AEC Mission Congress – a golden opportunity

Q: Archbishop J, what has come out of our 40 days of prayer? Our Church has prayed for 40 days. I want to thank each of […]

Single parents: Give yourself some credit

By Kaelanne Jordan Email: Twitter: @kaelanne1 A mental health clinician has this message for all single mothers and fathers: “You are not alone. You are doing […]

Are there 3 persons in a marriage?

BOMA-TT created a marriage quiz. In our August 11 column we presented the first seven questions and answers. Here are six more of the 20 questions […]

Climate change and the Amazon

The Amazon rainforest is the largest tropical rainforest in the world. It is approximately six million square kilometers making up 40 per cent of Brazil’s total […]

A society doing its own thing

By Vernon Khelawan Gerry Pemberton, a regular reader of this column, responded to the Morality in Public Affairs matter I wrote about two weeks ago […]

Celebrating diversity

By Leela Ramdeen Chair, CCSJ & Director, CREDI “God does not reveal himself in the abstract, but by using languages, imagery and expressions that are bound […]

Receive, live, share your Catholic faith

Q: Archbishop J, who is a missionary disciple? Missionary disciples are not a special type of disciple. They are disciples living out the missionary mandate of […]

The road we take

Q: Archbishop J, are we independent yet? Independence, like emancipation, is a work in progress. Sometimes we are on target and, at other times, we lose […]

A tale of two Tests

They both began on the same day. Thursday, August 22 was the first day of India vs the West Indies (WI) in the first Test match […]

Helping form praying children into praying adults

By Sophie Barcant, BA (Psyc), B.ED. Trainer, Facilitator, Parenting Coach/Consultant We say bedtime prayers with our children, we go to church and they go to Catholic […]

Forged in the fires of hope and prayer

By Dr Margaret Nakhid-Chatoor Praises to our ancestors, from every creed and race, who endured hardships so that today in 2019 we would be an independent […]

Humility – from ‘I’ to ‘We’

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ & Director, CREDI “…everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and the man who humbles himself will be exalted.” The quotation […]

What we need to get right

Q: Archbishop J, What explains the high crime? There are many ways that we could look at this present crisis in Trinidad and Tobago. I have […]

Sports Mind Body connection

“How can any of us ever believe that we have learned enough or are emotionally intelligent enough or should stop working on personal development? Every day […]

Coping skills when life is no rose garden

In a recent episode, Fr Leo M Clifford OFM, host of EWTN’s Reflections, shared with viewers on the topic, ‘How to Handle Worry’. He quoted the […]

Learning about the principles of parenting

We were given the opportunity to be part of the Caribbean Pastoral Institute 2019. One of the modules presented was on family life. In this module, […]

Soursop for restful ZZZ

It happens to everyone! We can all relate to those nights where we need to sleep but for some reason we just cannot. A restless night […]

Matters of public affairs

Remember a long time ago when our Chief Minister and first leader of the People’s National Movement (PNM) at the time, Dr Eric Williams gave this […]

How much do we love our liberty?

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ & Director, CREDI On Saturday, August 31, we will celebrate 57 years of independence. Firstly, let us give thanks to God […]

A Pill for Our ‘Picaroon’ Society

Q: Archbishop J, why “exaggerated responsibility for the common good”?  Every civilisation has its unconscious assumptions, driving forces that motivate and at the same time act […]

A Cuban visit

When Ian Corbie, my travel consultant first spoke about a trip to Cuba, I was hesitant. It was a poor, communist Caribbean country populated mostly with […]

Our Youth Matter

Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ & Director, CREDI On August 12, the world will celebrate International Youth Day. It is worth noting aspects of the UN’s statement: […]

Consider the golden rule

Q: Archbishop J, How is prayer going to help us? This is a great question! I have asked that every Catholic participate in the 40 days […]

Vacay time is family bonding time NOT more screen time

By Sophie Barcant, BA (Psyc), B.ED. Trainer, Facilitator, Parenting Coach/Consultant. It’s vacation time. Have we gradually slipped into the habit of allowing our children and ourselves […]

A culture of disrespect

Conversations with Archbishop J Q: Archbishop J, what are we doing about the disrespect for life in our country? Every year, hundreds of citizens are violently […]

Conflicting Identities

Life truths ‘Gender Dysphoria’ is classified by The American Psychiatric Association as a mental disorder in its 2013 Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth […]

Growing your own sweet potatoes

Sweet potato or ‘kumara’ (Ipomoea batatas [L]) belongs to the family Convulaceae and originated in the northwestern part of South America around 8000–6000 BC and in […]

Questions for our ‘Fourth Estate’

In the very recent past, the issue of ‘Press Freedom’, as is currently practised, has generated a great deal of attention and diverse opinions. This is […]

Emancipating ourselves

By Leela Ramdeen,                       Chair, CCSJ & Director, CREDI “We are going to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery, for though others may free the body, none but […]

Self-interest has a morality of its own

By Dr Margaret Nakhid-Chatoor Every day the same scenarios are acted out in the local arena, but with increasing arrogance, hatred and little respect for the […]

The ABCs of T&T’s economic ratings

A few weeks ago, the ubiquitous headlines revealed a downgrade from Standard and Poor’s (S&P) regarding the national economic outlook. Given the recriminations and the ‘confuffling’ […]

WHAT NOW, West Indies?

The International Cricket Council’s 2019 Cricket World Cup (CWC) is over. Last week a remarkable, pulsating and dramatic finale took place at the Lord’s Cricket Ground, […]

Parenting from a healed inner place

By Sophie Barcant, BA (Psyc), B.ED. Trainer, Facilitator, Parenting Coach/Consultant. Q: When I talk to my children, I say the same things my mother told me. […]

Remembering a good ‘St Josephian’, Fr Hugh

Three weeks ago, we buried one of our favourite, homegrown priests. Fr Hugh Joyeau was born in Trinidad’s first capital of St Joseph almost 70 years […]

Gifts of the blind and vision impaired

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ & Director, CREDI “I am too positive to be doubtful, too optimistic to be fearful, and too determined to be defeated”—Helen […]

CWI, TTFA in the same boat…

The past two weeks have been filled with controversial and sometimes unnecessary criticism, all coming from disappointed fans. However, has either the administrators of Cricket West […]

Our country, worth fighting for

There was a time citizens, when asked about living abroad, say New York for example, the answer for some used to be, “It’s a nice place […]

The impact of home life on a child’s education

A commentary by Cuthbert Sandy My teacher education in the years 1976–1978 at Corinth Teachers’ College still serves me in good stead, notwithstanding from that time […]

Own land? Try investment farming

Investing is the act of taking money and placing it into property, shares, ventures and financial schemes with the expectation of achieving a profit. Investment farming […]

The use of reproductive technology

Do all women have the right to make babies? After all, isn’t that what being a woman is about, her natural ability to have babies versus […]

Levelling the education ‘playing field’

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ & Director, CREDI A just society is inclusive. Years ago, the late Prof John Spence, who established T&T’s Education Discussion Group, of […]

Time to have ‘the talk’

Q: Archbishop J, what are we doing about the early sexualisation of our youth? Trinidad and Tobago has been ranked within the top ten countries in […]

Our Caribbean word about God

Q: Archbishop J, why a theological conference in the Caribbean? Catholic Theology in the Caribbean Today celebrates 25 years of theological reflection in the Caribbean region. […]

Only one word for WI at CWC 2019…

To review West Indies’ (WI) performance in the concluding 2019 Cricket World Cup (CWC) is an assignment some may feel requires a degree in psychology.  They […]

Let there be a culture…and let it begin with me

As part of our journey of creating a culture of vocations, one has to stop and ask the critical question, “How am I contributing to creating […]

Exam results? It’s all about perspective

By Sophie Barcant, BA (Psyc), B.ED. Trainer, Facilitator, Parenting Coach/Consultant. Q: Sophie, what do I do with a child worried over their exam results? SEA results […]

Teenage pregnancy or child rape?

By Dr Margaret Nakhid-Chatoor Teenage pregnancy is not a new issue, as most of the comments in the newspapers would have us believe. Neither is the […]

What makes you happy?

