Finding refuge in the Spoken Word
November 10, 2017
Living life the little way
November 10, 2017

Going down the wrong road…

It was a gruesome scene in the late afternoon. Female body parts were strewn in front of me and I couldn’t help but glance in horror at my child to see how much had been taken in.

“Driver, really. You have to be showing this?” “Driver, nah nah nah! Not this nonsense for me to be watching, eh!” Another older lady and I protested as soon as the young driver got in. “Well, sorry nuh,” he responded with just a smidgeon of attitude. The vehicle was one of the newer mini-vans that now run as taxis, outfitted with a screen from which music videos or movies are shown for the passengers’ pleasure.

The entire taxi was filled with females. There were three teenaged girls in the back seat, myself and the other lady who seemed to have just finished her shift at the hospital, and a woman perhaps in her mid to late-twenties next to the driver. I had just settled into the seat and looked up to confront writhing, barely covered buttocks. I shudder to think what went before I got in.

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