Pope Francis adds memorials of 6 Saints to Roman Calendar
February 9, 2021
Universal Design
February 9, 2021

Legacy and letter writing

Expressive writing is one medium through which people process their toughts and feelings following stressful or traumatic events but the rate of emotional well-being and recovery depends on one's culture.

After having the opportunity to share a reflection on Sr Mary Margaret during her virtual memorial service (via Susan Engel), I decided to re-read correspondence I saved from a few of our Sisters over the years. There are several of our Sisters who have been splendid correspondents. I simply could not, would not, depart with those letters. I treasure each letter especially upon hearing of a Sister’s passing. I returned to a few of these letters, carefully re-reading and relishing every printed word.  These moments enable me to reconnect with their lives.  Their narratives concerning life, ministry, experience within the Community, and even their reflecting on my life (of what I shared with them through regular correspondence) continues to be an inspiration.

I have eight plus boxes (and growing) of resources individual Sisters have sent to me in recent years which they believe could be archival material. I decided I need to ask my building manager if I can lease an extra space in our basement storage room for these MHSH (Mission Helpers of the Sacred Heart) archival materials, preserved in appropriate safe containers.

Yes, I have saved almost all of the handwritten, or typed messages sent to me via US Postal Service. These days I now save e-mailed messages on a thumb drive.  How times change!  If, in the immediate future, the thumb drive technology is replaced by another technology, I am ready to make the shift copying all the information to the new platform, or tool.

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