By Leela Ramdeen,  Chair, CCSJ & Director, CREDI “If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap. If you want happiness for a day, go […]

We too can help keep it clean

Driving behind a vehicle recently, I observed someone in the passenger seat throw out garbage—it looked like crumpled paper, probably napkins and wrappers—through the window onto […]

Gender ideology may be child abuse

In April this year, a Canadian judge found a father guilty of “family violence” for publicly and privately referring to his 14-year-old daughter, who identifies as […]

Parents learn about the best and worst times to interact with their children

Parents have to remember to HALT when they are Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired before interacting with their children, as the wrong message can be conveyed during these times. This was just […]

Prepare your garden for an active rainy season

The wet/rainy season has begun and I am sure we are all very happy that the rain is finally here. Our mountains are once again starting […]

Virtues not in vogue

How you treat your senior citizens is a reflection of the society in which you live. The criminal element has generally lost all respect or sympathy […]

Is Parliament fulfilling its role?

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ & Director, CREDI A democratic parliament is one that is representative, open and transparent, accessible, accountable and effective (Inter-Parliamentary Union) On Sunday, […]

Rooted in Christ

Q: Archbishop J, what is Corpus Christi? Corpus Christi comes from two Latin words, corpus, body and Christi, Christ, thus it means the body of Christ. […]

Migrants need spiritual support

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ & Director, CREDI “A spirituality of migration has less to do with ‘being nice to refugees’ and more to do with […]

Which side of the line do you stand?

Q: Archbishop J, is this really happening in Trinidad and Tobago? On Thursday (June 13) night I went to the Oval to walk around. What I […]

Are lessons being learnt?

It is difficult to determine the main factors that have led to defeats for the WI. Maybe the sign which triggered my observation was the return […]

If we want courageous adults, we have to raise courageous children

Edited version of an article first published by Aleteia. All parents want what’s best for their children. That may include sending them to the best schools, […]

It takes all kinds for parishes to live

There is still a strong belief among Roman Catholics in Trinidad and Tobago that you can buy your way into heaven. But God doesn’t deal in […]

WI satisfaction…and despair

After an awesome start in their first match of the 2019 Cricket World Cup (CWC) against Pakistan at Trent Bridge on May 31, West Indies (WI) […]

Dads, be there for your children

Today is Father’s Day and it’s celebrated in much the same vein as Mother’s Day. Family gatherings and luncheons with the requisite drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) […]

Plenty fathers, need more dads

Q: Archbishop J, is fatherhood undervalued in today’s family? I meet many men who make significant sacrifices for their children. When I enquire about their experience […]

Dropping dress sizes

Age, they say, is supposed to bring reason, wisdom. But those of us who belong to the ‘pleasantly matured’ category, we know that other things tend […]

Fathers as co-Creators

Q: I’m a young father of two. How can I form my children to live in our world today? I surprised a friend recently when I […]

In the garden with Dad

It’s the one special day that we celebrate dads around the world. Usually when we think of gifts for our fathers/grandfathers/godfathers/father figures, it is usually associated […]

‘Soufra’ – From refugee to entrepreneur

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair CCSJ & Director, CREDI This Sunday (June 16) I celebrate my birthday. Each day I thank God for the many blessings He […]

Gathering storms

June marks the start of the rainy season for us in T&T and also the start of the annual hurricane season. During the period June 1–November […]

‘Vene’ crisis: What do you see?

  Q: Archbishop J, how can we meet the needs of Venezuelans who have come to our shores? In 50 years, history will judge us on […]

Concacaf needs to ‘put a hand’ with team visa issues

At last the time has arrived for the member countries of Concacaf (North America, Central America and the Caribbean) to get ready for the region’s most […]

Helping a child to mourn

By Dr Margaret Nakhid-Chatoor (For Joel – not his real name, 6 years old, who lost both his parents to a murder/suicide which he had witnessed) […]

Our bodies: our property to do what we want?

In a recent article we referred to in Bloomberg, Margaret Sanger was described as a “female trailblazer”. This is the opinion of those who see her […]

Not seeing the light at Point Galera

It did not take too much encouragement from this group to spend a do-nothing weekend in Rampanalgas (near Toco). There was no television and no newspapers, […]

Welcome Holy Spirit

By Leela Ramdeen,  Chair, CCSJ & Director, CREDI Let us welcome the Holy Spirit on this Pentecost Sunday and open our hearts to be renewed by […]

Weaknesses in West Indies CWC Squad

Cricket World Cup (CWC) is here! By Brian Davis – Former West Indies Test Cricketer The 50-over tournament started this weekend. Many articles were being written […]

Plant protection for pets from pests

We simply cannot live without them! Pets, especially dogs and cats, have become integral parts of our families. Pet parents are now ensuring that their ‘fur […]

The Ripple Effect of ‘Vene’ Labour

By the time you read this, the high-profile certification or registration process for Venezuelan migrants would have been in effect for about two days. The question […]

Religious sisters, our heroines

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair,                                  CCSJ & Director, CREDI Good news! Pope Francis has appointed the first female Consultors—four, including three religious—to the Secretariat of the Synod […]

Going back to our baptismal roots

Q: Archbishop J, Why an AEC Missionary Congress? Pope Francis has called for an extraordinary mission month in October 2019. The bishops of the Antilles, in […]

School ‘vacay’ with real purpose

Many of us can recall our school days. No doubt, teachers were always very dedicated to their students and in the midst of the school work, […]

This, that, the other…

Usually I do not comment on political happenings in the country. And this is simply because politicians, of whatever ilk, hardly if ever, put the welfare […]

A world craving for peace

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ & Director, CREDI The world is craving for peace. In today’s gospel (Jn 14:23–29), Jesus tells His disciples that the peace […]

Dealing with the invisible bruises

By Dr Margaret Nakhid-Chatoor The little girl at the back of the class had seen her father beat her mother so many times that she was […]

In the Cross – love, discipleship, victory

Q: Archbishop J, If Jesus is risen from the dead, why do we still focus on the cross? Great question! One would think that once the […]

Mary, our Queen Mother

Q: Archbishop J, La Divina Pastora—Is Mary a god? Mary is not God! She is not part of the Trinity! She is not a god! She […]

Rating the WI’s World Cup chances

I was asked a question recently to rate the West Indies’ (WI) chances of winning the Cricket World Cup (CWC) which bowls off on May 31 […]

Acceptance – pass it on

Throughout our lives we are told to be our brothers’ keepers, to do unto others as we would have them do unto us, to show kindness […]

A crackdown on corruption

Remember when ‘morality in public affairs’ was a phrase used very often by almost everyone in the country? More than 50 years after our independence, can […]

School exclusion can affect life chances

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ & Director, CREDI How is data in the education system in T&T used to ensure that behaviour and exclusion practices do […]

It’s still not about the numbers

The national conversation over the past few weeks has focused primarily on numbers— some ‘good’ numbers but also a lot of ‘bad’ numbers. The ‘bad’ numbers […]

Celebrating a mother’s journey

I am celebrating my 10th anniversary as a mother. What an honour and a privilege it is to accept that God has blessed me with three […]

Yes, Billings has an app for that

In a recent Bloomberg article on the first contraceptive app called ‘Natural Cycles’, the creators of the app were criticised because some of its users achieved […]

Those mothering moments

Decades ago, more than six at least, ‘Mother’s Day’ meant very little to myself and many other children of that time. We knew it was a […]

Family life at risk due to climate change 

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ & Director, CREDI On Wednesday, May 15, the world will celebrate the International Day of Families. The 2019 theme is:  Families and Climate […]

When a child dies

By Dr Margaret Nakhid-Chatoor In a conference room in Atlanta recently, the young doctoral student from Singapore asked the first question: What do you call a […]

The challenges of Catholic media

Q: Archbishop J, What are the challenges facing Catholic News? This month Catholic News celebrates 127 years of faithful, uninterrupted journalism. Congratulations to all who work […]

Tough battle ahead for WI

There has been much healthy discussion and speculation on the West Indies (WI) team selected for the ICC Cricket World Cup (CWC) 2019 that starts in […]

Blessed Fr Michael, patron of Divine Mercy

Viewing an episode of Women of Grace on EWTN recently, I was made aware of someone and something I did not know before with regard to […]

Discovering the plot twist

David Villafana reflects on his experience thus far in the Aspirancy programme. From vague ideas of pursuing business, to becoming a filmmaker, to taking up a […]

Give Aeroponics a try

For the past year we have continually examined hydroponics and its many benefits. Hydroponics, the practice of growing plants without soil as a growth medium, has […]

What was far away, now seems close…

Please forgive me for returning to one of the biggest problems in Trinidad and Tobago…PROPER PARENTING. Imagine a 14-year-old student was killed during what reports describe […]

Irrational fear making us crazy

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ & Director, CREDI In 1995 Pope St John Paul II stated: “The value of democracy stands or falls with the truths and […]

Let’s talk about that dreaded ‘S’ word

By Dr Margaret Nakhid-Chatoor Did I read the headline correctly? ‘Church considers suicide intervention.’ The (CNApril 14) article stated that Archbishop Robert Rivas has “expressed concern […]

