The speech of seeds*
March 27, 2018
Cathedral desecration needs serious reflection – Msgr Pereira
March 29, 2018

Our Easter challenge

Lent has raced to a finish and we now stand in the light of Easter, officially. But given the prevailing mood, it appears that the symbol we have chosen for these days is the Good Friday bobolee, the scapegoat onto whom we unload the collective anger, impotence and frustration that we experience as a nation where nothing works, nothing is going right and we see no way out. So a violent venting of emotion is our safety valve.

Those among us who are too restrained to beat the bobolee focus instead on the stone that inhibits our efforts; we want to do some good actions but there are insurmountable obstacles—lack of funds, of amenities, of transportation, of safety, so we wonder “Who will roll away the stone?” as we wait for a saviour to redeem us.

Both these attitudes—violent venting or helpless lamentation—prevent us from seeing that the stone has been rolled away, that the graves we waste time revisiting are empty, the Saviour is out and active in the new Sunday morning light.

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