Pilgrims of Faith
January 7, 2019
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January 7, 2019

Dare to be different

Business concept illustration of a businessman choose different way from other businessmen

Let me begin by apologising to my readers and others for not wishing them a season full of hope, love and expectations full of spiritual fulfilment. The omission occurred because of a mix-up between myself and my editor. My apologies once again.

It is usual at this time to talk about resolutions and plans on how to keep them, and there is no problem with such a resolve. It’s the same old practice of regurgitating the same old grandiose resolutions we make every year only to break them in a few weeks.

We usually resolve to do better in many areas like being more diligent at work; greater savings effort; better home behaviour; becoming simply a better person. Somehow these never seem to work out and we resign ourselves to failure and abandon them as pie in the sky.

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