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May 12, 2018
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May 18, 2018

Moulding a family at COR Malabar*

When we sit and think of what the COR (Christ Our Redeemer) Experience has done to and for us, our hearts are warmed. From the evening of Friday, April 13 to the evening of Sunday 15, there is not one moment or activity of COR that we have forgotten or have not moulded us in some way.

The weekend began with introductions and from then, the activities of the weekend commenced. At first, things were a bit strange although we knew some persons; it felt weird not knowing what to expect in the coming days. However, that quickly changed.

As we got further into the activities and procedures of the weekend, we felt welcomed and like we belonged. The journey throughout the weekend was like a flower blooming and it was so lovely not only seeing our growth but to see everyone else’s growth journey happening as well.

Overall, COR was an enriching and self-building experience, which taught us about Jesus’ deep love for us and helped us understand that true love empties us of self. What was even more amazing was that we got to experience that love first hand throughout the entire weekend and that really helped to boost our self-esteem.

COR sparked in us a desire to spread that love to everyone around us because it’s so unbelievable that we cannot keep it to ourselves. It has also equipped us with the faith and strength to deal with any hardships that may come our way and we could attest to this from instances that occurred after COR.

Over the three days, the COR experience took strangers and friends and moulded a family whom we love dearly and appreciate having in our lives.

We encourage everyone to do this weekend. It is like no other and we promise you that just like us, you will come out stronger in faith and filled with a zeal to pass God’s love around to everyone. It only takes a spark to get the fire going!

  • Jenna-Leigh Metivier and Michael Joseph