Suicide Awareness and Prevention

By Kaelanne Jordan Email: mediarelations.camsel@abpos.org Twitter: @kaelanne1 For persons who have lost a loved one to suicide, it’s important that you remember who they were—loving human […]

Relief work after Hurricane Dorian by Third Wave Volunteers

By Kaelanne Jordan Email: mediarelations.camsel@abpos.org Twitter: @kaelanne1 A group of Third Wave Volunteers conducted a door-to-door, rapid-needs assessment, offered medical care, psychosocial support and coordinated the […]

The scourge of elderly abuse

By Kaelanne Jordan Email: mediarelations.camsel@abpos.org Twitter: @kaelanne1 In light of the recent crimes perpetuated against the elderly community, one mental health clinician believes that something is […]

Taking the faith up the hills

The Corpus Christi Carmelite Sisters will celebrate their centenary of arrival in Trinidad in November. This is Part Four of the history of the Order. The […]

Resolving Venezuela’s crisis: Everything in God’s time

Bishop Jaime José Villarroel Rodríguez of  Carupano – geographically the closest Venezuelan diocese to the Archdiocese of Port of Spain, made a four-day pastoral visit to […]

Confronting the challenge of suicide prevention

By Lara Pickford-Gordon Email: snrwriter.camsel@abpos.org Twitter: @gordon_lp Last month a 15-year-old committed suicide near his family home in Williamsville. His family was left in shock and […]

The faces of depression

By Lara Pickford-Gordon Email: snrwriter.camsel@abpos.org Twitter: @gordon_lp Last month (August, 2019) a 15-year-old committed suicide near his family home in Williamsville. His family was shocked and […]


Story by Renée Smith Email: parishcomms.camsel@abpos.org Twitter: @rsmith_cntt There’s been universal concern about Amazon fires for years as the majority of them are a result of […]

Carifesta XIV – A taste of heaven

by Deacon Sheldon Narine Carifesta XIV came to a close at the Queen’s Park Savannah last Sunday.  It was an exciting ten days and I had […]

Outward bound

Story by Simone Delochan Email: copyeditor.camsel@abpos.org Twitter: @SimoneECDel The first thing that you notice about Andrew Lewis is his very calm manner…. Well, truth be told, […]

The Call on Canvas

Generation S’, in collaboration with Catholic Media Services and the Catholic Youth Commission is hosting ‘The Call on Canvas’. This initiative is part of the vocation […]

How to ease the pain of separation

By Kaelanne Jordan Email: mediarelations.camsel@abpos.org Twitter: @kaelanne1 Separation and divorce can bring an “emotional roller coaster” of vast emotions—frustration, powerlessness, anger, denial, confusion, depression, loss of […]

Mary is a Queen not for position or monarch but a fighter in battle.

By Fr Robert Christo Every year on August 22, the Church celebrates the Queenship of Mary and offers the reading Matt 22:1-4 for reflection in which […]

Commemorating the Victims of Acts of Violence Based on Religion or Belief

Simone Delochan copyeditor.camsel@abpos.org Sometimes in the midst of the social and political ills that seem to mark our daily living, we can forget that there are […]

Tobago’s perspective on 20th Caribbean Couples for Christ conference

On July 11, three delegates from Tobago arrived in Curaçao to attend the 20th Caribbean Couples for Christ conference. For the first time, Trinidad and Tobago […]

Gov’t school religion teachers introduced to Virtus

A session on the Virtus Programme, directed by the Archdiocesan Family Life Commission (AFLC), was organised by the Catholic Children on Fire for Christ (CCFC) for […]

Watch for the ‘Rip’

by Raymond Syms Email: editor.camsel@abpos.org Twitter: @RaymsCN ‘Java’ (July August Vacation) is almost over. Have you planned a beach run yet? If not, then be ever […]

Jesus Explosion missions in Guyana

Jesus Explosion Mission team member Gregory Quan Kep reports on their time in Guyana. Guyana’s first Jesus Explosion (JE) was held August 9–12. Most of the […]

Biker days never fade

Story and illustration by Andrew J Fitt Some things remain with you for years, and if you’re lucky, maybe even forever. I’m going to be 46 […]

Shake off the yoke

“…Praise His name and shake, shake off the yoke, shake, shake off the yoke…” are the last few lines of the refrain from the hymn, ‘Freedom […]

The Assumption helps us understand what we are as humans, suggests Pope Francis

This article was originally published by Aleteia and republished with permission In his encyclical Redemptor Hominis (Redeemer of Man), in the first year of his pontificate, John Paul II […]

Here’s why Mary is the secret for growing in faith

Hint: have you considered her role in the first disciples’ faith? Our Lady is the intercessor par excellence, but sometimes it helps to consider her maternal intervention […]

Mary’s death and assumption: Beautiful thoughts from the saints

While the Church has no official declaration on whether Mary died before she went to heaven, certain holy people have maintained that she did. On November […]

Freedom to Play

By Kaelanne Jordan Email: mediarelations.camsel@abpos.org Twitter: @kaelanne1 Earlier this month, the Raja Yoga Prison Ministry in collaboration with the Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service hosted its […]

Let’s adopt an “Amazonian and indigenous face”

By Renee Smith parishcomms.camsel@abpos.org In his visit to Puerto Maldonado, Peru last year, Pope Francis issued a sobering statement: “The indigenous people of the Amazon region […]

Leadership VOX POP!

At the Leadership Conference on August 1, attendees were given much to digest. Catholic News approached some participants asking them, “What is one lesson learnt regarding […]

Liturgy School

Liturgy School 2019 put the spotlight on the Archdiocese’s 3H’s with the theme Hospitalities, Homilies, Hymns: Liturgy Alive, scripture was also referenced with “I have come […]

School Of Communications

The Caribbean School of Catholic Communications (CSCC) ended yesterday (August 10) with participants from the region finalising their projects for submission. This year was a milestone […]

How to increase joy in your life according to the Bible

The Bible contains many key passages that explain the secret to living a joyful life. Joy is much more than a pleasant feeling. It’s an enduring […]

Don’t let your spirituality be keeping up appearances

By Lara Pickford-Gordon snrwriter.camsel@rcpos.org Some people like to look spiritual but they are not; Pope Francis calls this “the spirituality of appearances”. Cathedral Administrator, Vicar General […]

10 facts about Catholicism that might surprise you

The Church is much more than Roman Catholic. There’s more to Catholicism than meets the eye. What many people refer to as the “Roman Catholic Church” […]

Friendship at the heart of hospitality

By Fr Don Chambers In last Sunday’s article, I reflected on Jesus’ Ministry of hospitality. The Incarnation reveals the intrinsic hospitality of God who receives the […]

One Man’s Journey – a book about life

By Raymond Syms Email: editor.camsel@abpos.org Twitter: @RaymsCN Everyone has a life story to tell. Wilfred Holder challenged himself and has written on over five decades of […]

Keep your child safe from being trafficked

July 30 is the UN World Day against Trafficking in Persons, to “raise awareness of the situation of victims of human trafficking and for the promotion […]

Why self-care is the secret to getting closer to God

Forgetting to properly take care of myself is my number one occasion of sin. “I keep confessing the same sins,” I admitted to the priest. It’s […]

The virtue of Mary Magdalene that we desperately need today

The article was originally published by Aleteia and re-published with permission This great saint displayed a quality to ponder and emulate. There are a number friends […]

Sacred Heart Girls’ receive First Holy Communion

The impact of the Archbishop’s call to renew the experience of Holy Mass by focusing on the 3Hs—Hospitality, Homilies and Hymns was very evident as 53 […]

The measure of a man ‘off the streets’

Street dwellers often seek help from the church. Merlin Boyce of Word and Deed prayer group shares their experience of Mervyn Vincent. Former San Fernando street […]

The other face of mental illness

The mental health of our society is a growing concern that is affecting family life. Susan (not her real name) gave the following testimony of how […]

Many healed at another fantastic Jesus Explosion

By Gregory Quan Kep, JE Committee member It is with a grateful heart that we give thanks for another fantastic Jesus Explosion (JE) conference. The theme […]

Many mentally ill on the streets

Story by Kaelanne Jordan, Email: mediarelations.camsel@abpos.org – Twitter: @kaelanne1 The question of how to care for a non-compliant loved one with a mental illness is “a […]

Farewell to a pilgrim

Forty-seven days after her death while on pilgrimage to our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine, Mexico, Denise Mitchum was laid to rest. On June 25, fellow pilgrims, […]

Diamond love for the Ignacios

What is Love? According to 1 Corinthians 13:4, 8: “Love is always patient and kind. Love does not come to an end.” This is what you […]

San F’do Boys’ RC ‘Cook-off’ has ‘GoT’ twist

San Fernando Boys’ RC Past Student Association (PSA) hosted its third annual Curry Duck Cook-Off Competition at the school grounds at Harris Promenade, San Fernando on […]

Shepherd’s Cup qualifiers under way

All parishes of the Suburban Vicariate came to overthrow the two-time reigning champions Mary Immaculate Queen of the Universe (MIQU) Bourg Mulatresse and in the end, […]

Is there hope for Venezuela?: An interview with Cardinal Baltasar Porras

“The public and private institutions have been destroyed, and the only institution remaining is the Church.” The social, political and economic situation in Venezuela continues to […]

If you want to positively influence others, follow the wisdom of St. Benedict

This piece of advice never loses its power and is something we should always strive to follow. St. Benedict was a holy monk of the 6th […]

