Enter the Dragon…fruit
July 1, 2020
Phew! Thank God for Phase Five!
July 1, 2020

From printer’s ink to planting pak choi

By Vernon Khelawan, vkmoose@gmail.com

The COVID-19 three-month lockdown has had a number of diverse and strange results. Imagine me, a journalist of more than 60 years, turning to the soil for solace. I now consider myself a small agriculturist. I, whose blood is saturated with printer’s ink and the smell of newsprint, am now a man of the soil.

Funnily, it all started by mere accident. Joan, a devoted and most helpful wife, threw a handful of half rotten tomatoes into a container in which there was some soil. Sometime later, I can’t remember the length of time, the seeds germinated, and a bunch of seedlings burst forth. With not much to do during the lockdown, I took the decision to plant them.

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