‘Make T&T safe, mentor youth’
March 3, 2021
Abortion, not COVID leading cause of deaths in 2020
March 3, 2021

Eight virtues of Catholic sexuality

And there you have it! You have journeyed with us for the last eight weeks on the eight virtues of Catholic sexuality. Beyond the Birds and the Bees by Greg and Lisa Popcak intends to not only teach us about raising sexually whole and holy children, but to broaden our understanding in how our own sexuality impacts children.

Throughout the eight weeks, one virtue was featured each week. And we have learnt that sexuality is beyond the uses of our physical bodies or repression of our chastity. “Sexuality is how we communicate ourselves to others and use our bodies to work for the good of others….” (Popcak, pg 52).

Catholic sexuality means we are communicating the truth of God’s love through the body by making visible what is invisible, the spiritual and the divine; to express the fullness of one healthy, faithful person to another healthy, faithful person.

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