Transforming schools and people

Wayne Hoerning was one of two overseas volunteers to work on the transformation of Nelson Street Girls’ RC School for Project Care TT in late May. […]

Unimaginative food leads to start of Pound Day

The Corpus Christi Carmelite Sisters will celebrate their centenary of arrival in Trinidad in November. This is Part Two of the history of the Order, a […]

Fearing the shadow of your own mind

The mental health of our society is a growing concern. Catholic News contributor Andrew J Fitt shares his personal battle. I can’t remember an exact date […]

Creating space for inculturation

Story by Kaelanne Jordan Email: mediarelations.camsel@abpos.org Twitter: @kaelanne1 Fr Martin Sirju in his presentation on inculturation said there are Indians who would like to see more […]

Youth on retreat reflect on ‘You Are My Beloved’

The Evangelization Commission hosted a Young Adults Retreat on April 7 at the Caribbean Magic Resort, La Solita Road, Kelly Village. It comprised about 20 young […]

Give Vacation Bible School a try

When life is unfair, scary, changing, sad and good, we must remember God is good and His love is enough. This was the message given to […]

Here’s why July is dedicated to the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ

When the pope was in exile, he turned to the Blood of Christ for strength. One particular devotion in the Catholic Church connected to the Passion […]

‘Praise Breakfast’ exactly what I needed

As a person of faith, often times I had gotten accustomed to the routine of my prayer life—daily prayer until Sunday Mass so the routine continues. […]

Men reflect on ‘Crime and the Christian’

Approximately 60 men gathered – some coming from as far as Erin – on Saturday,  May 25 at St Benet’s Hall, Mount St Benedict, for Couples […]

Topaz crowned Santa Cruz RC champs

Santa Cruz RC School held its first biennial Fun, Sports and Family Day on Wednesday, May 29 at the Charles Street, Recreational Grounds, Santa Cruz. Among […]

Programme to enhance skills of RC Math teachers

Mathematics for Empowerment and Enjoyment is the theme of a programme to improve the performance of RC primary pupils by enhancing the skills of their teachers. […]

How Spiritual Baptists survived stigmatisation

Story by Kaelanne Jordan Email: mediarelations.camsel@abpos.org Twitter: @kaelanne1 “Could the repeal of the [Shouters’ Prohibition Ordinance] Act erase decades of persecution, stigmatisation and cultural stagnation?” That […]

St Gabriel’s Girls’ celebrates

The St Gabriel’s Girls’ RC family has a lot to celebrate. In recent times, the school hosted a successful ‘Sportathon’ fundraiser in May. Then, 52 Standard […]

Put on God’s armour daily

The Franciscan House of Prayer with Spiritual Director, Fr Trevor Nathasingh hosted their 10th annual ‘Day of Empowerment’, June 1 at the Guaico Secondary School.  Hundreds […]

Irish ‘thank you’ for Fr Michel’s work in Lectio Divina

By Anne Smyth, Chairperson of Board of Management, Dominican Lectio Centre The Dominican Lectio Divina Centre in St Catherine’s, Newry, County Down, Northern Ireland, stands as […]

An invitation to deepen our baptismal identity

From the First Friday Committee “In the end, we are not Catholics because our leaders are flawless, but because we find the claims of Catholicism both […]

Pray this Psalm when you are overwhelmed with anxiety

Cry out to God and ask for his help to bring peace back into your life. Anxiety can be an overwhelming feeling at times and can […]

Don’t receive Communion out of routine, but with conviction, says pope

May our “Amen” come from the heart! An excerpt from Pope Francis’ exhortation before praying the midday Angelus on Sunday’s feast of Corpus Christi, also known […]

Christian meditation, yoga and contemplative prayer

Today is International Yoga Day, and here are a few frequently asked questions on the practise of Christian Meditation. Catholic News approached Sr Ruth Montrichard, Member […]

How our imperfections should lead us to a spirit of thankfulness

St. Aloysius Gonzaga believed that gratitude can only be unlocked through a recognition of our weaknesses. It’s not always easy maintaining a spirit of thankfulness and […]

Together with Christ, we are invincible

The matter used in the Eucharist is significant. We celebrate it this Sunday. On Corpus Christi, the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ, celebrated […]

Why we celebrate Corpus Christi

by Joy Nanton, advocate for Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration “I am the living bread that has come down from heaven. Anyone who eats this bread will live […]

Baking the ‘the bread of life’

Story by Lara Pickford-Gordon Email: snrwriter.camsel@abpos.org Twitter:@gordon_lp Blessed are you, Lord God of all creation, for through your goodness we have received the bread we offer you: fruit […]

Mechanisms to manage anger

By Lara Pickford-Gordon Email: snrwriter.camsel@abpos.org Twitter:@gordon_lp Over the past five weeks starting May 26 the Catholic News has discussed anger, the physiological response, underlying triggers, the […]

Italian priest concelebrates his 100th birthday Mass with his 4 sons, also priests

A spiritual son of Padre Pio, Fr. Vaccarini hasn’t wasted a minute of his century-long life. Father, priest, father of priests, centenarian, author, disciple of Padre […]

Why do Catholics have the same Mass week after week?

In liturgy, the heart speaks powerfully, but thought at once takes the lead … Even if we love the Mass, the repetition of the ritual, day […]

The living word on labour relations

As we celebrate Labour Day it is only fitting to note that the Catholic Church’s teachings promote justice in wages and worker solidarity while defending private […]

Special awareness of abuse for elders with dementia

By Michèle Clavery Vice President, Alzheimer’s Association of Trinidad and Tobago June 16 (last Sunday) marked a special day in the life of the Alzheimer’s Association […]

This Psalm can help you maintain purity of heart

When drawn to a temptation, pray this Psalm. Living in the world today, it is not easy to keep your heart pure. Temptations are constantly around […]

A father’s faith

Story by Kaelanne Jordan Email: kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org Twitter: @kaelanne1 This Father’s Day will be particularly special for Anthony Bugros. When his third to last son Christopher was […]

The GOOD in getting MAD

By Lara Pickford-Gordon Email: lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org Twitter:@gordon_lp A relative predicted that I would not pass the Common Entrance, the exam before the Secondary Entrance Assessment. I was […]

On the waters of Xochimilco

Our May 2019 Pilgrimage to Mexico City included some cultural sites. After our final Mass at the St John the Baptist Church we pilgrims headed to […]

Learning to ride—A single father’s reflection

DKM, Trincity, Trinidad and Tobago “What am I going to do now?” That was the question that wracked my brain.  On the morning of that Friday […]

‘Mr Magic Fingers’ plays for St Joseph Church restoration

For one night only, Trinidad and Tobago’s beloved pianist Dr Louis Nurse will present ‘Rejuvenation—A Soca Jazz Concert’ at the Central Bank Auditorium in Port of […]

What my dad taught me

Today we recognise the fathers, stepfathers, the uncles and those not related by blood who have exerted influence. Staff at Catholic Media Services Limited shared anecdotes […]

Becoming church, appreciating life

Pilgrim Sharon E Delochan concludes her sharing of the recent Pilgrimage to Mexico.  This pilgrimage afforded us the opportunity to experience God’s wonders in places outside […]

St. Augustine’s advice for the disorganized and absent-minded

Here’s how to avoid the panic-inducing situation of not being able to find something important! This article is for those like me who’ve occasionally gone into […]

What about an Ordinary Time resolution this year?

The green vestments don’t mean we should veg out, but rather get to work planting and weeding and GROWING. And just like that, Easter is over, […]

This June, let’s spread the image of Christ’s love

Let’s bless the internet by spreading the image of the Sacred Heart far and wide. A friend of mine had a great idea: We should all […]

The two powerful ways the Holy Spirit comes to meet you

Welcome him today. Both ways bring his peace. The Holy Spirit comes in two ways in the readings for this Sunday, Pentecost Sunday.He also comes in […]

A tale of faith and survival

Story by Lara Pickford-Gordon Email: lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org Twitter:@gordon_lp The things we love challenge us and at times even seem to turn on us. Christopher Bugros found this […]

Making marriages joy filled

By Raymond Syms Rsyms.camsel@rcpos.org @RaymsCN There’s a well-known saying: A wedding is a day, a marriage is a lifetime. The serious joke is nowadays in some […]

New concepts in ‘EMERGENCE’

By Andrew J Fitt Galleries and museums, in my opinion, are fundamentally crucial to a country’s well-being, offering both residents as well as outsiders the opportunity […]

Mt Lambert wins at SVP Sports Day

The Society of St Vincent de Paul held their annual Sports and Family Fun Day on  May 19 at the Prisons’ Grounds, Arouca. The day started […]

Guadalupe – spiritually overwhelming

Pilgrim Sharon E Delochan shares her experience on the recent Pilgrimage to Mexico. In the wee hours of May 7, 36 pilgrims left Trinidad bound for […]

Are you raising an angry child?

