Being decisive not desperate
July 7, 2020
“Social Media helped my faith grow”
July 7, 2020

Response calls for authentic development

Q: Archbishop J, what is the response of the Church to the protests of June 30?

Taking a life is always a grave matter. When the life is taken by police it is always a reason to pause and ask the difficult questions. Was this justified? Did they follow the protocol? Did they use every means to contain the situation before using the gun? Was the victim given every opportunity before it escalated? These are hard but necessary questions.

When violence escalates to the extent it has in Trinidad, we need to use all means necessary to push back and reduce the violence. On the other hand, with the proliferation of guns on the street, it makes policing very difficult. The police have to always assume they are going into a dangerous situation where the person they are dealing with is more than likely to have a gun. At first glance the events of June 30 were a response to the killing of three men by the police three days earlier.

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