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August 18, 2020
Who’s the racist
August 20, 2020

Urgent need to create community during this COVID-19 pandemic

The Catholic News continues to examine parenting areas during the pandemic. 

In this piece, psychologist Anna Maria Mora offers a perspective for parents and their children.

  1. How should parents deal with young children/teens-especially if parents are working and not physically present to supervise attendance by their children?

This is the most important question in the scheme of things as they are now.  Families today exist in isolation. We say that this type of family is the best family structure. We might try to build ‘communities’ but walls and fences still go up, with everyone isolated from each other, not knowing the names of neighbours and many times preventing the children from playing with each other.  We call these families ‘nuclear families’. In my opinion, the disadvantages of the ‘nuclear family’ far outweigh its advantages.

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