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August 30, 2019
Day 5: Phillip or Emmaus?
August 31, 2019

22nd Sunday in OT (C)

Keep that ego in check
LUKE 14:1, 7–14
by Janine Aqui

Throughout the Holy Bible from the Old Testament, “My child, perform your task with humility, then you will be loved by those who God accepts (Sir 3:17–18); to the New Testament, as in today’s gospel, we find a recurring exhortation to exercise humility, to know one’s place, to underestimate one’s importance, and in short, to keep that ego in check. Why is this necessary? Why did Jesus give this parable?

God knows human nature. He fully understands how easily we are lulled into a false sense of pride, how quickly we allow our ego to inflate, and how readily we normalise the unacceptable ways. His guidance is based on precisely what we are capable of becoming if we do not embrace and adhere to His way. Jesus gives us a parable, a gentle behavioural lesson to apply daily, in every situation.

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