The Resurrection – ultimate sign of Mercy

Q: Archbishop J, Why should I show mercy? Our natural inclination is to go for justice. Every child knows what fairness is. It is built into […]

The Resurrection – process and power

Q: Archbishop J, What is the Resurrection? Some people see the resurrection as an event that happened 2,000 years ago. It is! It is the most […]

Walk softly, Ricky

So, the journey starts for the new president of Cricket West Indies Ricky Skerritt. He’s going to find himself bombarded with advice from all quarters! He’ll […]

When the Poui blooms

There is a saying “April showers bring May flowers”. The Easter period is the time of year where our gardens awaken with beautifully coloured petals and […]

Let’s inject love and change society

So now we have come to the end of another Lenten season. Praise God! We did our denials or maybe we paid greater attention to the […]

Christ’s Resurrection – true hope for the world

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ, & Director, CREDI Christ is risen, Alleluia! The blogger, Phil Newton, wrote: ‘9 ways Christ’s Resurrection gives us hope for today.’ Numbers […]

The empty tabernacle – what God has done for us

Q: Archbishop J, Why is there a special altar on Holy Thursday? The Triduum is the celebration of all celebrations in the Catholic calendar. As the […]

God uses the insecure

Johan Oliveire reflects on his experience thus far in the Aspirancy programme. On May 12, 2018, I entered Aspirancy for the diocesan priesthood. By May 11, […]

Bush fire fury

In the past weeks the trend of bush fires has been rampant. As the temperatures rise during the day, these fires ignite, naturally or by human […]

Transforming the health of the nation

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ & Director, CREDI Today, April 7, we observe World Health Day. The theme is: Universal health coverage: everyone, everywhere. The World Health […]

What a welcome change!

On Sunday, March 24 in a vote that surprised the most optimistic of us, Ricky Skerritt, the challenger for the position of president of Cricket West […]

Partnering with the strangers among us

Q: Archbishop J, What has been your Lent highpoint? Now that is a hard question! I have three: (1) The sacrifice people made towards the upkeep […]

Setting the working world on fire for Christ

The Evangelization Commission will be hosting a lunchtime Lenten Retreat from Monday, April 1 to Friday 5, from noon–1 p.m. at the Holy Rosary Church, Park […]

Marriage prep and beyond

Q: Archbishop J, How are we forming people for the vocation of Marriage? Marriage is a vocation; it is a sacrament, a commitment for life! It […]

Brain, brawn and the beats

Luke Walker is as talented as they come. He is currently a freshman (first year student) on full scholarship, pursuing his undergraduate and Master’s degrees as […]

Pit Bulls and People                                                                                    

I love dogs. In my choice of pets, the canines have my first vote. Small, medium, large, it matters not. Some of the large ones, I […]

Is free speech and expression under threat?

For several years now we’ve been witnessing an increase in the number of instances in ‘the free world’ of the suppression of free speech and expression […]

Creating holy moments

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ & Director, CREDI “Migrants and refugees do not represent a problem to be solved, but are brothers and sisters to be […]

Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving to rebuild a community

Q: Archbishop J, what is the Generation S challenge? Each year Generation S challenges young people to sacrifice for something bigger than themselves: this is at […]

Respect our local coaches

Why do we completely ignore our local coaches? Well, not completely ignore, but there have been far too many occasions which have left us without the […]

Shopping for seafood

It is a fact that seafood is staple for a Lenten diet. In Church history, there was no rule on the consumption of fish for days […]

Turning life around this Lent

This society, in which we Catholics form an integral part and play a major role, has become very angry. It is reflected on our roads. It […]

Remembering the victims of slavery

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ & Director, CREDI The world will commemorate the UN International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave […]

Calling our men to mission, mentorship

Q: Archbishop J, Why launch a men’s ministry? At a meeting with Catholics some time ago, I asked the group to look around. They did. I […]

Oh, Happy Day!

By Leela Ramdeen,       Chair, CCSJ & Director, CREDI “Everyone you meet always asks if you have a career, are married or own a house, as if […]

A crucial election

Cricket West Indies directors will meet on Sunday (March 24) to choose its president for the next two-year term of office. The incumbent is Whycliffe ‘Dave’ […]

Simply maintaining a tradition…

I had planned to write some more on the season of Lent, which should create increased holiness and spirituality that this penitential season brings to us. […]

Renewing our Baptismal call

Q: Archbishop J, What is the inner meaning of Lent? Lent is a time of renewal—either a time of preparation for Baptism or recommitment to our […]

NSAs need to get serious

Now that the Carnival celebrations have ended, the focus will be placed upon varying forms of recreation such as sea bathing, and sporting events. To many […]

Faithfulness chat by the mechanic shop

“I don’t know what is happening, like women taking after the men? It used to be men were the ones to do that sort of thing. […]

How about a Lenten detox?

The 40-day period of Lent, which began on Ash Wednesday and ends on Holy Thursday, represents the time Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ spent in […]

Connect. Restore. Change. It’s Lent.

Catholics are people of great faith and activities such as pilgrimages and attendance at night missions or special prayer services are not expected to suffer from […]

Advancing women’s equality

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ & Director, CREDI On March 8 the world observed International Women’s Day (IWD). The 2019 theme is: Think equal, build smart, innovate for change. […]

The rhythm and routine of prayer

Q: Archbishop J, teach us ways of praying. TO pray is to live and become fully alive in Christ. I will focus here on methods and […]

WI on the up!

THE cricketers of the West Indies (WI) have certainly been showing a big improvement in their approach to the game.  I haven’t seen the team play […]

Inspired to be the best that we can be

THE advertisement begins with a woman standing in front of a mirror looking sadly at her bandaged chest, her head is tied with a scarf, these […]

What’s in a Carnival glance?

There’s no denying that Carnival forms part of our culture. The national festival stirs up a myriad of emotions and thoughts. Requesting anonymity, a reader shares […]

Leaving everything behind to follow God

Michael Maillard reflects on his experience thus far in the Aspirancy programme. FEELINGS of hope and anxiety were what I felt when I first entered the […]

Show me your velvet…

YEAR after year, as a true born-and-bred Trinbagonian, I long for those days when Carnival truly displayed our ingenuity by producing good Calypso (humourous, satirical and […]

A moment of grace

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ, & Director, CREDI IT was with great joy that many of us gathered at the Church of St Philip and St James, […]

Movement towards God

Q: Archbishop J, why is it so hard to be consistent in prayer? If a profound and deep prayer life is so advantageous, why do so […]

Gabby throws for Tokyo 2020

Gabriella Wood became the youngest black belt judoka in Trinidad and Tobago at age 18. She is a four-time national women’s judo champion in the +78kg […]

Virtus— Protecting God’s Children

The Virtus—Protecting God’s Children Programme is hosted by the Archdiocesan Family Life Commission as an awareness, education and training programme for adults 18 years and older. […]

Powerful and popular – Turmeric vs Saffron

IT IS VERY DIFFICULT to distinguish turmeric from saffron because of the similar bright yellow colour. However, do not be fooled as turmeric and saffron are […]

Celebrate culture on the savannah grass

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ & Director, CREDI RECENTLY I gave a woman and her two young children a lift to their home. On the way the […]

New NY abortion law grim irony for 9/11 victims

In 2 Timothy 4 we read: “The time is sure to come when people will not accept sound teaching … and they will collect themselves a […]

Alpha alive at SJCSJ

St Joseph’s Convent, St Joseph (SJCSJ) has been successfully hosting Alpha with their Lower and Upper 6 students for the past three to four years with […]

‘Daddy, deliver us from temptation’

Q: Archbishop J, How do we pray? Pt 4 The ‘Our Father’ is a gym for spiritual development and growth in discipleship, stretching the one praying […]

Over the spirit of the game

Some two or three decades ago, India’s cricket team struggled to win Test series’ especially away from home. They finally worked out the reasons why they […]

Living with the choices we make

Choices! Daily we are faced with having to make them concerning one thing or another, and there are times when we can choose fairly easily but […]

Seeking solutions

What a bloody start to 2019, which we thought would have been different. What was once a peaceful and beautiful country has turned into a nightmare, […]

Addressing the plague of human trafficking

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ & Director, CREDI “WHAT TO DO? WHAT TO DO?”, cried my friend in frustration after reading about the 19 young Venezuelan women, between […]

Wake up my people!  

