In the new normal, teachers being schooled
September 30, 2020
October 1st: The Kingdom of God Has Come near to You
September 30, 2020

Archbishop to Teachers—give the advantage of faith

They may not be physically together but Archbishop Jason Gordon has asked teachers of Catholic schools to see their classes as sacred spaces and see the face of Jesus in their students.

His Grace held a series of online meetings with teachers September 28-29 and October 1.  At Tuesday’s meeting, September 29, he told teachers, “When you are in you class, when you are with your young people…that is a meeting place between Heaven and Earth. And to see that way is to understand what you are doing is sacred work.”  The meeting began with Lectio Divina on John 1: 47-51. He said the passage showed the world as humans saw it was just one part of reality but Jesus was saying there is more. “Angels were ascending and descending in other words there is an inter-communion between Heaven and Earth; there is a portal and through that portal Heaven and Earth is laid open.”

Archbishop Gordon said the work they did was not just teaching challenging or good children but entering into the presence of God. “The face of each child is really the face of Jesus Himself.”  He encouraged as Catholic teachers in Catholic schools to remember the Catholic ethos. Give their children the advantage of faith. “There is something there they can hold; it is God it is faith it is Jesus himself,” Archbishop Gordon said.

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