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November 7, 2018
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November 7, 2018

Loving thy neighbour…

Towards the end of last month, Trinidad and Tobago experienced a flooding disaster unparalleled in recent history. We were spared any deaths but experienced great trauma.

At the end of September, the country witnessed a 5.9 earthquake. Since that, there have been ten earthquakes in 12 days. Again, no deaths and we thanked God. Are we getting some divine signs that the country is heading in the wrong direction? I cannot say.

But certainly the citizenry is plagued with fear and many ills pervade—murders top the list; home invasions, even during the day; daring daylight armed robberies; rapes and assaults; and of course, there is corruption big and small. It is becoming difficult to visit any of the many watering holes which dot the countryside.

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