WE ARE ONLY HALFWAY IN MONTH TWO of a new year and already the bad news abounds. The murder toll continues to rise 67 in 43 […]

Trusting Daddy for our daily bread

Q: Archbishop J, How do we pray? Pt 3 The ‘Our Father’ is an ancient prayer. Originally spoken in Aramaic, it was written in Greek, translated […]

WI’s vast improvement

The past ten days of cricket between England and the West Indies in two test matches may well have brought renewed vigour to the Caribbean players […]

A Carnival skit that gets real with our youth

In a skit on Carnival, one young man of an all-boys’ school was brave enough to act out getting involved with a woman in a ‘little’ […]

Ah, smell the roses…

Valentine’s Day, celebrated February 14 annually across the globe, is the day where we show the people who mean most to us how much we love […]

A kaiso tent that takes you back…

My faith in the Calypso artform was restored following my visit to Trinidad and Tobago’s newest calypso tent ‘Back to Basics’ Kaiso Tent last weekend. Now […]

Families matter

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair,   CCSJ & Director, CREDI I watched the video clip on Facebook in which six girls in school uniform at a school in […]

Meeting Daddy in our true home

Q: Archbishop J, How do we pray? Pt 2 God is daddy! A loving father! This as we have seen is the foundation of Christian prayer. […]

An exceptional victory!

One of the most enjoyable features in sport is the unpredictability of the result.  Sporting contests are played to win and quite often the underdog wins […]

We’re all given time…

Viewing footage of the celebration of World Youth Day in Panama, I was impressed by the number of young people coming from all corners of the […]

Aspiring to serve with gladness

Alyndo Woodhouse reflects on his experience thus far in the Aspirancy programme. It all started on May 12, 2018. I didn’t know what to expect when […]

Promoting equal opportunities

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ, & Director, CREDI It may be timely to remind ourselves of legislation that exists in T&T to deal with various kinds of […]

God is our daddy!

Q: Archbishop J, How do we pray? Jesus’ disciples asked the same question—“Lord, teach us to pray, just as John taught his disciples” (Lk 11:1). At […]

Prescott dances with the stars

In 2010, La Shaun Prescott traded her work suits and pumps in a prestigious position as an economist in pursuit of her passion for dance to […]

Growing terrific tomatoes

Food security is everyone’s responsibility and it begins at home. Due to the harsh dry season and unpredictable rainy season, I am sure we are all […]

Justice and Health – Where are we going wrong?

I start the column this week by posing two serious questions. Are you satisfied with the pace of our justice system? And secondly are you comfortable […]

Addressing the needs of migrants and refugees

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ, & Director, CREDI Visit for our columns, media releases and more. Recently someone remonstrated, stating that the Catholic Church should […]

Pro-life resolutions for 2019 and beyond

As we settle into 2019, some of us may have already begun to forget the resolutions we made at the turn of the year. But, take […]

Prayer – personal and community

The School of Discipleship is a one year programme offered by the Commission. It comprises 40 sessions, including Understanding Scripture, Reading the Word of God and […]

Good luck, West Indies

There is no denying that Jason Holder, captain of the West Indies (WI) cricket team, had a superb year 2018 as an all-rounder for the team. […]

Armless guitarist gives hope

Words and phrases such as ‘challenged’, ‘differently abled’, ‘disability’, ‘special needs’, etc., took on a new perspective for me recently as I viewed a documentary on […]

Peter was everything to everybody, but family first

“Dad’s first name is Peter and he lived up to his Catholic name because he was the rock on which our family was built.” So said […]

Prayer – Covenant and Communion

Q: Archbishop J, what is prayer? Having looked at why we pray in last Sunday’s column, now we will look at what is prayer. Remember from […]

Education system needs an overhaul

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ, & Director, CREDI Visit for our columns, media releases and more. On Thursday (January 24) the world will observe the […]

When the bough breaks…

By Dr Margaret Nakhid-Chatoor Early on Friday morning (January 11), I received a phone call with news that no mother or parent wants to share—her daughter […]

2019 – time for a reset

And we’re off… 2019, the new year is well and truly underway. But one wonders if the new year brings a new fresh perspective or more […]

A lesson from India for the WI

At last I have been able to sit comfortably to witness the quality of cricket I have been longing to see for many years. Of course, […]

What’s in your grow box?

Grow boxes are container-based gardens which can be both soil or hydroponically based. They are usually square or rectangular and can be constructed using plastic, wood, […]

The truth about our bodies

Are you looking for new rules for this New Year? Are you looking for prescriptions for a happier life? What can increase our love and laughter? […]

Last-minute, and looking for a ‘bligh’

I gave a small chuckle when I read there were thousands of motorists lining up to have their vehicles inspected for mechanical suitability and roadworthiness and, […]

Get ready for the heat

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ, & Director, CREDI Visit for our columns, media releases and more. T&T is caught up in the worldwide change in […]

Alive in Christ

Q: Archbishop J, why do we pray? Prayer for the Christian is like water for fish. It is through prayer that we realise the full measure […]

Just stop blaming players

Dr Rudi Webster wrote an excellent article in the Sunday Express of December 16, 2018. He told the Cricket West Indies (CWI) board that they must […]

The word for 2019 – Effort

Reviewing the year that has passed, 2018, I recall the incidents, both local and foreign which made the news. Some were horrific, unprecedented occurrences which were […]

Coming Soon: Vocations Camp 2019

When last did your son or daughter, niece or nephew attend a camp? Yes, when last did they attend a camp with tents, sleeping bags, bonfire, […]

Dare to be different

Let me begin by apologising to my readers and others for not wishing them a season full of hope, love and expectations full of spiritual fulfilment. […]

Pilgrims of Faith

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ, & Director, CREDI Visit for our columns, media releases and more. Today, Sunday, January 6, we celebrate the Solemnity of […]

All have a part to play for Peace

Q: Archbishop J, how do we promote peace in T&T for 2019? Peace is not the absence of war or murder; it is the establishment of […]

Every end is a new beginning

By Dr Margaret Nakhid-Chatoor 2019 is here! We have survived a year that was filled with tumultuous energies in the political, social and economic arenas, some […]

Yohance learnt from the best, now gives back to communities

It is hard to believe that 2018 is almost over and the countdown to 2019 has already begun. I am always humbled and honoured by the […]

‘ManU’ not united

Fans of English football club giants, Manchester United (ManU) have been going through some periods of great disappointment this season. It is difficult to understand the […]

Moving ABP forward…

Reviewing the Roadmap (2016 – 2019) formulated at the II Latin American and Caribbean Biblical Animation of all Pastoral Life (ABP) encounter, held in Quito, August […]

Prepping for the coming Dry Season

As 2018 comes to an end and 2019 approaches, the negative impacts of climate change will continue to increase. The Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Services issued […]

Our hopes for the new year

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ, & Director, CREDI Visit for our columns, media releases and more. We have come to the end of another year. […]

Where C_ _ _ _ _ mas and J_s _s are banned

Recently, an ‘extra’ news item on the 7 p.m. news on one of the local television channels was about an elementary-school principal in Omaha, Nebraska, USA, […]

Give a gift of support to our priests

Q: Archbishop J, why is the Christmas collection for our priests? At Christmas and Easter the whole collection from all parishes goes to the support of […]

Christmas is what you make it

Every Christmas season we see a variety of advertisements on the television promoting one product or the other. Occasionally there is that one advertisement which causes […]

What’s missing from Christmas today

Would you say Christmas celebrations – the habits, customs and traditions – have changed over the years? I certainly do. The reason for the season, the […]

Moved by the joy of the gift

By Leela Ramdeen,  Chair, CCSJ, & Director, CREDI Visit for our columns, media releases and more. In two days’ time, on December 25, we will […]

A word for the wise in 2019… #ridonkulous

I am so looking forward to the Christmas holidays!  Before some readers get carried away, stop—my opening line has absolutely nothing to do with pastelle-making or […]

Same old story…

At least once I would love to be able to write of how happy I am in the performance of the West Indies (WI) cricket team.  […]

The colours of Christmas

With Christmas a little over a week away, it’s important to remember the reason for the season, Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. As the days […]

Moving away from the death penalty

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ, & Director, CREDI Visit for our columns, media releases and more. As Chair of the Greater Caribbean for Life, an […]

The many titles of Our Mother

Q: Archbishop J, which is more important, the Immaculate Conception or Guadalupe? The Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception is the patronal feast of our cathedral and […]

Declare a different kind of ‘war’

Q: Archbishop J, with the high murder rate do you have hope for T&T? The high rate of criminal activity has fostered a deep anxiety and […]

Sadness over no Shiva Boys’

by Alvin Corneal It’s sad that within the Secondary Schools Football League (SSFL) a top soccer school over the past few years, Shiva Boys’ Hindu College, […]

