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August 2, 2018
‘Democracy alive and well’
August 3, 2018

Seek bread that will last

assortment of baked bread on wood table

‘From Captain to Commissioner’ the headline rang, as the potential appointment of former Army Captain Gary Griffith to the post of Commissioner of Police loomed closer. Today, after six and a half years of having an acting Police Commissioner, the country could say with some finality that that era has come to an end.

That it took six and a half years and spanned two successive political administrations is indicative not only of a deeply flawed system, but also symbolises the crisis of leadership so evident in all sectors of our country today.

It is into this context that Commissioner Griffith now finds himself, torn between a political directorate which includes both former colleagues and former adversaries, a police service from whom he requires unwavering support but whose spokespersons indicate otherwise, and an unrelenting public, yearning for relief from the nightmare of unsafe communities, random personal attacks and the general pall of barbarism which threatens to overshadow us all.

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