Looking at us

Gameplay and playing games

There is a game that is played by some teens called Persona 5 (PS4, 2017 edition). I enjoy watching the gameplay, the soundtrack is excellent and […]

Anyting, someting, everyting…

I can’t tell you when wining became a national obsession. At a media briefing on January 10, ASP Michael Jackman in response to a question about […]

Confronting the ugly…

The photos of women brutally murdered in 2017 were plastered on the front page of last weekend’s Sunday Guardian (January 7). The precedent continues into 2018, […]

Going down the wrong road…

It was a gruesome scene in the late afternoon. Female body parts were strewn in front of me and I couldn’t help but glance in horror […]

A concept to live by

It’s another rainy afternoon in Port of Spain with the typical goose-stepping over streams on the pavements, and mighty leaps (which inevitably fail) over rushing water […]

Deal with it

Every woman has been sexually harassed. Take a poll of the women in your workplace or among your friends, and I am sure every one of […]