano y yo hablaba venezolano y aprendía mucho.” (Galán, Eugenio.  Interview, July 12, 1994.)

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