Beyond Independence
August 31, 2018
Trinidad-born Redemptorist professes final vows and is ordained Deacon
August 31, 2018

Calling to…

What is the difference between a sister and nun, brother and a monk, diocesan or religious priest? Generation S clarifies for our readers the different roles and responsibilities.

What is a vocation?

Many people use the word vocation (from the Latin vocare, meaning ‘to call’, in reference to the call to be a priest, sister, or brother. However, the Catholic understanding of vocation is much broader: every baptised person has a vocation—a call—to love and serve God. How you choose to live out that vocation is what each person must discern. Some feel called to live as single or married laypeople; others choose consecrated life and join a secular institute or religious community (as sisters, priests, or brothers); still others choose ordination as deacons or diocesan priests.

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