By Lara Pickford-Gordon Email: lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org Twitter:@gordon_lp “Do not teach your children never to be angry; teach them how to be angry” – Lyman Abbott, US Theologian. […]

A Carmelite arrival

The Corpus Christi Carmelite Sisters will in November celebrate their centenary of arrival in Trinidad. Beginning in this issue, the history of the Order will be […]

10 Lovely ways to bring the Sacred Heart into your life

What the month of June means to Catholics and how to honor it in your home.. Did you know that in the Catholic Church, each of […]

Need rest and refreshment? Find it with this prayer to the Holy Spirit

The Church invites us to imagine the Spirit by comparing Him to “pleasant coolness in the heat.” The Sequence sung or recited at Mass on Pentecost […]

Celebrating local talent: Ozy Merrique—Myth Maker

Ozy Merrique’s collection, Crown’s Land is one that he is proud of in its unified theme. Different in many ways from his previous works, the 29 […]

Mercy, forgiveness in our DNA

From the First Friday Committee The Easter Season is an appropriate time to reflect on ourselves as Christians. Do we really believe that Christ is risen […]

Venezuela: 5 million people will be displaced by the end of 2019

The shocking numbers are unprecedented in Latin American history. The numbers are terrible for Venezuela, but also for the stability of the Americas: 10 percent of […]

Mary traveled a highly dangerous path to visit Elizabeth

Originally published by Aleteia and re-published with their permission The Virgin Mary’s charitable gesture could have had a much different ending. St. Luke narrates in his […]

You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry…

By Lara Pickford-Gordon Email: lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org Twitter:@gordon_lp Before bursting out of his clothes and changing into the fictional aggressive, green superhero creature called The Incredible Hulk, mild-mannered […]

A thousand scientists tackle the “science is opposed to faith” myth

Originally published by Aleteia, republished with their permission This Society was founded to foster fellowship among PhDs and future scholars. Check ’em out! “Oh, I don’t […]

4 Unusual ways to beat hard days

Originally published by Aleteia, re-published with their permission What we’re are tempted to do when things get hard often doesn’t help — but these things can. […]

What weapons are you using to fight abortion?

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission  Writer:Robert McTeigue, SJ Removing legal protection for unborn children, sadly, is nothing new. But that doesn’t mean we […]

CSP: new skills, tools to parent better

Common Sense Parenting (CSP) is offered by the Archdiocesan Family Life Commission (AFLC) in collaboration with the Franciscan Institute for Personal and Family Development through the […]

A road well traveled

Cleopatra Francis recently celebrated her retirement upon reaching a milestone of 41 dedicated years to the teaching service. On May 3, she was honoured at a […]

Visually-impaired seek gov’t help with printed material

There are a number of organisations working for and on behalf of persons with disabilities. To raise awareness, Catholic News will highlight the work being done […]

Fighting for the ‘common good’

By Lara Pickford-Gordon, Email: lpgordon@rcpos.org Twitter: @gordon_lp Corruption is an illusion of “fast and easy gains”. The reality, Pope Francis told judges, administrators and staff from […]

The roots of anger

By Lara Pickford-Gordon Email: lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org Twitter: @gordon_lp I was angry with my friend; I told my wrath, my wrath did end. I was angry with my […]

Pray this Psalm for peace of mind and soul

If you are feeling anxious or fearful, pray this Psalm to put yourself under God’s protection. Often when we are experiencing anxiety or fear, we need […]

Why a Christian can pray in any situation

The intimacy we have with the Father is the nucleus of our faith and our prayer, says Pope Francis Pope Francis today concluded the general audience […]

6 Reasons why all Christians (non-Catholics too!) should have a relationship with Mary

Even Karol Wojtyla wondered if it was possible to overdo our devotion, but there’s no reason to fear growing closer to Our Lady. Protestants generally avoid […]

6 Reasons To Appreciate Our Cultural Diversity

“Three-quarters of the world’s major conflicts have a cultural dimension. Bridging the gap between cultures is urgent and necessary for peace, stability and development.”— United Nations. […]

Holistic approach to sport fishing in Tobago

By Kaelanne Jordan kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org Anglers competing in this year’s 24th annual TIGFT are encouraged to be important catalysts in preserving the ecosystem and promoting sustainable approaches […]

HNC Water Dragons ‘give everything’ in the water

By Simone Delochan Email: sdelochan.camsel@rcpos.org Twitter: @SimoneECDel Their measured, polite expressions transformed to openness and excitement as the interview progressed in the corridor outside of a […]

Learning about Obedience

For the pupils of St Theresa’s Kindergarten Level 3, the Easter preparations focused on Obedience. The children, aged four to five years-old were exposed to biblical stories […]

Restoring the Easter Parang tradition

When you think ‘Parang’ you automatically connect the music with the Christmas Season. However, as Dr Francisca Allard explains, traditional elements sang Parang in Easter as […]

Caribbean Catholic music forms a Caribbean Catholic identity

Jill-Ann Walters-Morris is the head music teacher at St Benedict’s College, La Romaine. She was born into the musical family who started the popular Walters School […]

Corruption – not so petty

By Lara Pickford-Gordon, Email: lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org Twitter: @gordon_lp A relative was taken to the Port of Spain General Hospital after being in a serious motor vehicle accident […]

Families: the bedrock of conservation

Simone Delochan Sdelochan.camsel@rcpos.org Today is the International Day of Families, themed in 2019: Families and Climate Action: Focus on SDG13. The emphasis is on education, awareness […]

Holy Name Convent Water Dragons: A sisterhood of strength

By Simone Delochan sdelochan.camsel@rcpos.org The youngest member is 12 years old; the newest girl to join had entered sixth form from a different school, and they […]

Migrant moms need assistance

The co-ordinator of the St Joseph Parish Ministry to Migrants and Refugees (PMMR) has given the assurance that while their list of migrant mothers “continues to […]

Reunion, fundraiser for SJC Class of ‘69

By Patricia Phelps-Scott The oldest secondary school in Trinidad and Tobago celebrated 183 years in April and the students who graduated in 1969 from Form 5 […]

A knit with God in mind

Story and photo by Kaelanne Jordan, Email: kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org Twitter: @kaelanne1 Joan Moore became “immediately inspired” after reading a National Catholic Register article ‘Blanketed by Blessings’ in […]

Mother’s Day behind bars

by Kaelanne Jordan kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org – Twitter: @kaelanne1 The frustration of missing countless milestones of your child’s life—graduations, their first steps, first job, first day of school—all unforgettable […]

#Momisms Mom’s best advice

Trinbagonian moms provide a plethora of advice to their children, some direct, some practical, some in high riddle form which leave you puzzled. We asked CAMSEL […]

How to opt out of the culture of narcissism

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission Here’s a way to make sure your commitment to self-improvement doesn’t venture into a harmful place. I’m just […]

Catholic priest wins the 2019 “Best Citizen of India” award

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission Fr. Vineeth George left a secular career to serve God and the Church. With more than 1.3 billion […]

Catholic News Easter hats*

Lara Pickford-Gordon, Lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org The pupils of Nelson Street Girls’ RC used their imagination and talent to create lovely hats with an Easter theme using recycled Catholic News. […]

Seller extraordinaire

By Kaelanne Jordan, Email: kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org Twitter: @kaelanne1 At 83 years, Muriel Hazzard has no plans of allowing ageing to slow her down. She dismisses the thought […]

On a mission together

From Kathryn Tardieu, General Manager Email: ktardieu.camsel@rcpos.org Twitter:@KathTard I think often of Jesus, standing in front His disciples in the moments before His Ascension. After three […]

ALPHA – come, see, form your faith

Alpha is a tool for evangelisation. It is not the only tool but one that is very practical. It deepens the faith of faithful Catholics. As […]

Let’s go ‘Sisters Can Cook V’

The Sisters of St Dominic’s Children’s Home are ready to serve the fifth edition of their inclusive cook-out ‘Sisters Can Cook 5’ on May 18, at […]

You Are Not Alone

Easter is a time where we see how light emerges after darkness. This Easter, the Billings Ovulation Method Association of Trinidad and Tobago (BOMA-TT) continues their […]

Game of Thrones and the journey to self

Simone Delochan, sdelochan.camsel@rcpos.org This piece is for the Game of the Thrones’ fans, and there is no need to comment that you have not seen—not one!—episode […]

Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet looks eerily similar to a Catholic relic

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission St. Teresa of Avila would never have snapped her fingers. Fear not. There are no spoilers in this […]

Worried about your children? Place them under the protection of St. Joseph with this prayer

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission St. Joseph knew well the worries and anxieties of being a parent and is known as a powerful […]

Catholic churches in Sri Lanka cancel Masses indefinitely

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission A week after church and hotel bombings, danger still lurks. A week after terrorist attacks hit churches and […]

Why seek the living among the dead?

  Pope Francis celebrated the Easter Vigil Mass in St Peter’s Basilica. Following is the full text of his homily. The women bring spices to the […]

Bishop Alleyne: Cannot be business as usual

GUYANA As Guyana awaits the outcome of legal pronouncements flowing from the ‘No Confidence’ vote in the Parliament last December, the Bishop of Georgetown maintains that […]

Promote a cavity free Easter

Holidays involve some indulgence. This is especially true for Easter, possibly the sweetest holiday of the year, where children tuck into chocolate and candy treats courtesy […]

CTC Pilgrimage to Holy Land 2020

  From CTC Community In honour of our upcoming 20th anniversary on August 6, 2020, the CTC family is preparing to embark on a journey to […]

Harold Woodruffe in concert next Sunday

Harold Woodroffe began choral and solo performing in 1960 in the Dominic Savio Choir under the guidance of Fr T Corcoran, and entered the Trinidad and […]

‘Shoes’ left his mark in our lives

Heather Alexis-Martin remembers her father, Patrick Alexis, who died His given name, ‘Patrick Alexis’. Aka ‘Patrick’, ‘Pat’, ‘Patos’, ‘Uncle Pat’, ‘Sporting Sam’; or as I recently […]


The Brasso RC Primary School recently held an essay and poster competition to commemorate International Women’s Day on 2019’s theme: #BalanceforBetter— Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovate […]

‘Onabo Kasakabo’ – Earth Day

The Santa Rosa First Peoples’ Community joined the rest of the world in celebrating onabo kasakabo or Earth Day, 2019. Through the advocacy of Her Worship […]

Retro Bingo Bash*

  From People of Praise Community Based in the town of Arima, the People of Praise (PoP) Community is a Catholic charismatic ecclesial community comprising in […]

Relationship with self, others, God and creation: Setting a strong foundation

The Confirmation class at St Michael’s RC Church, Maracas, St Joseph went on retreat April 9 at the Seminary of St John Vianney and the Ugandan […]

What kind of stone sealed Jesus’ tomb?

