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July 12, 2019
CWI, TTFA in the same boat…
July 12, 2019

Who is your neighbour?

The tragic news of the murder of Elliot Verasammy, 62 and his daughter Sarah, hit a community and family hard. He was a well-known figure in his simple way, and a longstanding resident of the street.

He was chatty, warm and despite the tragedies in his life maintained a happy generous spirit. He was one of those neighbours who would call out a ‘Good morning!’ from his front yard if he saw you passing.

On the night of his murder, July 3, 3Canal member Stanton Kewley (Elliot had a long working relationship with the band) had spent the day with him, assisting on a project. Elliot was an avid Carnival fan, and lent his skill to the building of costumes and sets.

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