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May 19, 2020
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May 19, 2020

Create a garden for our Mother

The month of May is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mother Mary. For us Catholics, during the entire month of May, it is customary to commemorate Mother Mary with special devotions every day.

The derivation goes back to the ending of 13th century. In the 16th century it became a norm as it appeared in various manuscripts and literature. Mother Mary, Mother of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, is known for her deep humility, blind obedience, ardent love, heroic patience, and angelic kindness.

During the month of May, we can make an extra effort to include these virtues into our everyday lives to remind ourselves of our Mother.

With COVID-19 safety measures in effect, do not feel discouraged if you cannot worship in your parishes. Instead, you can create a special spot in your home to carry out your devotions to the Blessed Mother by adding pictures of her and using lots of blue fabric (blue, the colour of Mother Mary, is a sacred and valuable hue). Another popular trend if outdoor space is available is to create a ‘Mother Mary Garden’.

A Mother Mary Garden trends back to the days that Christ walked the Earth. During the Middle Ages, missionaries in Europe began compiling the plants that create the garden and many years later, gardeners in other countries adopted the trend.

For an added dedication to Mother Mary, you can try creating your very own Mary Garden at home. A Mary Garden comprises flowers and herbs that symbolise holiness and purity.

Traditionally, it is ideal to start with a statue of the Virgin Mary as the focal point. A large picture of her can work as well. The two main flowers dedicated to Mother Mary are lilies and roses.

The Angel Gabriel is said to have held a lily when he told Mother Mary that she was to be the mother of Jesus, thus the flowers signify purity and grace.

The rose was a privileged symbol for Mother Mary as the Queen of Heaven and Earth. One of her titles is ‘Rosa Mystica’ or ‘Mystical Rose’.

Other flowers that can be used in your Mary Garden are marigolds (Mother Mary’s Glory), lavender (known as Mary’s Drying Plant) and daisies. An assortment of other white flowers such as orchids and chrysanthemums can be integrated.

To complete your garden, add a bench or a chair where you can sit to pray or simply to meditate.

Remember, your Mary Garden does not need to be a large space, a small corner will suffice. The aim is to have that one special place that you can go to when you need to meditate and honour our Blessed Mother Mary.

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