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January 18, 2019
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January 18, 2019

New wine for the nation

The average citizen could only look on in bemusement at the somewhat shambolic turn of events as the country recently approached the deadline for the inspection of motor vehicles five years old and over. Here was our latest descent into bacchanal and lakouray as thousands of drivers rushed and overwhelmed the inspection centres…all at the last minute. Forget the deadline, forget the previous extension that was given.

Whether due to careless leadership, bad organisation or a careless citizenry, far too often as a society, we manage to make a hash of the simplest measures designed to improve or regulate our way of life.Many would agree that a lot of the time, the average Trini seems to save his or her ‘A-game’ (their best efforts) for matters that are purely private and personal.

Punctuality and politeness are not reserved for our places of employment but to obtain that treasured US visa from the American Embassy. Foresight and early planning are not utilised for example, to get our vehicles inspected for road-worthiness, but for obtaining expensive tickets to a Carnival fete. Patience and courtesy are not for “here” but for the Immigration personnel whom we encounter when we arrive in ‘foreign’ and have to face long lines.

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