Caribbean Church

October 25, 2019

Amazon a sign of beauty, grandeur… being damaged

GUYANA Within the Catholic Church exists a tendency to be persuaded by the ways of power and control, to operate in isolation, in silos, instead of […]
October 25, 2019

Fr Ho Lung celebrates milestones

JAMAICA For 50 years, Fr Richard Ho Lung and his music ministry, Father Ho Lung and Friends, have been synonymous with helping the less fortunate in […]
October 19, 2019

Remains of first Abbess to be buried at monastery

ST LUCIA   The funeral for Lady Abbess Mother Marianna Pinto OSB will be held at the Benedictine Abbey, Coubaril, October 30, 3 p.m. Archbishop Robert […]
October 11, 2019

‘Fr George’ turns 90

ST VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES Msgr George Bardowell, affectionately known as ‘Fr George’ celebrated his 90th birthday Tuesday, October 1. Msgr Bardowell, who was born in […]
October 11, 2019

Guyana delegates for Synod on the Amazon

GUYANA Three of the four delegates from the Caribbean for the global meeting of Catholic bishops from the Amazon region are from Guyana. They are Bishop […]
October 11, 2019

Church has critical role in shaping society

JAMAICA The Minister of Finance and the Public Service has called on the Church to continue playing a critical role in shaping modern Jamaica, especially at […]