Game of Thrones and the journey to self
May 2, 2019
You Are Not Alone
May 3, 2019

3rd Sunday of Easter (C)

Our love story – the other half. JOHN 21:1–19

Did you ever wonder why Jesus had to ask Peter three times if he loved Him (Jn 21:1–19)?  We can see here a correspondence with Peter’s triple denial of Jesus. But that is not all. In English, when Jesus asks “Do you love me?” and Peter responds, “Yes, I love you,” it all sounds right. But in Greek we find that Peter is not exactly responding to the very question Jesus is asking him.

In the Greek Bible, there are three different words translated by the one English word love. There is eros, which means sensual or erotic love, the kind of love that leads to marriage. Erotic love lies in senses and the emotions that find the object of love attractive.

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