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission Was it a square stone or a circular one? Most popular depictions of Jesus’ burial and resurrection show […]

Where did Jesus go on Holy Saturday?

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission As silence covers the earth, Jesus is busy behind the scenes After Jesus died on the cross, what […]

The Seder Experience

By Kaelanne Jordan, kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org Love, peace, joy was some of the expressions used by staff at Catholic Media Services Limited (CAMSEL), the Liturgical Commission and other […]

How did the early Christians celebrate the final days of Holy Week?

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission The Sacred Triduum has changed very little over the centuries. The Sacred Triduum, the final three days of […]

Can you stay one hour with me? The “Night Watch” of Holy Thursday

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission Jesus challenges all of us to stay with him in the Garden and console him in his sorrow. […]

Miss Ruby was Couva’s living saint

Ruby Maxwell died March 30 at the age of 101. Her funeral Mass took place April 9 at St Paul’s RC Church, Couva. Abbot John Pereira […]

10 Reasons we know Christ rose from the dead

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission At Easter we don’t celebrate a myth or a great psychological symbol. We celebrate a historical event. This […]

5 Tips for Good Friday from Catholics who live their faith amid persecution

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission Religious freedom was gained immigrating to America, but the intensity of devotion was somewhat lost. In his encyclical Ut […]

Is your business waste efficient?

According to global statistics, our world has a sobering waste problem. We are set to hit 34 billion tonnes of waste by the year 2050. Eight […]

4 Signs you might not be ready for Easter (but there’s still time!)

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission Hopefully we have a better sense of sin and its cost. If not, take advantage of the Holy […]

Men eager to reach out to Church*

A combination of 72 men from the Paramin and Chaguanas Catholic men’s group gathered at the St Catherine’s Retreat Estate, Valencia for a day of laughter, […]

How to turn Holy Week into a pilgrimage

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission The liturgies bring us to specific, physical places, which enable us to accompany Christ in his footsteps. The […]

When did Jesus rise from the dead?

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission Was it on Saturday night or Sunday morning? In the Gospel accounts, Jesus is said to have risen […]

Mary’s influence on lay vocations

Story and photo by Crystal Gabrielle M Sylvester       On Sunday, March 10 the sub-theme for the La Divin Devotions was ‘Mary, Mother of Vocations to Lay […]

Emmanuel Community foundress laid to rest

Violet D’Ornellas was remembered for her “undaunted attitude” in her mission to serve God. The foundress of the Emmanuel Community, 87 years, died March 29 after […]

Masses for PwDs in Central to begin

As it continues to promote inclusion of Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) into church life through sensory-friendly Masses, the Bethesda Catholic Community will begin monthly Masses in […]

Pope Francis stuns rival South Sudan leaders by kissing their feet in plea for peace

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission The pope dropped to the feet of the president and new vice presidents at end of a spiritual […]

What does INRI mean?

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission The letters are frequently found on the top of crucifixes and are straight out of the Bible. In […]

12 Things every Catholic woman should have in her purse

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission Never leave home without these practical and spiritual essentials! You can guess a lot about a woman by […]

Here are prayers for before and after you read a spiritual book

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission Ask God to speak to your soul the next time you open an inspiring book. Spiritually uplifting books, […]

Don’t get ‘vex’, show love

Lara Pickford-Gordon lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org Think of the persons who are eccentric or weird or who raise your blood pressure and get you ‘vex’ (angry); the persons who […]

How to tell the difference between a monsignor, a bishop and a cardinal

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission When all three wear the cassock, things can get confusing. Outside of the liturgy, clergy members have various […]

Here’s a prayer for when you are walking down the street

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission Keep God always on your mind with this simple prayer. St. Paul writes in his letter to the […]

Learn the language of sports motivation

By Kaelanne Jordan kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org All coaches, assistant coaches, team managers of primary and secondary school sport leagues and persons who may be volunteering as or desirous […]

Brazil RC ‘walk with Jesus’

Brazil RC School continued its annual traditions for Lent. On Friday, March 22 was the annual day of Fasting and Prayer. The day included praise, prayer, the […]

Hardbargain RC pupils ‘go fishing’ for Lent

Lent is a time of preparation for Easter, through prayer, repentance of sins, as well as almsgiving. At Hardbargain RC School, the pupils are educated about […]

No meat, No problem!

By Lara Pickford-Gordon and Kaelanne Jordan (photos) If you’ve given up meat for Lent, finding alternative meals that the entire family will enjoy can be a […]

A fragrant aroma for God

Very often, we speak about giving the best to the Lord and it is not uncommon to use the phrase: ‘Sunday best’. What exactly does it […]

Falling upward – hope on the horizon

Fr Martin Sirju concludes his pastoral reflection on how he sees the Church today. “Yet I will rejoice, and exalt in the Lord God my Saviour” […]

St Catherine’s Estate…A ‘wow’ experience

By Lara Pickford-Gordon lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org Describing the space that is St Catherine’s Estate could scarcely do justice to the experience of this picturesque setting. Located on the North […]

‘O Rejoice!’

The Abbey of Our Lady of Exile at Mount St Benedict will once more be the backdrop of the Lydians annual concert series, ‘Lydians on the Mount’, this edition […]

A litany for Pat

Patricia Bousignac, wife of Rev Paul Bousignac, died March 8. Her funeral Mass was celebrated March 16 at Santa Rosa RC Church, Arima. In lieu of […]

All the drama of Passion Week applied to one person (not Jesus)

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission … and thus, applied to us … The Gospel ends the way our Lent should end. Next Sunday […]

Avoid this spiritual danger when pursuing knowledge of God

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission Knowledge of God is good, but this dangerous pitfall is not. One of the basic requirements in developing […]

On SEA success…or not*

Simone Delochan sdelochan.camsel@rcpos.org I remember when I wrote that exam. It was Common Entrance in my day. I remember the sick feeling to the pit of […]

St Catherine’s Estate—Reconnect with God, Nature, Yourself*

The Japanese practise something called Shinrin-yoku or ‘forest bathing’ which has palliative effects on mind and body, and certainly when you drive into the 11 acres […]

Why do Roman Catholics kneel at Mass?

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission The physical posture is an ancient one, used by Christians since the very beginning. For Roman Catholics, kneeling […]

Did you know Lent is traditionally divided into two parts?

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission Each part has its own focus and helps us to enter more deeply into the Passion of Jesus […]

Nine things you should know about Lymphedema

By Dixie Ann Belle Imagine one day waking up and finding that your limbs are mysteriously swollen like balloons. Your jewellery is tight against your skin. […]

Lessons from a father and two sons

Today, the fourth Sunday of Lent, the Gospel of Luke presents us with the famous passage of the prodigal son. While we often pay most attention […]

A self-defeating triumphalism

Part 3 of Fr Martin Sirju’s 4-part pastoral reflection on how he sees the Church today. I have observed the development of Evangelical Christianity (Pentecostal, Open […]

Goodness spreads – Fr Makhan part 4

By Simone Delochan sdelochan.camsel@rcpos.org Fr Michael Makhan spent 20 years as Vice Principal of the Spiritan-run St Joseph College and a quick perusal of comments left […]

How to make your day holier as a busy person

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission Many people still don’t know the secret to making every moment count. Life has never been busier, and […]

6 Things the Prodigal Son and his big brother teach us about praying the Our Father

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission We should pray that we won’t fall into the temptation of either brother. We say the Our Father […]

Over 65ers try some Tai Chi

Creative Minds Development Initiative (CMDI) facilitated a Tai Chi demonstration session on February 11 for the Dominican Laity and Over 65ers’ group of St Anthony’s RC […]

3 Marian steps to discern a vocation

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission In Our Lady’s home of Nazareth, Pope Francis says youth who are questioning themselves about their future can […]

Are your memorized prayers feeling dry? Try this simple exercise

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission Sometimes we need to change what we are doing to experience the presence of God. Catholics have a […]

3 Questions that can help you recover emotional balance

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission It’s more simple than we often realize to get in touch with what’s really going on. The frantic […]

Why did Jesus perform miracles?

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission Would we have believed his words if he didn’t perform extraordinary signs and wonders? One of the essential […]

What does the word “Annunciation” mean?

