Korean lesson on the role of the laity   
September 29, 2017
Sr Anne Marie lived the Gospel by example
September 29, 2017

A concept to live by

It’s another rainy afternoon in Port of Spain with the typical goose-stepping over streams on the pavements, and mighty leaps (which inevitably fail) over rushing water in shallow drains.

A mother and her close-to-three-year-old daughter enter the backseat of a taxi I was eventually forced to take. The little girl was dressed in a pink-and-white-checkered pinafore dress with large bows in her hair. She bravely clambered in before her mom, and lisped, “ ‘fternoon, auntie”.

Almost lost between the two adults, she looked up unblinkingly into my face in that direct way little ones have, then popped her thumb into her mouth. Her mom stared out into the rain. As expected, her daughter’s eyelids began to droop and soon she cuddled against my arm fast asleep.

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