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March 26, 2020
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Calypso on coronavirus from priest

Fr Brancker John


Fr Brancker John, a former Calypso king in Dominica has sounded “the warning” in a Calypso on COVID-19 ‘Watch out for the virus’.

In a two-minute audio clip circulating on WhatsApp, Fr John is heard singing “No hugging, no handshaking/The new mantra is social distancing/This Corona is life threatening/Now is the time for some sacrificing/To avoid large gatherings is a smart thing/If you have a cough or fever call the doctor.”

Fr John encouraged listeners to practise good hygiene, keep everything clean, mind those droplets in the air and don’t stand too near.

“Hear me as I sound the warning,” he sang.

Fr John is well known by his Calypso sobriquet ‘De Brakes’ and was crowned Calypso Monarch in 1997 and 1999. He is remembered in the Calypso arena for his hit songs ‘Remember me the Malaway’, ‘Keep the Candles Burning’, ‘Jam De Brakes on Dem’ and ‘Workers’. But Fr John took a different path in life when he was ordained a priest June 29, 2013.

In his current song, Fr John called for persons to please cover up when sneezing, clean hands with soap and water, or rubbing alcohol, “best sanitiser”.

“We want to stop the spread/This deadly COVID-19 is a really crucial thing/We all in this fight together/Watch out for the virus/ Look out for your neighbour and pray ‘Have mercy Father’,” he sang.

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