Memories of Fr Dermot
March 13, 2020
Blessed Sacrament through the streets of Penal
March 15, 2020

For the common good

Q: Archbishop J, not giving precious Blood …is that a lack of faith?

The Archdiocesan policy on COVID-19 has spawned much comment on digital media. It brings to the fore our underlying beliefs and assumptions about the Eucharist. The disappointment of some to the temporary change in liturgical practice also highlights aspects of personal piety around the Eucharist.

One argument goes: It is after all, the Eucharist, so it is impossible to be infected if I have faith. With it has come feelings of anger at having to receive Communion in the hand and not on the tongue; frustration at not being able to receive the Precious Blood; and disenchantment with the Church (that would be me) for having no faith and thus offering bad example.

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