Visio Divina for women: Thursday, Dec 9
December 9, 2020
Thursday December 10th: Building God’s Kingdom
December 10, 2020

We all had mentors before we had a name for it

By Camille Rambharat

Mentorship is an important part of my life and every day I am reminded that parents are our first mentors. We mirror their every word and action which sometimes can be a good or bad thing. As women, we are seen as everyone’s mother, especially Caribbean women. We have a natural instinct to love and care, consciously or unconsciously.

Growing up in Trinidad and Tobago, we all had mentors before we had a name for it. For me, aunties, by blood and by friendships, a couple teachers, and most importantly my father. Today, young people entering the workplace should all have mentors. Females in particular need advice and guidance to get through issues like sexual harassment, gender inequality, barriers to opportunities and other aspects of gender discrimination in the workplace.

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