The many influences of the BOM

Another World AIDS Day passed on December 1. Some of you may be wondering what on earth can the Billings Ovulation Method® (BOM) do to prevent […]

Update on Virtus’ Protecting God’s Children programme

From the Archdiocesan Family Life Commission Virtus’ Protecting God’s Children (PGC) is a four-hour introductory workshop designed to raise awareness about the reality of child sexual […]

Let’s help empower persons with disabilities

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ, & Director, CREDI Visit for our columns, media releases and more. “There is no greater disability in society than the inability […]

The world is mine

Soon we will all be caught up in pre-Christmas activities, shopping for gifts for children, loved ones, family and friends. Parties of all sorts will crowd […]

Well tried ladies, but…

The truth is that the West Indies’ (WI) Women’s t20 team performed poorly against Australia in the semi-final of the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) Women’s t20 […]

Hope to heal our land

It’s not that I’ve never viewed it before, but for some reason, a recent viewing of Trinity Network and the AEC choir singing ‘Heal Our Land’ […]

How to make your Poinsettia bloom for the season

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us! Christmas is the season where we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. […]

In the midst of uncertainty, make Advent real

Today is the second day of the last month of 2018. It is the start of the Advent season leading up to the birth of Jesus […]

Building inclusive parishes 

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ, & Director, CREDI Visit for our columns, media releases and more. As you reflect on the draft Archdiocesan Pastoral Plan, […]

Live Advent fully

Q: Archbishop J, why do we celebrate Advent when everyone is celebrating Christmas? The early celebration of Christmas is commercial. Merchants have realised that the season […]

From Laventille to Wall Street

In 2013, Anselm LeBourne launched the ‘Laventille to Wall Street Sports Academy Scholarship Foundation’. It forms an integral part of the work of his foundation which […]

As our society strays

Many people living in Trinidad and Tobago are holding their heads and bawling or wringing their hands in apparent surrender to the criminal and gang element. […]

Caring for His kingdom

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ, & Director, CREDI. Visit for our columns, media releases and more. Today, the last Sunday of the liturgical year, we […]

Rebuking ‘General Comment 36’

On October 31 this year, the United Nations Human Rights (CCPR) adopted a General Comment (General Comment No 3 6 on Article 6 of the International […]

Petrotrin – a pastoral perspective

Q: Archbishop J, What does Catholic social teaching say about the layoff of workers? The Petrotrin workers are in the hearts and minds of our nation […]

This poor man cried and the Lord heard him

Q: Archbishop J, Why a World Day of the Poor? We live in a world with a widening gap between rich and poor. The gap is […]

Leadership woes

There are many ingredients that go into the mix in order to emerge as a fine cricketer. Professional cricket is tough, not unlike any other profession […]

Remembering our Departed with flowers

Job 14:2 tells us “Like a flower he comes forth and withers. He also flees like a shadow and does not remain”. In the Holy Bible, […]

Parenting ills

With increasing regularity, we get news that schoolchildren, primary and secondary, are engaging in fights, bullying and truly violent behaviour in many of the government schools […]

Spoken Word on the state of the world

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ, & Director, CREDI Visit for our columns, media releases and more. CCSJ and the Youth Commission are pleased to share […]

Of disasters, corbeaux and an indomitable human spirit

For the December issue of the CN the Editor usually would ask that I write a “lighter” column in keeping with the spirit of the season. […]

A plan to transform our Church

Q: Archbishop J, why a pastoral plan? The Church today is facing some difficult challenges. The things we have done as Church in the last 50 […]

SSFL play needs to improve

It is no secret that the number of matches played among the teams in the Secondary Schools’ Football League (SSFL) is far too little. I suppose […]

Loving thy neighbour…

Towards the end of last month, Trinidad and Tobago experienced a flooding disaster unparalleled in recent history. We were spared any deaths but experienced great trauma. […]

Youth speak out on caring for creation

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ, & Director, CREDI Visit for our columns, media releases and more. CCSJ would like to thank all those who observed […]

Life and Love go hand in hand

Love is contagious. Love is dynamic.  Love is generous. Last month we celebrated love through the movie documentary ‘Sexual Revolution: 50 Years Since Humanae Vitae’. While […]

Motivation is the key

The Trinidad & Tobago Cricket Board (TTCB) will be changing the format under which they play their League games during the next season in 2019. They […]

God will make a way through disaster

The more I viewed the footage of the areas affected by the recent floods, the more I questioned how much did we as human beings contribute […]

Rehabilitating flooded lands

A fortnight ago, Trinidad and Tobago was severely affected by heavy rainfall initiated by an ITCZ which resulted in heavy flooding. Properties, personal belongings and vehicles […]

Mission and vocations go together

The Archdiocese is about to embark on an exciting week, namely, Vocations Awareness Week 2018, from Sunday, November 11 to Friday, November 16. The faithful led […]

Lighting up the past

Recently, on my annual trip to the cemetery to clean the graves of my deceased parents, grandparents, in laws and other family, I found myself in […]

Literacy transforms lives

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ, & Director, CREDI Visit for our columns, media releases and more. “Literacy is the skill that unlocks the gates of […]

Remembering those who have ‘fallen asleep’

Q: Archbishop J, why do Catholics pray for the dead? On November 2, All Souls’ Day, many people light up the tombs of their ancestors. Days […]

Trevlon’s positives

Experience dictates that the true art of storytelling is to start with the end in mind—you must simply find great stories. I am pressed for time […]

Mini victories for life

Every month we bring you developments in the onslaught of the culture of death, with cautions about unreservedly embracing seemingly inevitable practices or impositions. This month […]

Building sustainable cities, towns and villages 

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ, & Director, CREDI Visit for our columns, media releases and more. “Experiencing the need for change is the first step towards […]

God in times of disaster

Q: Archbishop J, is God still a Trini? I will say a resounding ‘yes!’. God is still a Trini. But we must also hold that God […]

Domestic violence is everyone’s business – CCSJ

In a media release the Catholic Commission for Social Justice (CCSJ) calls for an urgent response by all citizens to the prevalence of domestic/intimate partner violence […]

A mission we all must accept

Q: Archbishop J, what is Mission Sunday? Many think the Church has a mission. St John Paul II thought, however, it is rather the mission which […]

Answer Pope’s call – pray against evil

Q: Archbishop J, why is the Pope asking for special prayers? In this month of the rosary, the Holy Father invites the whole People of God […]

‘Soca Princesses’ had a slim chance

by Alvin Corneal Our national women’s football team, the ‘Soca Princesses’, has not been able to achieve their goal at the Concacaf leg of the World […]

Church’s newest saint and his influence  

Pope Paul VI, who will be canonised a saint today, Sunday was called “a pope of dialogue” since he felt there was a dire need for […]

Real snaaaaail mail

Remember the Pony Express delivering mail decades ago? That was slow. However, in 2018, with all the various improvements and technological advances, mail in a developed […]

Observing Justice, Peace and Community Week

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ, & Director, CREDI. Visit for our columns, media releases and more. The archdiocesan observance of ‘Justice, Peace and Community Week’ on the theme: Caring […]

The importance of work

By Dr Margaret Nakhid-Chatoor Over the last few weeks, the newspapers’ headlines have screamed at us: Petrotrin starts severance process! OWTU blanked! Sabotage suspected in fire! […]

A time for reparation

Q: Archbishop J, Why should we do penance and fast for this crisis? We did not do anything wrong. The Church is the body of Christ; […]

Yet another coach

Before I begin my article I seek the indulgence of my editor for me to give credit where credit is due; and I refer to a […]

What the children hear…

Is it just me or are there others who share the opinion that the use of obscene language has become so common place that we hear […]

Vocation Awareness Week – a conversation starter

Sunday, November 11 to Friday 16 marks Vocations Awareness Week.  Generation S is encouraging the faithful of the Archdiocese of Port of Spain to embrace the […]

Taking care of Succulents

In Botany (the study of plants), succulents are plants that possess thick, fleshy leaves which are used as water storage. They have unique, striking appearances which […]

Changing our litter legacy

While everyone else is thinking about or analysing the recently read 2018–19 budget and looking at the different ways it will affect them, I prefer to […]

Is your lamp lit?

