Bethlehem girls benefit from ex-pupil’s visit
October 21, 2017
In the garment of discipleship
October 21, 2017

Children learn what they live

Screen grab of one of the Facebook video clips. Source: looptt

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ, ( & Director, CREDI

“It is time for fathers and mothers to return from their exile, because they have self-exiled from the education of their children, and to fully reassume their educational role…this can only be done with love, tenderness and patience.”
– Pope Francis

We must consider also the importance of home, school, community partnerships in the education process. Pope Francis has also said: “…the educational pact today has been broken; and thus, the educational alliance between society and the family is in crisis because mutual trust has been undermined. There are many symptoms. For example, at school, relationships between parents and teachers have been compromised.”

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