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March 29, 2018
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March 29, 2018

Parents’ Rosary – living roses of prayer for T&T’s children

Our country desperately needs prayer at this time. Our children, precious as they are, are also vulnerable to all the ills by which our country, and indeed the world, are besieged. Innocent children easily become collateral damage in circumstances beyond our control. Only God with His mercy and power to heal can help in this quagmire into which our country seems to have fallen. The situation is urgent. Most powerful prayer is needed and needed NOW but we need not despair. As Jesus bled on the cross for the redemption of ALL, He blessed us with the great gift of His mother.

As we know from the Bible, Mary is a powerful intercessor with both the desire and authority to obtain favours for her children.  Her intercession for T&T is greatly needed at this time. She can and will bring our children to Jesus, despite where they may be in their journey through life. As parents, teachers, caregivers and concerned citizens, we can all become living roses of prayer for all of T&T’s children!

The Parents’ Rosary prayer is currently being said by almost 500 persons in our country and many graces are being received by children, their parents and families.  We wish to encourage ALL to participate in this extremely powerful call for Mary’s intercession in saving our beloved country. The rosary is very similar to the living rosary, and as a participant in this family and community healing prayer, one would need to devote just 15 minutes daily.

The aim is to pray the 20 decades of the Holy Rosary every day for the children (biological or spiritual) of the parents in the group, so that when you have been assigned to a group, you pray one decade of the Holy Rosary every day (Our Father, Hail Mary x 10, and Glory Be) for your own children and for the children of the other 19 parents.

After one month each of the 20 participants would move on to pray the next decade of the Holy Rosary. For example if you started at the third Joyful Mystery, then you would move to the fourth, and the next month to the fifth Joyful. The person praying the first Joyful Mystery also says the beginning prayers i.e. I Believe, Our Father, Hail Mary x 3 (Faith, Trust and Love) and Glory Be. The person who concludes also prays the concluding prayers of each chaplet. The Main Petitions and The Act of Confidence are prayed daily.

Let us commit ourselves to using this most powerful weapon against the evils of our country and the world, so that our children may be safe in God’s love, and so that parents, families and communities may obtain the peace and harmony which we all so deeply desire.

For further information contact us at or call 220-5813. –Mona Jones