An ‘outstanding’ woman—Farewell, Sr Phyllis Wharfe
November 27, 2019
Chance, a champion for Restorative Justice
November 28, 2019

Removing the alienation

The time is ripe for hope: the closure of Petrotrin, declining numbers at Mass and falling collections, a bleak economic outlook. There is also climate change to which the Caribbean islands are particularly vulnerable, and a daunting health care bill due to the migration challenge paint a worrisome picture.

In the face of all of this we might be tempted to rely on false hope—like a national budget meant to appease the crowd in the midst of elections fever—three of them—a whopping 400 national scholarships and fake news about unemployment levels.

As we approach local government elections on Monday, we observe the low-keyed nature of events leading up to these elections. It is as if people are tired—beaten down by the economic climate, recurring endemic problems, fed-up with ethnic rivalry. Yet we must not lose heart.

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