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ, & Director, CREDI Visit for our columns, media releases and more. While I was in London in August, a 10-year-old […]

School of Discipleship

The School of Discipleship contains several bite-sized modules on a variety of subjects. Each module has five sessions which are held over a duration of five […]

Decriminalise it, not legalise

Q: Archbishop J, should we legalise marijuana? Trinidad and Tobago’s response to this very important conversation about marijuana has deep implications for our society. Marijuana is […]

Running on an Olympic dream

“The proudest moment of my career was the day I missed the Olympic Marathon qualification time by 14 seconds. It helped me realise that my dreams […]

Riding our wavy roads of potholes

Trinidad, I am not too sure about Tobago, is in line for a world award—the world’s bumpiest roads. It takes the greatest toll on suspensions, shocks […]

Pride in our Republic

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ, & Director, CREDI Visit for our columns, media releases and more. On September 24 we celebrated the 42nd anniversary of T&T’s […]

Transgenderism in children – eclipse of parental responsibility?

A monthly column by the Emmanuel Community: 46 Rosalino Street, Woodbrook.Tel:628-1064; In a September 17, 2018 online publication, Ensuring Comprehensive Care and Support for Transgender and […]

We need to take back our schools

Q: Archbishop J, how can we help our Catholic schools? Catholic education is one of the most vexing, troubling and complicated areas of pastoral life in […]

US Open Women’s final was a lesson…

by Alvin Corneal The tennis world looked forward to some high quality professional tennis between the legendary Serena Williams and promising Haitian-Japanese player Naomi Osaka at […]

An episode on Alzheimer’s

One of the most worrying, frightening even, things which families with elderly members dread, is the issue of their deteriorating state of mind as they grow […]

Pigeon peas for your Christmas pots 

Even though we are in the month of September, most of us are already planning for Christmas. In the Caribbean, it is a Christmas tradition to have […]

A tribute to our ‘Uncle Syd’

  As a boy I have always known ‘Uncle Syd’ to have a big heart, especially when it came to his many nieces and nephews. He […]

Progress on Parish Ministries for Migrants and Refugees

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ, & Director, CREDI Visit for our columns, media releases and more. “The Church is ever mindful that Jesus Christ was […]

We all have a responsibility to protect God’s children

Q: Archbishop J, what has the Church done to protect our children? The Bishops of the Antilles Episcopal Conference (AEC), on April 23, 2007, issued a […]

I watch and I wonder…

I looked on at the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) match between the Trinbago Knight Riders (TKR) and the Barbados Tridents and I wondered… This took place […]

Fashion high

I remember when a few decades ago, as a little boy, you were embarrassed to wear a pair of trousers which had a hole somewhere, or […]

Building blocks for PEACE

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ, & Director, CREDI Visit for our columns, media releases and more. “The world must be educated to love Peace, to build […]

Biting the bullet… Petrotrin style!

A monthly column by Dr Marlene Attzs, Economist. Email: I deliberately shied away from the cacophony of opinions surrounding the Petrotrin issue. So when the […]

We Must Protect Our Children

Q: Archbishop J, What is happening to our Church? The recent publication of the 1300-page grand jury report in the United States, detailing the systemic abuse […]

Is the VAR dying a natural death?

by Alvin Corneal Now that the first three or four rounds of the English Premier League have been completed and fans have been hurt over the […]

A bitter pill to swallow… 

You cannot read any newspaper, tune in to any radio station talk show, or television news report without hearing about the imminent closure of the Petrotrin […]

Diversify to agriculture  

By now we are all aware that jobs in Trinidad and Tobago are very difficult to obtain. It is without doubt that we live in a […]

Changing the culture of repellant crimes

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ, & Director, CREDI. Visit for our columns, media releases and more. Initially, this article was titled: ‘Cleaning the Augean stables’. However, […]

A new logo of love and life

Our new logo was created in an effort to identify with the needs of our clients and future clients. ‘Love, natural, and empowerment’ are the words […]

A Church in Service to the Nation

Archbishop J, what is the Church’s contribution to the nation over the last 56 years? In many significant ways the Church has contributed to the life […]

Some thoughts on CPL

There are a couple of things that strike me in this HERO Caribbean Premier League (CPL) tournament that are either good or bad for West Indian […]

Calling to…

What is the difference between a sister and nun, brother and a monk, diocesan or religious priest? Generation S clarifies for our readers the different roles […]

Beyond Independence

Fifty-six years ago, Trinidad and Tobago moved from a position of powerlessness under British rule to one of empowerment, as our twin-island achieved independence. We were […]

Charity and justice

Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ & Director, CREDI. Visit for our columns, media releases and more. On Wednesday September 5, the world will observe the International […]

Our earth groans in travail

Archbishop J, What does the Church teach about our care for the environment? Pope Francis begins his encyclical on the environment with the words Laudato Si’(LS). […]

Reflections on Independence

By Leela Ramdeen,  Chair, CCSJ, & Director, CREDI Visit for our columns, media releases and more. “…to be free is not merely to cast off one’s […]

The Pope’s Death Penalty Position

Q: Archbishop J, can the pope really change the teaching on the death penalty? This is a complicated question that needs an appreciation of paradox. The […]

Opportunities for ongoing faith formation

Q: Archbishop J, why does the Church have so many schools during July-August? In every field of life we need to update constantly. Our faith is […]

Moving towards a Pastoral Plan

Q: Archbishop J, what has happened to the Parish Consultation you began? First, I would like to thank all the priests, religious and laity who participated […]

Is it a false dawn?

In a two-Test series in early July the West Indies (WI) team crushed Bangladesh (nicknamed the Tigers) in both matches to win the series in a […]

The Vocations Cup: forged in the chalice of sacrifice

Q: Why is a chalice used in the Vocations Cup programme? The chalice is most associated with the sacrifice of the Mass and therefore, the sacrifice […]

We need the Eucharist to live lives of service

By Leela Ramdeen,  Chair, CCSJ, & Director, CREDI Visit for our columns, media releases and more. Today’s gospel, John 6:24–35, offers us an opportunity to […]

The family that trains together stays together

The sun pierced through the bamboo patch with streams of translucent light reflecting hues of dark and light green ripples on the clear water. A gentle […]

In the middle of family life

There is a family sitcom I have been viewing lately on WB HD called The Middle. It is about the Heck family—mother, father, two sons and […]

The beauty of bees

There are over 20,000 known species of bees worldwide. Bees are one of the most helpful creatures even though many see them as being pests. The […]

Of rights, responsibility and progress

By Vincent Lynch In consideration of the very many issues with which our nation is now confronted it is difficult not to follow-up on the earlier […]

What we can do to stop human trafficking

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ, & Director, CREDI Visit for our columns, media releases and more. Tomorrow, July 30, the world will observe World Day against Trafficking in […]

‘Gay’ not really born that way

A monthly column by the Emmanuel Community: 46 Rosalino Street, Woodbrook.Tel:628-1064; While several studies have attempted to prove the existence of a ‘gay gene’, the […]

‘God, save me…’

We’ve all heard about depression. It’s a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act. […]

The family – our Caribbean reality

Q: Archbishop J, what is the AEC bishop’s plan to transform the Caribbean family? The Afro-Caribbean family has a unique history. For 400 years we have […]

Starting succession planning in your parish*

By Laura Ann Phillips It’s something no parish would race to manage, but must: the departure of a ministry leader. Particularly, an effective one. Whether through […]

The reality of family life 50 years after Humanae Vitae

Q: Archbishop J, was Pope Paul VI right about Humanae Vitae? Humanae Vitae (HV) was an encyclical letter issued by Pope Paul VI 50 years ago, […]

Symbol of authority in the call to serve

Q: Archbishop J, what is a pallium? The pallium is a woolen vestment conferred by the pope on an archbishop. It signifies his authority as the […]

The advancing West Indies

West Indies (WI) cricket team was a huge disappointment in the third Test match against Sri Lanka (SL) played at the Kensington Oval in Barbados from […]

School vacation? Have fun, but bring out the storybooks!

by Juliana  Valdez, retired teacher Once again, vacation time is here, and as is the norm, many suggestions of activities to occupy the children’s time are being […]

Gardening tips for the rainy season

For the past two weeks, Trinidad & Tobago has experienced heavy rainfall which is expected to continue since we are only one month into the rainy […]

Love thy neighbour … as thyself

In my June 19, 2016 column, I alerted that our Venezuelan neighbours were tottering on the edge of a social and economic crisis.  “Somos vecinos” or […]

Meeting the challenges of today’s world

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ, & Director, CREDI. Visit for our columns, media releases and more. “World Youth Skills Day is calling on global communities to engage […]

And the World Cup winner is…

By Lara Pickford-Gordon, Sixty-four games, twenty-five days. It all ends today, the finale with the two top teams, France and Croatia, battling on the field […]

Forever young, and wiser*

By Laura Ann Phillips The eighties were heady, robust times for teenagers in Trinidad. Big hair, bigger shoulder pads, beat-boxin’ to giant boom-boxes. Pac Man, Donkey […]

The final say: field referee or the VAR?

