September 21st: I came to call sinners; not the virtuous
September 21, 2020
September 22nd: Those who hear the word…
September 21, 2020

Don’t try to slip into Heaven; do the work! 

Think you get into Heaven last minute? Think again, because you may not be like St Dismas, the good thief crucified with Jesus.

“Many of us believe believe that we should slip into Heaven without doing the spiritual work of becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ, we should slip into Haven by doing minimal work…in our own formation process…” Archbishop Jason Gordon said.

In the homily last Sunday at the Living Water Community Chapel, he said the Gospel Matthew 20:1-16 was speaking to Catholics. In his usual candour, he informed of a deficiency of Catholic thinking, “we believe we can do the minimal and get the maximum; we may well get into Heaven we may, but we may not”.

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