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October 31, 2019
Comforting those who mourn
October 31, 2019

Our modern-day Lazarus: Augustine Wenceslaus Gordon

By Mary Marcano

Augustine Wenceslaus Gordon (September 28, 1955 – October 3, 2019) was known as the man with the dogs. Every day he would sit at the entrance of the church in the same piece of clothing with the dogs around him. His untidy and unkempt condition did not prevent him from attending any service at the parish. His mental health state was a great cause for concern. Combined with his questionable hygiene, this caused others to be very cautious when in his presence. For some he was just a vagrant. Despite all this he never lost sight of his God.

At the time of the consecration of every Mass he attended, his voice rang out loudly and clearly, “MY LORD AND MY GOD!” soon to be followed by, “MY GOD AND MY ALL!”

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