Irrational fear making us crazy
May 3, 2019
Give Aeroponics a try
May 3, 2019

What was far away, now seems close…

Please forgive me for returning to one of the biggest problems in Trinidad and Tobago…PROPER PARENTING. Imagine a 14-year-old student was killed during what reports describe as an attempted robbery gone sour. First reports state that the youth was being schooled in criminal acts by an adult who may or may not have been a relative.

Given all of the above, I have one question: Where is the teenager’s mother? Where is his father? In fact, where are his parents or guardian? At the time of writing we had not heard from anyone.

The act took place sometime around 8.30 a.m. when all children attending school are supposed to be at school. Can anybody tell me why he was not in class at St Anthony’s? Was the school closed? I don’t think so.

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