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January 13, 2021
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January 13, 2021

God balances us

A few months ago, I stepped onto the scale at the pharmacy. After a few seconds, that paper seemed to slide out of the machine and slap me in the face. It was not the all-time high numbers from the scale that bothered me. Rather, as I walked out of the pharmacy, I mused, “How did I get to this point?”.

It was then I realised that God used a simple pharmacy scale to draw my attention to the fact that, little by little, my life became out of balance.

So many of us become entangled in our daily responsibilities to our families, jobs, friends, problems and even ministry. We are not even aware of the disequilibrium. If we are not mindful, a deficiency in one area can lead to an over-compensation in another area.

For some, the extra weight might be physical, for others it may be financial, emotional, social, or even spiritual. Since God’s triune nature is one of order, harmony, and equilibrium, it is His desire that we also experience that.

The balance that so many of us crave cannot be found outside God’s will. Yet so many of us are afraid of relinquishing control and trusting in His divine alignment.

God loves us so much and He knows the plans that He has in store for us (Jer 29:11). He knows exactly what we need to achieve balance. To do this means that we ought to relinquish control over how our lives should be and give God our fiat as Mary did.

Lord, I come to you to be transformed by the renewal of my mind (Rom 12:2), for I need Your balance:

  • In the use of my time—Grant me the grace of efficiency. Help me not to tarry so that I have enough time each day to devote to prayer, rest family and ministry.
  • In my finances—Help me to be shrewd, thrifty, and prudent about the finances you have blessed me with, however little it may be. Grant me contentment and the discipline I need to live within my means and to come out of debt.
  • In my work—Lord, I thank you for the gift of work. Please sanctify the work of my hands so that it may truly glorify you. Above all, help me to achieve a healthy work/life balance and not to over commit myself to my job.
  • In my thoughts—Come Holy Spirit with your gift of counsel which guides me on what I should be doing. Let my ears be attentive to your voice. Please help me to keep in check the wandering distraction of my imagination. Declutter my many, racing thoughts in the battlefield of my mind.
  • In my passions, appetite, desires, and aspirations—Lord, by your example on the cross, help me to crucify my carnal desires and to remember that whatever I eat, drink, or do, must be done for your glory (1 Cor 10:31).
  • In my emotions—Especially when I’m tired, overwhelmed or stressed, Lord, be my stability. Do not let my emotions get the better of me. Help me to be truly wise and to discern when to speak and when to stay silent.
  • In my relationships—God, You created us for communion with others and it was never Your desire that we should be alone. Lord, please surround me with Godly, kingdom-building relationships in my workplace, community, and family.

God be my balance and help me to decrease, so that You can increase (Jn 3:30), so that Your Holy Spirit may complete Your work in me. God be my balance today. Amen.