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September 29, 2017
Trauma counselling needed – Bishop Malzaire
September 29, 2017

St Dominic’s Pastoral Centre refurbished

The St Dominic’s Pastoral Centre. Photo: Bertha Sunkow.

The following article was submitted by Michelle Arjoon of the St Dominic’s Pastoral Centre. It has been edited for length and clarity.

Ten years ago, December 10, 2007, the Dominican Friars – spearheaded by Fr Lawson OP at the time, opened the doors of St Dominic’s Pastoral Centre to our community here in Trinidad.

Their vision was that the centre be “the spring [from]where people will find the truth in all areas of life”. Their mission was to bring in-depth knowledge of our Catholic faith and the Church’s teaching to our communities and, with the parish, provide social services through various apostolates for the improvement of our people and Trinidad and Tobago as a whole (extract from St Dominic’s Pastoral Centre Original Proposal).

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