The first round of the 2018 Russia World Cup tournament has been challenging from one aspect and entertaining from another. The diehard lovers of the sport […]

And then there were eight, then four…

By Nth Degree What a roller-coaster World Cup. First, a quick recap. Action started June 14 with the group phase. That ended on Thursday, June 28. […]

Humanae Vitae 50 years on

Fifty years ago on July 25, 1968, Catholics all over the world were shocked by the pope at that time, Paul VI. After much anticipation that […]

Build right relationships with the homeless

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ, & Director, CREDI,Visit for our columns, media releases and more. We should heed Pope Francis’ warning in his homily at a Mass […]

A telling sign

I referred in my last article (CN June 17) to the fact that no batsman likes to face up to pace and those who say they […]

Auf Wiedersehen

By Nth Degree Pope Francis, on the eve of the start of the World Cup, said this: “Tomorrow the 2018 World Cup championship will begin in […]

Tournament of life

“World Cup Fever”, “World Cup Russia”, “From Russia with Love,” are some of the ways the FIFA 2018 world football tournament is being described. As I […]

FAQs about the Vocations Cup Programme

Q. Many single-parent families ask to be part of the Vocations Cup Programme of a parish. Is this allowed? Single-parent families are part of a Catholic […]

Constructing a backyard NFT Hydroponic System

In the May 6 column, we learnt about Nutrient Flow Technique (NFT) Hydroponic Systems. As promised, the below gives details for the design of a backyard […]

What is just and right for our economy

By Gerard Pemberton “Are markets just? No one who answers does so with only a view to markets themselves. They always include an assessment of other […]

Remembering the Windrush generation

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ, & Director, CREDI. Visit for our columns, media releases and more. The term ‘Windrush generation’ refers to the immigrants who […]

Parents, first teachers on human sexuality

Q: Archbishop J, what is Comprehensive Sex Education Guidance? In January UNESCO, as part of its Education 2030 initiative, issued the ‘International Technical Guidance on Sexuality […]

The Brazil X Factor

World Cup 2018 is well underway, and regardless of the team you support you can never discount the Brazil factor in any World Cup. As five-time […]

Keeping the faith over the bumps

By Nth Degree Usually in a World Cup tournament the real action begins in the round of 16 knockout phase, but these first-round matches are like […]

ALPHA Journey at St Finbar’s

St Finbar’s RC Church, Morne Coco Road, Diego Martin recently concluded its 22nd consecutive ALPHA Journey in which 31 participants pursued their interest in learning more […]

No to drug tracking and illicit trafficking

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ, & Director, CREDI. Visit for our columns, media releases and more. On Tuesday, June 26, the world will observe the […]

The truth about justice

Q: Archbishop J what is Restorative Justice (RJ) and why does the Church support it? Restorative Justice (RJ) is a system of justice that brings together […]

Sport – First Test was a sublime performance

The West Indies (WI) cricket team produced a sublime performance to win the opening Test match of the 2018 series against Sri Lanka. In a truly […]

Watching and waiting

By Nth Degree By the time you read this, Russia World Cup would be well underway. But let me start one time with a quick retraction. […]

Let’s affirm fatherhood

by Juliana Valdez I’ve been observing lately, the many ads promoting different products, and whereas it is normal to see mothers being featured, fathers are now […]

What ‘I used to think’… about fatherhood

A key component of the Archdiocesan Family Life Commission’s ‘Children Are Gift’(CAG) programme is a segment on fatherhood. As we celebrate Father’s Day, here are some […]

Propagating plants? Just make the cut

Today, you can find just about any plant type in your plant shop. According to the variety or variegation of the plant, it can be quite […]

Good family life must be at centre of special days

by Vernon Khelawan Today we celebrate Father’s Day and as good Catholics, do we really honour our fathers on their special day for who they are, […]

Reflections on Father’s Day

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ, & Director, CREDI Visit for our columns, media releases and more. Today is Father’s Day! Let’s take some time to reflect […]

Living locally in a global village

by Dr Marlene Attzs Sooping Chow Over the past few weeks, a number of noteworthy geopolitical and economic events have played out on the regional and […]

The Pope, the Amazon and a bar*

By Laura Ann Phillips No regular bar, this. Not a sand bar perched on a pure, azure sea. This one is five miles long, off the […]

The ‘heart’ of our Archdiocese

Q: Archbishop why SOS—Support our Seminarians? Some 75 years ago the Seminary of St John Vianney and the Uganda Martyrs was established. Five young men offered […]

Pro-league begins, but what of the state of the game?

by Alvin Corneal Amidst the confusion in the league system of the Trinidad & Tobago Football Association, the administrators are struggling to convene a special general […]

BOM training and ‘time out’ in Costa Rica

‘Pura Vida’ (pure life), is a popular saying in Costa Rica, which was the venue for the World Organisation of Ovulation Method Billings (WOOMB) International Conference […]

An imbalance in the scales?

by Vernon Khelawan From where I stand, it would seem that the administration of the law is somewhat skewed: it is not equally or fairly applied […]

Ending child labour

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ, & Director, CREDI. Visit for our columns, media releases and more. “We must move much faster if we are to honour […]

Body of Love*

By Laura Ann Phillips The celebration of Corpus Christi seems a fitting prelude to the month of the Sacred Heart, the feast of love. Apt, since […]

The real presence of Christ in the world

Q: Archbishop, what is Corpus Christi? Many years ago, anticipating the feast of Corpus Christi and the holiday, a teacher asked: “Why do we have a […]

Sport – Good luck to weak Windies

It is not an easy job to be a selector especially in the game of cricket! It is challenging to the extreme as there are so […]

Our Aspirancy Programme

On Saturday, May 12, eight men of varying ages joined the Aspirancy Programme of the Archdiocese of Port of Spain. These men have taken seriously the […]

Tips to design your own landscape

Landscape architecture involves the design of a specific area to achieve social, environmental or aesthetic results. It adds value to properties, creates a serene environment and […]

Downsizing and its links to depression

By Dr Margaret Nakhid-Chatoor, Clinical and Educational Psychologist, Senior Lecturer, UTT. In 2006, many of us had joined the University of Trinidad & Tobago (UTT) as […]

Moving from retribution to restoration

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ, & Director, CREDI Visit for our columns, media releases and more. “…the Church proposes a form of justice that is […]

Liturgy of the Word

The Church celebrated Corpus Christi last Thursday. This is the conclusion of a five-part series of reflections on the Eucharist by Fr Gabriel Julien. When people […]

The Trinity: love perfect

Archbishop why a Trinity? Why not just one God? The Holy Trinity is central to our faith. As the Catechism says: “The mystery of the Most […]

Sports – From Cuba with love – and sports

The first time you hear someone referred to as ‘Doctor’, what comes to mind? When further details reveal that the person speaks fluent Spanish and has […]

The rain has gone… but what about the obstacles in our way?

A monthly column by Dr Marlene Attzs Sooping-Chow, Economist. Email: In case you missed it, the mid-year budget review was read by the Minister of […]

Euphemistically speaking…

A monthly column by the Emmanuel Community: 46 Rosalino Street, Woodbrook.Tel:628-1064; We seem to be living in a time when we do not say what we […]

An association working to better society

by Vernon Khelawan Ever heard of the word ‘Traffickliters’?  It’s a small group of ex-employees of the Traffic Department of the former national carrier British West […]

Arrival and cohesion

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair,  CCSJ, & Director, CREDI. Visit for our columns, media releases and more. “The political and social climate that prevails in the world today […]

Mary and Sexuality

by Fr Martin Sirju, Vicar General Mary, as we popularly understand her, is decontextualised, desexualised and deromanticised. Decontextulised as she is removed from her context of […]

Gathering rite

The Church will celebrate The Solemnity of Corpus Christi on Thursday. This is part four of five, of a reflection on the Eucharist by Fr Gabriel […]

The Executive case for Jesus*

By Laura Ann Phillips What makes a real leader? Consider the leaders you’ve known. How many were indecisive, petty personages, carrying titles listed high on the […]

Festival of words and likeness*

By Laura Ann Phillips It’s not often you visit another type of altar. But, if you attended any of the Bocas Lit Fest’s 2018 offerings, you […]

Pentecost, renewal and the Church

Archbishop, what is the meaning of Pentecost? The word Pentecost means ‘50th’. It refers to the Jewish feast of Pentecost, which is held on the 50th […]

