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December 21, 2018
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December 21, 2018

Christmas is what you make it

Every Christmas season we see a variety of advertisements on the television promoting one product or the other. Occasionally there is that one advertisement which causes us to look beyond what is seen. We are encouraged to look beyond the clothes, toys, appliances, tools, perfumes, etc., and think more deeply about the other possible messages being communicated.

One such advertisement this Christmas season comes from the Hobby Lobby foundation, an organisation known for producing craft items. This time it is about quilts. It is a cold winter’s night and from her bedroom window, the little girl watches her father as he shears a sheep in the barn.

When the shearing is completed, she takes her quilt and leaving her mother in the kitchen, runs outside and covers the sheep with the quilt. The words, “Christmas is what you make it”, are posted on the screen as the ad comes to an end.

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