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission The name for March 25’s solemnity is full of spiritual meaning. In the Catholic Church, March 25 marks […]

Catholic charity in Colombia reports surge in suicide attempts among Venezuelan refugees

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission Malteser International had a medical team in place for indigenous Colombians, but the crisis next door is overwhelming […]

World Youth Day—A precious experience*

World Youth Day 2019 (WYD) brought a flood of varying emotions for pilgrims fortunate enough to attend. WYD took place in Panama (January 22–27) with over […]

Ministering in the parish and the prison – Fr Makhan part 3

By Simone Delochan, sdelochan.camsel@rcpos.org Fr Makhan was sent soon after his ordination to Erin as assistant priest for “more reasons than one”. In the early days of […]

T&T pilgrims recall WYD experience

By Renée Smith, rsmith.camsel@rcpos.org Some of the Panama World Youth Day pilgrims met at Archbishop’s House on February 22 for a sharing and post-mortem session of WYD […]

Hesed House: helping others stand on their feet

Born with the spirit of empowering the less fortunate, bestowed with the vision of retired Archbishop Emeritus Joseph Harris, and blessed with a title that bespeaks […]

Bring on the breadfruit – Taking action to feed ourselves

Story by Lara Pickford-Gordon, lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org Photos: Raymond Syms A group of citizens has partnered with the Catholic Education Board of Management (CEBM) to distribute 1,000 breadfruit […]

A second chance to try again

Most times those who are in authority are inflexible and they govern and rule with impunity. They are very quick to cut down and tear apart […]

Sacramental collapse

Part 2 of Fr Martin Sirju’s 4-part pastoral reflection on how he sees the Church today. “Even though the olive crop fail, and the fields produce […]

Why are men absent from church?

Why are men absent from church? The National Catholic Men’s Ministry was launched with Mass last Tuesday— the Solemnity of St Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed […]

Safe haven for expectant mothers now open

Story and photo by Renée Smith, rsmith.camsel@rcpos.org First-time expectant mothers under 18 years can find a safe haven at the Mary Care Centre (MCC) South. The […]

How Jesus asked his followers to respond to 1st-century headlines

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission The news wasn’t very different from the news of our own day, and their reaction wasn’t very different […]

Want a deeper relationship with Jesus? Eliminate this one sin

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission According to Fr. Lorenzo Scupoli, if you can overcome this one sin, you will be well on the […]

Down Syndrome Day 2019 – It’s All About LOVE*

By Simone Delochan, sdelochan.camsel@rcpos.org Today is World Down Syndrome Day and we hope that you are wearing your brightly coloured socks with pride! The UN-declared Day […]

What does the Bible say about refugees?

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission Jesuit Alberto Ares explains the idea of hospitality in the Christian tradition. More than 232 million people (equivalent […]

These “foods” of the soul are also good to give up for Lent

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission Fasting is not dieting; fasting is not an end in itself; fasting is not merely an exercise to […]

‘Plant a tree, eat for free’*

The reality of hunger in Trinidad and Tobago was illustrated at the March 15 launch of the Catholic Education Board of Management (CEBM) project to alleviate […]

Why is the feast of St. Joseph on March 19?

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission Devotion to St. Joseph, husband of Mary, can be traced back to the beginning of the Church Devotion […]

From arrogance to humility

Over the next few weeks, Fr Martin Sirju will be presenting a 4-part pastoral reflection on how he sees the Church today. Starting with the shadows […]

Third Annual FREE National Fall Prevention Programme

Adults 60 years and older, as well as their families and caregivers, are invited to the third annual fall-prevention education series which starts tomorrow (Monday) and […]

Creative Arts Therapies Week begins

Creative Arts Therapies (CAT) week will be celebrated March 18 to 22 at the Queen’s Royal College, Port of Spain. The event is open to the […]

Laudato Si’ Generation launched in the Caribbean

Pope Francis wrote and issued a beautiful encyclical letter, Laudato Si’: On Care for Our Common Home, in 2015. The release of Laudato Si’ inspired many, […]

Living to be a priest – Fr Makhan part 2

By Simone Delochan, sdelochan.camsel@rcpos.org Fr Makhan rode home excited by his visit to the seminary, and told his mother, “I think I want to go there.” […]

The Religious Experience

Sacred scripture often teaches that many people have direct and personal experiences with God. In Genesis 12 and 28, God promised Abraham that he would be […]

In pictures: Comical scenes from the 6 years of this pontificate

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission Pope Francis faces the unexpected with humor and aplomb. Happy anniversary Holy Father! Click here to launch the […]

Elsa epitomised kindness

In the midst of Carnival celebrations, many of us gathered together at St Philip and St James RC Church, Chaguanas on March 1 to celebrate the […]

A Kiltegan in Grenada

By Simone Delochan, sdelochan.camsel@rcpos.org Fr Oliver Leavy while in Trinidad paid a visit to his longstanding friend Fr Michael Makhan on January 10 and it is here […]

Holy Cross students help care for Matura Beach*

A group of students from Holy Cross College in Arima, their parents and a few teachers joined hundreds of volunteers at the Nature Seekers’ annual beach […]

How to go to confession when you haven’t gone in years

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission A practical guide for those hesitant about returning to the sacraments. Going to confession for the first time […]

6 Fascinating Lenten traditions from around the world

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission Take a look at these meaningful practices Catholics partake in to celebrate this holy season. Click here to […]

Benedict XVI’s key to a fruitful Lent

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission Benedict encourages us to increase both our faith and works of charity during Lent. Lent is a perfect […]

CSM to tell a ‘True Story’*

The UWI Catholic Students’ Movement (CSM) will present its Lenten production for 2019, ‘True Story’, on Saturday, March 30 at 7 p.m. and Sunday 31 at […]

Looking for spiritual reading for Lent? Try these books of the Bible

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission The Bible offers us many passages that are perfect meditations for Lent. Lent is a time during the […]

What was Lent like in the early Church?

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission. Lent as we know it today took many centuries to develop. Was the season of Lent always 40 […]

Pray this Psalm to make your confession more heartfelt

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission Use this Psalm as an emotional prayer while you are waiting in line. An essential part of confessing […]

Who invented the Stations of the Cross?

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission Was there a particular saint who started it all? Or many different people? Throughout the centuries, one of […]

Lent challenge: Get rid of 40 things in 40 days

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission Declutter and help the less fortunate! During Lent we want to de-emphasize ourselves and emphasize our dependence on […]

Divine Mercy Conference next weekend

The 8th Divine Mercy Conference will be March 16–17 at University Inn and Conference Center, St Augustine Circular Rd, St Augustine. Feature speakers this year are […]

Fr Makhan’s faith journey – Fr Makhan part 1

Fr Michael Makhan was ordained in 1963, in the third batch of seminarians to be trained at Mount St Benedict, and the only one of his […]

Get ready for ‘mini-Vinnies’

By Kaelanne Jordan, kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org In an effort to gain more membership across its member states, the youth coordinator of the Society of St Vincent de Paul […]

Happy memories

This Tuesday, March 12 marks the 19th anniversary of Archbishop Anthony Pantin’s death. Many still remember with fondness Trinidad & Tobago’s first local archbishop, like St […]

The Wilderness Experience

Very often, we choose to see the Holy Spirit only as acting in exceptionally outstanding and powerful ways in our lives. Thus, for many of us, […]

Church will spare no effort

Bishop Gabriel Malzaire of Roseau, Dominica, and President of the Antilles Episcopal Conference attended the February 21–24 meeting in Rome on protecting minor. Here is his […]

Pope Francis’ message for Lent

“For the creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the children of God” (Rom 8:19). DEAR BROTHERS AND SISTERS Each year, through Mother Church, God […]

10 Ways to encourage your child’s spiritual life

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission Kids are naturally open to God. We just need to guide them along the way. As parents, we […]

What my kids should give up for Lent

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission My tweens and teens want to choose their own disciplines, but I’ve got a few ideas for them. […]

Why are the Gloria and Alleluia omitted during Lent?

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission Even the liturgy “fasts” in preparation for the glorious season of Easter. The Lenten season is marked by […]

Seek a spiritual regeneration for Lent*

By Renee Smith, rsmith.camsel@rcpos.org Ash Wednesday calls for Church and nation to reflect in a deeper way what should be done every year and every day, […]

Seeing God in everything… – An introduction by Fr Makhan

SEVERAL times people have remarked that we need more priests. Some parishes get an ‘occasional’ priest, so naturally Catholics speculate about the future of the Church. […]

Good showing by RC schools at Junior Calypso Monarch

by Lara Pickford-Gordon, lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org CATHOLIC primary and secondary schools were well represented in the finals of the Trinbago Unified Calypsonians’ Organisation (TUCO) First Citizens’ Junior Calypso Monarch […]

Looking ‘Through Stained Glass Windows’ – a street meditation

By Simone Delochan, sdelochan.camsel@rcpos.org Photos taken with permission from K2K Facebook page. “WE believe God is the source of all that is creative and good. We celebrate […]

Patois Mass: rooted in our culture

The 25th annual Patois Mass will be celebrated today, Sunday at Our Lady of Guadalupe RC Church, Paramin from 9 a.m. Paramin parishioner Claudette Sinnette writes […]

Rallying men to build families

By Kaelanne Jordan, kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org AN effort to get men involved in the life of the Church and create disciples for Christ in the 21st century, were […]

Here’s why Lent was “created”

Originally published on Alateia, republished with their permission It served as a pivotal time of preparation for adults being baptized at the Easter Vigil. Lent wasn’t […]

Good training ground at Junior Calypso Monarch*

By Lara Pickford-Gordon, lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org Nine finalists in the Trinbago Unified Calypsonians’ Organistion’s (TUCO) Calypso Monarch finals at the Grand Stand, Queen’s Park Savannah last night (February […]

Pope’s concluding address at abuse summit

Originally published on Alateia, republished with their permission “Consecrated persons, chosen by God to guide souls to salvation, let themselves be dominated by their human frailty […]

Confession, reconciliation, penance: Why so many names for one sacrament?

