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July 4, 2019
Here’s why July is dedicated to the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ
July 5, 2019

Only one word for WI at CWC 2019…

NZ vs WI: Carlos Brathwaite is consoled by NZ players. Source: cricket.com.au

To review West Indies’ (WI) performance in the concluding 2019 Cricket World Cup (CWC) is an assignment some may feel requires a degree in psychology.  They would be quite right. However, with a modicum of common sense and some cricket experience, one might be surprised to know how simple it really is.

There is a word often used that can describe performance in any field of activity and without it we human beings would be a miserable unhappy lot of creatures.  That word is ‘discipline’.

Many have heard it uttered in several walks of life but so few seem to understand what it means. The founder of our nation thought it of sufficient importance to establish it as the number one of the watchwords of our nation. The main reason for this is that one could never be truly happy or successful without discipline!

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