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October 31, 2019
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Not a superhero, just a defender of the faith

May0029841 The Tudors for ST Home & Living...May0029841. Sunday Telegraph. The Tudors for ST Home & Living. Journalist Paul Kendall tries on some Tudor period armour and has go at jousting at the Stampede Stunt Company. Picture shows Paul dressed in armour provided by Martin Patterson of Hands On History, the armour is real steel plate, a complete set as worn without the chainmail weighs around 45kg, the chainmail would add an additional 15kg. The war horse is called Oscar. Picture date 03/03/2011

By Juliana Valdez

At some point or another throughout our lives, we see ourselves in different roles. These roles change from time to time and can take the form of characters of fantasy in the land of make believe, where we are superheroes, villains, aristocrats, rulers of countries or powerful leaders with the wherewithal to bring about change that would make a difference in the lives of others.

Some of these fantasies may be meaningful while others can also be downright hilarious!

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