Originally published on Alateia, republished with their permission 5 Principal titles each emphasize a different aspect of the sacrament. In the Catholic Church, the sacrament commonly […]

3 Ways to live like St. Francis while still being yourself

Originally published on Aleteia,  republished with their permission His life is full of powerful lessons, even for modern living. “Shouldn’t we all be living like this?” […]

Should Catholics participate in “Carnival”?

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission While the pre-Lenten festival has existed for many centuries, saints and others have had mixed views about it. […]

More to calypso than trophies and prize money—winning message*

The Trinbago Unified Calypsonians’ Organisation (TUCO), First Citizens’ National Junior Calypso Monarch Final 2019, Monday 25, saw reigning monarch Ta’zyah Duane O’Connor, 16 years, give a […]

The Church’s story is service, not abuse

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission.  Ultimately, there is only one response to the scandals: Catholic witnesses. As the focus of the world turns […]

The key to maintaining a peaceful soul at work

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission.  If you find yourself full of anxiety at the office, try this technique to maintain peace in your […]

Talk? Art? Talk Tent 2019 is on!

Locals and visitors alike are in for the annual treat as the Talk Tent 2019 opens its doors at Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s from Friday, March […]

Teams of Our Lady celebrates 80 years

The 80th anniversary of Teams of Our Lady worldwide will be celebrated tomorrow (February 25) by 69,000 couples in over 90 countries, including Trinidad and Tobago. […]

Better equipped to deal with harsh realities

A participant who attended a recent Virtus programme session shares their experience. My experience of the Virtus programme was simply that of a flashlight shining its […]

All in the ‘Famalay’

A reflection on the Carnival 2019 hit by Fr Dexter Brereton CSSp ONE OF the most engaging pieces of music emerging from Carnival 2019 is the […]

A ‘gittarman’ for all seasons

By Lara Pickford-Gordon, lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org You may have spotted Enrico ‘Rico Di Gittarman’ Camejo at one of the many fêtes during the Carnival season jamming on stage or […]

Baby supplies for migrant mothers*

By Kaelanne Jordan The St Joseph Parish Ministry to Migrants and Refugees (PMMR) is seeking baby supplies for three pregnant migrant women who will give birth […]

Why does God permit the devil to tempt us?*

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission. God’s ways are certainly not our ways. When we are progressing in virtue, often we will be blindsided […]

Offer your day for priests with this prayer*

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission. “Give us truly holy priests, inflamed with the fire of your divine love.” After seeing the spiritual hunger […]

St Joseph’s Convent, San F’do hosts invitational 5K*

St Joseph’s Convent, San Fernando (SJCSF) held a 5k race February 16 at Block 7 Playground, Palmiste. This year was the third running of this SJC […]

Denominational schools struggle with admissions*

By Lara Pickford-Gordon The question of who gets first preference for admittance to denominational schools when there is a high demand for places was raised at […]

What does “poor in spirit” mean?*

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission The first beatitude, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven,” can be a […]

Jesus himself gave us this prayer for the conversion of a friend or family member*

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission Our Lord said to St. Faustina that he would grant the grace of conversion to whomever said this […]

Daily Catholic Prayer—Padre Pio’s prayer against depression*

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission “Stay with me, Lord, because I am weak, and I need your strength” Take a moment each day […]

Catholic Education needs to get ‘back to basics’*

By Lara Pickford-Gordon, lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org The Law and Education was the theme of CREDItable Conversations Educational Symposium 2019 hosted by the Catholic Religious Development Institute (CREDI) Saturday, […]

Look out for LIT!

Trinity TV puts a new spin on the classic music video countdowns dominating radio and secular TV. The programme, Let’s Inspire Together (LIT) will feature inspirational […]

On a razor’s edge

By Simone Delochan, sdelochan.camsel@rcpos.org The theme was repeated across news media in October 2018: ‘Humanity has wiped out 60% of animal populations…’; ‘Human pressures have shrunk wildlife […]

Quota fills a need

By Kaelanne Jordan, kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org During her time as an expat in T&T, Curaçaoan Solange Kohinor observed several gaps in certain communities locally. While there are a […]

First Communion catechists encouraged in follow-up session

Approximately 30 First Communion catechists came together at St Charles RC Church, Tunapuna on Saturday, February 9 for a follow-up session to the consultation held in […]

A way forward for Confirmation programme

Approximately 250 Confirmation catechists from throughout the Archdiocese gathered at the auditorium of Holy Faith Convent, Couva on January 26, to meet with Archbishop Jason Gordon […]

Happy birthday ‘Ma’ – you’re 103

Some parishioners of St Joseph the Worker RC Church, Brasso Seco visited the home of Francisca Estrada on January 26 who celebrated her 103rd birthday. She […]

Ministering to the sick reunites elderly friends

It was a mind-blowing experience for 91-year-old Adiana Augustine and 85-year-old Joyce Diaz, longtime friends as they met each other after 20 years on January 16. […]

Blind and partially paralyzed, he went to World Youth Day with a mission*

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission Juan Pablo Barón Rivera has one mission in life: to share the power of daily Communion. Juan Pablo […]

Meet India’s newest recognized saint*

Originally published Aleteia, republished with their permission A mystic and stigmatist who levitated, she also braved cultural norms, going out without a male escort to care […]

For and with Catholic youth in mind*

Taresa Best, 34 years, the newly appointed Episcopal Delegate for Youth left her job in the public sector to work full-time for Church. It was the […]

Novena to St. Valentine, patron of engaged couples and happy marriages*

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission. Turn to the “saint of love” for spiritual help with your relationship. It’s easy to forget in today’s […]

What can we do when a married couple we know breaks up?*

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission. It’s often difficult to know what to do and say, but here’s a guide … Separation and divorce […]

Soccer star Mbappe donates money to help find body of missing pilot*

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission. Once again the 20-year-old French soccer star uses his money for a worthy cause. Over three weeks ago the […]

Seeing your Valentine: The saint’s face reconstructed*

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission. Cicero Moraes continues to illuminate the saints with depictions based on their remains. Click here to launch the slideshow […]

7 Incredible incorrupt saints*

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission. The bodies of these holy men and women have been miraculously preserved after their deaths. Typically, after death a […]

A prayer Pope Francis is praying to end human trafficking*

Originally published on Aleteia, republished with their permission. May God Himself free all those who have been threatened, wounded, or mistreated by the trade and trafficking […]

Thora Best: proud calypso ‘mama’

By Lara Pickford-Gordon, lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org Thora Best, the current chair of the Trinbago Unified Calypsonians’ Organisation (TUCO) Junior Calypso Committee describes herself as a “proud mama” for the […]

MIPED empowers the people

By Christopher Power In the Catholic News of January 6, I read: ‘Fr Michel gone but will never be forgotten’. The anniversary of the death of […]

Lewah in Tabaquite

On Saturday, January 5 scores of persons flocked to the grounds of St Anthony’s RC Church, Tabaquite where the annual ‘Les Rois’ (Lewah)—the coming of the […]

Wet fetes and water woes

In my times of musing, which I do regularly these days, I found myself questioning whether this country of my birth is a real nation. When, […]

21 and counting: Couples For Christ comes of age

It all started with a Christian Life Programme in Holy Name Convent 21 years ago, January 1998. It’s safe to say that Couples For Christ (CFC) […]

Duane Jnr out to defend Junior Calypso Monarch title*

By Lara Pickford-Gordon, lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org It was a joke shared at the launch of the 2019 TUCO/First Citizens National Junior Calypso Monarch Competition: the “son” had a […]

Men, women and that ‘Gillette’ ad*

By Simone Delochan, sdelochan.camsel@rcpos.org The week of January 13 to 21 was a particularly active week on social media with two things trending: the ‘confrontation’ between […]

The pulse of a nation – uncensored

By Simone Delochan, sdelochan.camsel@rcpos.org The image of a young white man smirking at an elderly Native American gentleman as he beat his peace drum inundated social […]

Co-founders thankful

Co-foundress of Zion RC Community, Mary Margaret Woods believes that God called the community into being from the beginning. He fashioned them in their mother’s womb, […]

Zion celebrates 39 years of ministry

By Kaelanne Jordan, kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org As Zion RC Community celebrated its 39th anniversary Mass, Fr Wilfred John prayed that their light will never go out; their torch […]

One day at a time off the streets

Story by Lara Pickford-Gordon lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org Lenny George used to be a street dweller hustling money to get his next fix. Today, he is a recovering drug […]

First Friday Fast and Prayer

It is no wonder, therefore, that our predecessors have constantly defended this most approved form of devotion— the pious devotion of the faithful toward the Most […]

Mother Mary Ellerker’s legacy for Christian unity

By Neila Todd, Tertiary of Carmel Seventy years ago on January 11, The Servant of God, Mother Mary Ellerker of the Blessed Sacrament, O Carm, Foundress […]

‘Waiter, there’s micro-plastic in my soup!’

