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August 6, 2020
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August 6, 2020

Beauty Formulations using Plants

By Rayanna Boodram

If you go to any beauty counter, it is guaranteed that you will find rows of skincare products featuring plant-based extracts. There are two key messages at play in the world of high-end beauty: Plants can heal us from the outside and inside and the mystique created around botanical extracts. I am positive that the ladies in every family share their own natural beauty tips! In my family, these were passed down from our grandmother. This article we will explore the top three plants that are widely used in the cosmetic industry and how you can create some of these on your own!

In the world of beauty, rose water has been in use for this purpose for thousands of years. Water derived from the rose plant is a strong anti-inflammatory agent and can solve itching from eczema, reduce skin redness and puffiness under the eyes and can even out skin tone. The petals contain antioxidants useful for tissue restoration, making it a huge assist in hair growth. Those characteristics, along with the plant’s antiseptic abilities, allow rose water and rose oil to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and heal scars faster. Another benefit of rose water is that it makes for a great, natural toner when it comes to make-up application. Topical use of this results in softer, cleaner skin. Making rose water is actually a very hassle-free process if you follow the below steps:

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