Player, coach thyself

by Brian Davis What makes cricket a unique game is that the character of the person participating is shaped and revealed in his approach, dynamism and […]

Blessed Benedict was a wonder

by Juliana Valdez While viewing EWTN recently, I was made aware of another apostle of Christ who is also of our era, just as Sts John […]

Good ‘Children are a Gift’ sessions in ‘Bourg’, Arima

One of the most precious and beautiful challenges in life is the privilege of being a parent. Parents are the principal educators of their children. They […]

Argh! Weeds! How to manage them

As we come to the end of the dry season and welcome the rainy season in June, we can expect frequent showers of rain. Plants prefer […]

Words to ponder on

by Vernon Khelawan ‘Today I want to ask a question. What kind of society are we creating in once-beautiful Trinidad and Tobago? What with a schoolboy […]

A ministry for migrants & refugees

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair,  CCSJ, & Director, CREDI “Are we open to ‘God’s surprises’? Or are we closed and fearful before the newness of the Holy […]

A poor Mary and development

I now turn to reflect a little on Mary, the poor woman of Nazareth. Pope Francis speaks of “a Church of the poor for the poor”. […]

Mary, A Sacred Vessel

Archbishop, why do Catholics worship Mary? Catholics venerate and love Our Blessed Mother: we do not worship her. Worship is due to God and God alone. […]

Sport – From Champions League to Russia World Cup

by Alvin Corneal Liverpool and Real Madrid will face each other in the Champions League final later this month. The competition has brought much joy and […]

See Christ in the face of each mother

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ & Director, CREDI “Her children stand up and proclaim her blessed. Her husband, too, sings her praises” Proverbs 31:28 Today is Mother’s Day. Thank […]

Use the BOM app

There seems to be an app (application on a mobile device) for everything and anything nowadays. Many people are seeking convenient ways to manage their lives […]

In the brotherhood of man

by Gerard Pemberton After Hurricane Maria, the vast majority of Dominicans did not flee the island —there was no flow of ‘refugees’ to T&T for us […]

Families and inclusive societies

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ, & Director, CREDI Visit for our columns, media releases and more. On Tuesday, May 15, the world will observe the […]

A dirty Mary

by Fr Martin Sirju, Vicar General Some of the titles which describe Mary are “virgin most pure”, “virgin most chaste”, “mother inviolate”, “mother undefiled” etc. ‘Virgin’ […]

The Covenant

The Church will celebrate The Solemnity of Corpus Christi, the Body and Blood of Christ at the end of the month. This is part two of […]

In each parish, a ministry to refugees

Archbishop, if we keep accepting refugees to Trinidad and Tobago how are we going to cope when we have so many poor people with no jobs […]

Sport – A duo that just don’t know…

by Brian Davis Two articles in the daily newspapers caught my attention recently. One was a statement made by Heath Streak, the former Zimbabwe fast bowler […]

Hydroponics: Understanding NFT

Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) is one of the five types of hydroponic systems. Simple backyard systems or commercial crop production can be done with this system […]

Forgiveness – integral to life and society

by Vernon Khelawan Trinidad and Tobago, in more ways than one, is standing on the edge of a very deep precipice. And many of us are […]

Working towards an AIDS-free Caribbean

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ, & Director, CREDI. Visit for our columns, media releases and more. In today’s Gospel reading (Jn 15: 9–17) we focus on the […]

Me, my ‘cell’, and I!*

By Dr Margaret Nakhid-Chatoor, Clinical and Educational Psychologist How many of you have your cell phone close by? How often have you looked at it today […]

Archbishop, what is an ad limina visit?

Conversations with Archbishop J QUESTION: Archbishop, what is an ad limina visit? Every Sunday at Mass we say in the Creed, “I believe in the one, […]

O jeitinho brasileiro – The Brazilian way

Cy Padmore has a deeply rooted connection with Brazil—he has lived and worked in the country, he is married to a beautiful Brazilian, and together they […]

Practising mercy in our turbulent times

A monthly column by the Emmanuel Community: 46 Rosalino Street, Woodbrook.Tel:628-1064; When our sense of right and wrong is threatened or attacked, we want to take […]

The call to be holy

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ, & Director, CREDI. Visit for our columns, media releases and more. “I am the vine, you are the branches. Whoever remains in […]

Those in positions of trust must be true to their office

Vincent Lynch concludes his commentary on our Constitution. Part 1 appeared on this page in last Sunday’s issue. Such arrangements would allow for adequate coverage of […]

Kitties, families and their bites*

By Laura Ann Phillips Belligerent, dour, obnoxious, murderous – what is it about cats that their owners can’t resist? Cat-owners – actually, they’d say, there’s really […]

Fishing and other run-ups to refuge*

It’s always surprising how generous people who have suffered can be. How freely they give of their time, prayer, encouragement and, yes, their money. So, when […]

Marriage: a Covenant

Given the Church’s position on decriminalising buggery does it mean the Church will endorse same-sex marriage? In a 2015 statement, the AEC bishops defined marriage as […]

Mysterious Commonwealth Games

by Alvin Corneal Having attended the Commonwealth Games on five occasions in the distant past, I had found great joy over the enthusiasm of the selected athletes […]

Taking care of your Annuals

Annuals are plants that complete their life cycle from germination, flowering and seed production, within one year or a single growing season. The entire plant (roots, […]

Adopt the posture of love

I am just fed up of writing about the ills our country faces every day. I believe if I write about the good things which surround […]

Conserving the Divine Harmony

By Leela Ramdeen,  Chair, CCSJ & Director, CREDI. Visit for our columns, media releases and more “Our planet is a mother for all of us. We […]

The power and beauty of our Constitution

By Vincent Lynch Within the context of the many calls for constitutional reform originating from certain segments of the population, it would be interesting to find […]

The middle class of holiness*

By Laura Ann Phillips The headline is stolen. Straight from Pope Francis’ Apostolic Exhortation: “Rejoice and Be Glad”, released April 9 on “The Call To Holiness […]

Lions roar, truth soars*

By Laura Ann Phillips When Punch roared, you heard it. Across the Savannah, past the Oval, through the mangrove toward the sea. Our dogs froze at […]

Thinking with the Church

QUESTION: Archbishop would you tell me clearly the teaching of the Church on decriminalising buggery in Trinidad and Tobago? I will begin by saying that in […]

Windies thrown to Pakistani wolves

The directors of Cricket West Indies (CWI) owe an explanation to the public of the West Indies as to what was the reason for the recent […]

Connecting the Lenten journey with Easter joy and Divine Mercy                                      

by Juliana Valdez During the recently concluded season of Lent, we journeyed through increased prayer, fasting, abstinence and almsgiving in order to have a more meaningful […]

The view from the outside

by Dr Marlene Attzs Sooping-Chow In December 2016, months after I started writing this column, I expressed my disappointment with some of the national institutions meant […]

Public perplexed, Mr PM

by Vernon Khelawan As I predicted a few columns ago, the bringing back of Marlene McDonald into the Cabinet was simply a precursor to her taking […]

Pursuing MLK’s dream 

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ & Director CREDI On Wednesday, April 4, the world marked the 50th Anniversary of the assassination of Dr Martin Luther King […]

The Silent Saviours – Part 3: Chrysalis*

By Laura Ann Phillips Researchers now accept that some measure of dysfunction is present in every family. But, we knew that instinctively, didn’t we? Just think […]

Jesus, I trust in you

QUESTION: Archbishop, How can I trust in the mercy of God when I have done such bad things? Divine Mercy calls us to a radical trust […]

That small mishap to Tobago, and an odd OAS vote

It was a joyous Easter! It was a peaceful Easter! And it was, by T&T standards, a pretty much crime-free weekend. Praise the Lord! But there […]

Saving our children

By Leela Ramdeen, Chair, CCSJ, & Director, CREDI. Visit for our columns, media releases and more. “The family is important, and it is necessary for the […]

Ruach – The Rousing Breath*

By Laura Ann Phillips In a Confirmation class some years ago, during a teaching on Jesus’ temptations in the desert, the question arose: why didn’t Jesus […]

Eighth Day Mercy*

By Laura Ann Phillips   St Paul said it right. “I cannot understand my own behaviour. I fail to carry out the things I want to […]

Easter hope

QUESTION: Archbishop, with all the darkness around is the resurrection real for us living in Trinidad and Tobago 2018? The Gospel for Easter Sunday has a […]

In your face: Simmons leads Afghans over West Indies

Phil Simmons made such great strides for Ireland’s cricket that they are now officially recognised by the International Cricket Council (ICC) to play Test cricket. He […]

The things we do all year through

by Juliana Valdez As we begin East