By Simone Delochan, sdelochan.camsel@rcpos.org Last year I had begun a series on environmental issues and the impact of everyday items: glitter, and balloons being the most […]

Of Parables and Miracles

When reading the Bible, very often, we encounter interesting parables and miracles of Jesus and sometimes we are unable to recall the actual chapter or particular […]

Those who care for our homeless

The Ministry’s Hernandez Place Sanctuary in Arima offers residential care for socially displaced persons aged 55 years and older. Its New Horizons Centre offers accommodation, care […]

His name is Hollis

On January 9, an elderly street dweller, his pants slipping below the waist, grime clinging to his skin was sleeping on the curb Independence Square south, […]

Homeless respected, welcomed at Ave Maria House

Stories by Lara Pickford-Gordon, lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org Living Water Community (LWC) runs Ave Maria House, 28 Duncan Street, Port of Spain (627-6753). Breakfast is served Monday through Friday usually […]

Catholic Raffle Extravaganza

An excellent collection of prizes has been organised by Commissions and Departments of the Archdiocese of Port of Spain in support of the various Ministries. The […]

Live Laudato Si – My World Youth Day experience*

International Volunteers at WYD 2019 have started the recycling initiative at the Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá to bring the Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si to life. […]

Prayer, scriptures are weapons for spiritual battle – Dominican priest*

By Kaelanne Jordan, kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org Christians attending the January 4–6 National Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) conference at the Centre of Excellence, Macoya were reminded of their “challenge” […]

Mary was a ‘pope’

A funeral Mass for Mary Eugenia Pope (April 12, 1936–December 22, 2018) was celebrated on Wednesday, January 2 at her home parish, Holy Rosary RC Church, […]

The Holy Innocents of today

By Sr Angela Ann Zukowski, MHSH, D.Min. I listened to an interview on the BBC News with a young man originally from Africa, adopted by a […]

Use spiritual weapons effectively

The spiritual “weapons” necessary to wage war on any stronghold requires one’s knowing how to use them effectively and consistently. The co-founder of Zion RC community […]

Cleve – music man, family man

The funeral Mass for Cleve Calderon, who died December 7, was held December 12, Santa Rosa RC Church, Arima. The following is a tribute from his […]

Aunty Joyce – a beautiful soul

The following tribute to Joyce Rita Sankar née Joseph was recently submitted for publication. Her funeral Mass was November 17, St Anthony’s Church, Spring Valley, New […]

SJC students represent T&T again at world Scrabble*

Two of our Scrabble Warriors of St Joseph’s Convent, St Joseph, Amanda Khan and Sorraya Singh represented Trinidad and Tobago in December at the world-renowned WESPA […]

New altar servers at St Bernadette’s*

St Bernadette’s Preparatory, St Ann’s held their closing Mass December 3 at the School’s Hall which saw 23 students becoming commissioned as altar servers. The students […]

River cruise in Kerala

By Dr Sheila Atwarie-Rambissoon Our pilgrimage to India took us to its southern tip of Kerala on November 18. In the recent past this was hit […]

Almost ‘at home’ in India

By Kenwyn Sylvester, seminarian. Photos sourced from various pilgrims. I have dubbed this experience ‘the mother of all pilgrimages’, from Trinidad and Tobago to London, England to […]

Final day of CCR conference

Today is the last day of the national Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) conference with the theme Be Bold Be Strong in the Lord. Msgr William John-Lewis […]

New prison NGO to give back to society

On Saturday December 29, Catholic Commission for Social Justice’s (CCSJ) Chair, Leela Ramdeen, was one of the feature speakers at the launch of a new group: The […]

A life on our streets

Story and photo by Lara Pickford-Gordon lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org Last year, within one week on three separate days I saw men with skin trauma. The first, was a […]

Youth art on display

Christiana Mckie, a student of St Theresa Girls’ RC and a member of St John the Baptist RC Church stands under one of her pieces of […]

Mary Care Centre gives thanks

The Mary Care Centre (MCC), located at 43 Gallus Street, Woodbrook, was founded during the leadership of Archbishop Anthony Pantin. Its objective is to support pregnant […]

Promote Church rituals and values in our schools

This is the conclusion of Dr Lennox Bernard’s keynote address, ‘Developing a Catholic pedagogy inclusive of diverse learning contexts’ delivered at this year’s CREDI Graduation ceremony […]

St Charles High celebrates San Fest success

St Charles High School, Tunapuna continues to celebrate the successes of some of its students in the recently concluded San Fest 2018. Winners include Jade Danielle […]

Cover artist lets the creativity flow

By Renée Smith, rsmith.camsel@rcpos.org Society has come a long way in accepting the pursuit of non-traditional careers and yet those who follow that path often hear, “Is […]

‘Grandmammy’ gave unconditional love

Isabelle Blessina Superville died November 8 at the age of 105 years. Her funeral was November 14 at the Catholic Church in Mamoral. Granddaughter Quita Superville […]

Developing a Catholic pedagogy

The following is part one of Dr Lennox Bernard’s keynote address at this year’s CREDI Graduation ceremony on November 27 at the Our Lady of Fatima […]

Festival of Reading and Books

The Trinidad and Tobago Reading Association hosted its Annual Festival of Reading and Books at City Hall in Port of Spain on the morning of Thursday, […]

Library for socially displaced*

The refurbished library of the Centre for Socially Displaced Persons, Town Council Street, East Dry River was opened in a simple ceremony December 11. The project […]

Shirley was a giant of faith, service at OLF

Shirley Lalsingh, a prominent parishioner of Our Lady of Fatima RC Church Curepe, passed away on August 10. Shirley was a remarkable woman who served the […]

Fr Angus – a saintly legend

by Fr Pax Jey Sharwan VC As a Tiv and native of Benue State, Nigeria, it was to my homeland that the Lord Jesus sent his […]

Families remember loved ones at annual Consolation Mass

More than 350 persons from bereaved families accepted an invitation from Fr Ian Taylor and the Ministry of Consolation (MOC) to congregate on November 20 at […]

Pres Day

Students, teaching staff and members of the Parent Teacher Advisory Body (PTAB) celebrated ‘Pres Day’ (Presentation Day), at Presentation College, Chaguanas on November 20. Pres Day […]

Pt Fortin RC doing good things in ‘deep south’

Hailing from ‘deep south’, Point Fortin RC Primary triumphed in their quest at the zonal level of the Atlantic Primary School Football Competition. We continued to […]

Connell remembers his decades of serving

Sixty-four-year-old Brian Connell has been an altar server for 58 years; he was at the Cathedral on the historic day March 19, 1968 when Anthony Pantin […]

Fatima’s ‘GOBAG’ – more than just a school concert

By Laura Ann Phillips The Fatima College hall was a hub of organised confusion, pockets of activity swirling in each corner as rehearsals for ‘Gifts of […]

Lions’ Festival of Carols keeps tradition alive

Friday, November 16 saw the 29th anniversary of the Festival of Carols, an annual event put on by the Lions Club of Port of Spain Central […]

La Petite Fleur Tea Shop

By Kaelanne Jordan,   kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org When La Petite Fleur Tea Shop opened its doors last March, its mission was to cater breakfast, brunch and afternoon tea with […]

Youth learn about porn’s harmful effects

Coming out of the October 2016 Conference entitled: ‘Consider This: A National Conversation’ on the harmful effects of pornography on children, Fight the New Drug representatives […]

Confirmation candidates learn about being mindful

On Saturday, November 17 the confirmation class of the Santa Cruz Cluster had a session on the topic of ‘Mindful Communication’ hosted by the Family Life Unit (FLU) of […]

Things to do to enrich our Advent experience

By Stephan Alexander, seminarian It’s Advent time again!, the season which begins our Church year. It’s a time of preparation and reflection, hope and anticipation, when […]

A penitential exercise of prayer and fasting

With these words, Pope Francis invites all baptised persons to a personal and communal conversion aimed at awakening our conscience and arousing our solidarity and commitment […]

A lasting commitment

There are some poor souls who die alone and no one steps forward as next of kin. They end up being either buried or cremated by […]

Advent Wreath Rite

From the Archdiocesan Liturgical Commission Procession of the light to the Sanctuary, or wherever the Advent Wreath will be displayed. First Sunday of Advent Leader:  A […]

South FLUs host forum for married couples

Family Life Units from the Cluster of La Romaine, Mon Repos, Pointe-a-Pierre, and San Fernando pooled their resources and talents to host ‘We are here for […]

Life begins at 40!

