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April 16, 2020
Let us go where the transformation of the apostles took place
April 16, 2020

Catches win matches

By Bryan Davis, Former West Indies Test cricketer

The adage that catches win matches is a truism in the game of cricket. While it is natural to be carried away with the artistic stroke-play of a batsman and be struck by the elegance of his flourishing style or the viciousness of his hooks and pulls, the gentle accepting of a catch by a fieldsman is not lapped up artistically. Of course, if it is a fantastic diving effort, one of those impossible exertions that bring out the determination of a fieldsman or the use of his fabulous reflexes that leaves the spectator gasping for breath, it is long remembered.

A bowler sprinting down 20 or more yards with a ferocious look to tremble the heart of a weak-kneed batsman, letting go the ball at the moment of delivery at a great pace exceeding 85 miles-per-hour, bowling the batsman out with stumps cartwheeling a distance, is the type of spectacle that those backing the fielding side paid their money to witness.

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