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July 21, 2020
Thanks Kay, for helping make the Marriage Encounter dream a reality
July 21, 2020

Patience, Active Patience

Former AEC General Secretary Rev Mike James reflects on the political impasse in his homeland, Guyana. This is an edited version of the Catholic Standard editorial, July 17 issue. 

“When will this frightening, worsening crisis end?” people ask themselves. In most countries around the world today, this question will be asked with respect to COVID-19, with Latin America and the Caribbean having now overtaken North America as the region of the world where the virus is most rapidly spreading.

But in Guyana today the question of when the worsening crisis will end is far more likely to be asked by people (apart from families directly affected by COVID-19) with respect to the current election results crisis now nearing five months since Guyanese voted peacefully and orderly on March 2.

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