Worldwide Marriage Encounter (WWME) T&T celebrated their 40th anniversary on November 10 at Green Meadows, Santa Cruz. The theme of the celebration was Learning the Languages […]

Pizza, with a saltfish omelet on the side…*

By Simone Delochan, sdelochan.camsel@rcpos.org There is a cosy familiarity when you enter the white and blue-trimmed gingerbread Woodbrook house. It is the site of La Petite […]

Children’s Authority: Get help to cope

Get help before buckling under the pressures of life and neglecting or physically abusing your children. This appeal was made by the Children’s Authority of Trinidad […]

Sacred Heart Girls’ RC repeats in Junior Parang

Sacred Heart Girls’ RC, the defending champion of the Primary Schools’ Junior Parang Competition, retained the title at this year’s competition, held last Sunday at the […]

Pres Sando students vote for their Teachers of the Year*

The students of Presentation College, San Fernando, have voted for the top Male and Female Teacher of the Year 2018 at their school. A total of […]

Play one for us, ‘J’

Story and photos by Lara Pickford-Gordon, lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org The name Carlyle Jeanville may not be familiar to you because he works in the background but if you’ve […]

Connecting soul, spirit and body

Writer/Copy Editor Simone Delochan interviewed Fr Dexter Bereton CSSp via email on the Catholic concept of soul. This is the second in a two-part series. Christian […]

Providence girls, St Francis boys lunch with Archbishop*

A few select of us from Providence Girls’ Catholic School and St Francis Boys College, were invited to meet and have lunch with Archbishop Charles Jason […]

Catholic Education is important for the life of the church*

By Renee Smith rsmith.camsel@rcpos.org Without finding a way to transmit the faith to the next generation Catholic schools risk becoming mausoleums says Archbishop Jason Gordon. He […]

Grant-a-Wish celebrates a decade    

On Sunday, November 18, The Grant-a-Wish Foundation will be celebrating 10 years and it continues to bring the magic and goodwill of Christmas with its Santa […]

Soul searching

The concept of soul has preoccupied major thinkers throughout the centuries, before Christ was born. An understanding was sought on what constitutes soul, and how this […]

La Romaine RC makeover thanks to ‘Priests Can Cook’

St Benedict’s La Romaine RC School is seeing positive changes with the upgrades made possible through funding from the Priests Can Cook 2017 event. Staff has […]

Mt Lambert RC ‘Prayer Wall’ for the deceased

Once again pupils of the Mt Lambert RC School embarked on a project to help others; this time their deceased relatives and friends. All pupils were […]

New Marian grotto at Arima Boys’

A Marian grotto at the Arima Boys’ RC School was blessed by parish priest Fr Steve Duncan on October 31. \ The day began with the […]

‘Colours of His Love’ at Queen’s Hall

In 2018 The Love Movement, Trinity of Choirs has much to celebrate: the 60th anniversary of their founder Bernadette Scott’s contribution and involvement in the performing […]

Errol supported students, devoted to the saints

The following eulogy for Errol Ferreira was delivered at his October 11 funeral at St Francis Pastoral Centre, Belmont by his brother Frank We are here […]

Tribute paid to Sr Maria, the ‘flying nun’

On Saturday, September 29 a Memorial Mass was held for the late Sr Maria Garland SJC, past Principal of St Gabriel’s Girls’ RC School, at the […]

Death of a son

Vandell Birch died October 21, 2014. His mother Alicia shares on the impact of his death. My son was my life. He was everything I had dreamed […]

Purgatory – purified ‘in between’

Vicar for Communications Fr Robert Christo, in a conversation with the Catholic News, explains the importance of ‘purgatory’ in Catholic theology and belief in what happens […]

Shadow – a man beyond his time

By Fr Martin Sirju Winston McGarland Bailey aka The Mighty Shadow was the philosopher-calypsonian par excellence. A cultural critic, too. The Church never paid much attention […]

‘Children are Gift’ heads to La Puerta

It really takes a village to raise a child and on Saturday, October 13 parents and two teachers of children attending La Puerta Government Primary got […]

Parents, children informed of the ‘new drug’

A retreat was held at St Benedict’s RC, La Romaine recently for confirmation candidates, parents and sponsors on the topic ‘Motherhood and Fatherhood’, facilitated by Jerome […]

Maybe Something Beautiful read at St Bernadette’s

Holy Faith Preparatory (St Bernadette’s), St Ann’s, joined with children throughout the world on October 25 to celebrate the amazing power of reading aloud through the […]

Remembering the dead a sign of faith*

By Renee Smith, rsmith.camsel@rcpos.org Today (November 2), Catholics all over the world celebrate the feast of All Souls to remember those who have passed on but […]

Petrotrin and power sharing

By Fr Martin Sirju The Petrotrin issue has been resting on my mind for a number of weeks. There does not seem to be much sympathy […]

WWME in Haiti

WWME Trinidad & Tobago has reached out to Antigua, Barbados, Dominica, Guyana, Jamaica, St Vincent and the Grenadines and even Haiti. The following is adapted from […]

Our call to Mission through ME

For us, 1985, seven years into marriage, was a life-changing year. First, we experienced a Life in the Spirit programme at the beginning of the year, […]

A life-saving station

We did our WWME Weekend 31 years ago and as we too celebrate 40 years of marriage this year, Dexter and I can say that our […]

ME challenges and supports

Before we did our ME Weekend in March 1988, our focus was not so much on our relationship as much as it was on building a life […]

WWME – an eye-opening experience

Deacon Malcom & Lynn Joab are married 20 years and made their original weekend in 2004 at the Emmaus Retreat Centre, Arima. “The most powerful thing […]

Love has no boundaries

Wilfred and Kay Holder were married 55 years ago in England and made their original WWME weekend in Belize City, Belize in 1972, after Wilfred was […]

More, more Moringa

Most of us can remember our grandparents and parents cooking, usually by currying, Saigen sticks claiming that it was very good for you. In the past […]

CTC has its first female permanent members

The Companions of the Transfigured Christ (CTC) Community celebrated our 18th anniversary in August on the Feast of the Transfiguration (August 6). This August 3–5 anniversary […]

Spirit Global hosts ‘I am that I am’

Spirit Global held its first annual Republic Day event entitled ‘I am that I am’ at The Tree House, St Joseph’s Village, San Fernando. The opening […]

‘Art is LIFE!’ This Friday

Holy Name Convent has embarked on a school expansion drive to build more teaching spaces, to ensure that the rich legacy of the Dominican Sisters continues. […]

CCR youth calling

Youth between the ages of 12-–21 are invited to participate in the annual Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) Youth Rally Saturday, October 20 at Bishop Anstey Trinity […]

CIC, SJCPOS students lunch with Archbishop J again*

By Laura Ramphal, SJCPOS student Last school term, the Archbishop invited five Lower Six students from St Joseph’s Convent (SJC), Port of Spain and five from […]

‘Miss Robinson’ went the extra mile

The following is an extract of a tribute delivered by Leela Ramdeen at the September 27 funeral of Mary Joyce Robinson at St Paul’s RC Church, […]

‘Teacher Vernon’ was a real Emmanuel

The following is a modified version of a tribute delivered by Len Isidora Mitchell at the August 29 funeral of her father Vernon E Mitchell (April […]

‘Sexual Revolution: 50 Years Since Humanae Vitae’

In honour of the 50th anniversary of the prophetic document of the Catholic Church called Humanae Vitae, BOMA-TT, a Ministry of the Archdiocesan Family Life Commission, is […]

How parishes can welcome LGBTQ Catholics

The triennial World Meeting of Families (WMOF) was held in Dublin, Ireland, August 21–26. The venue for the Pastoral Congress was the Royal Dublin Society. From […]

Vibrant Opening Mass at St Bernadette’s Prep

Your greatest teacher is God, was the message delivered by Fr Emmanuel Pierre to students of Holy Faith Preparatory (St Bernadette’s), St Ann’s on September 13 […]

Good attendance at ‘Pursuit of Truth @ 125’

By Renée Smith, rsmith.camsel@rcpos.org Photos: Elmo Griffith On Saturday, September 22 the Catholic community in Trinidad and Tobago was able to celebrate a 125-year-old legacy for […]

Watch your language – make it inclusive

By Kaelanne Jordan, kjordan.camsel@rcpos.org In commemoration of the International Day of Sign Language celebrated globally September 23, the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services (MSDFS) […]

Sound the Trumpet 13 – Overflow!

The annual Praise & Worship Conference Sound the Trumpet 13 – Overflow!  will take place next weekend, October 6–7 at Bishop Anstey Trinity College East, Trincity. Saturday’s agenda commences […]

Non-violence movement to focus on family, environment, refugees

What can I do in the face of growing violence around us? That’s the question that the movement, Non-Violence Begins with Me, was set up to […]

Church must develop global plan to deal with abuse crisis

The triennial World Meeting of Families (WMOF) was held in Dublin, Ireland, August 21–26. The venue for the Pastoral Congress was the Royal Dublin Society. From […]

Priestly service in T&T, Grenada

Sydney Charles entered the seminary May 1, 1948, and was ordained March 7, 1954. He first served at St John the Baptist RC, San Juan from […]

Fourth to be ordained…

Sydney Charles, aged 27 years, of the Seminary of St John Vianney and Uganda Martyrs, Mt St Benedict, was ordained to the priesthood March 7, 1954. […]

Funeral arrangements include special Mass for Catholic students

The Diocese of St George’s-in-Grenada has scheduled an itinerary of activities from September 27–28 in celebration of the life of Bishop Emeritus Sydney Charles, who died […]

Hospital visitations begin in Pt Fortin

By Lenore Callender, Co-ordinator, Hospital Visitation Ministry Members of the Eternal Light Community (ELC) made their way to Pt Fortin to join with ministers to launch the […]

A leap of faith to deal with divorce

New Beginnings is the name of the weekend retreat organised by the Ministry to the Separated, Divorced and Widowed (SDW) of the Archdiocesan Family Life Commission. […]

Family and Sport

The triennial World Meeting of Families (WMOF) was held in Dublin, Ireland, August 21–26. The venue for the Pastoral Congress was the Royal Dublin Society. From […]

A journey of faith

By Janice M George with pilgrims’ collaboration, St Charles Borromeo RC It was with great expectancy and excitement that 55 pilgrims embarked upon our first journey […]

Great cuisine and entertainment to help Education

PRIESTS CAN COOK TOO Patrons attending the second edition of Priests Can Cook on Friday, September 28 at the Grand Stand Forecourt, Queen’s Park Savannah, are […]

Urgent repairs needed in RC schools

QUAKE WORSENS SITUATION: By Lara Pickford-Gordon, lpgordon.camsel@rcpos.org The damage from the 6.9 magnitude earthquake on August 21 caused some RC schools to remain closed for the new […]