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No one is called to stay in a violent relationship — Archbishop Gordon

By Kaelanne Jordan
Email: mediarelations.camsel@catholictt.org
Twitter: @kaelanne1

In January of this year three women were murdered. Jezelle Phillip (January 6) Gabriella Du Barry (January 9) and Naiee Singh (January 27) were each murdered by an ex-lover. In 2018, statistics from the Trinidad & Tobago Police Station’s Crime and Problem Analysis Branch (CAPA) indicated an average of 25 women are murdered every year in domestic violence or intimate partner violence (IPV). A 2018 study, ‘National Women’s Health Survey for Trinidad and Tobago: Final Report’ found that one in three women said they experience intimate partner violence.

‘Domestic Violence’ is defined as the emotional, psychological, physical or sexual abuse perpetrated against a person by someone with whom he/she shares or has shared an intimate relationship. However, the Domestic Violence Act of Trinidad & Tobago (1999) broadened the scope of the definition to include members of the household and the aspect of financial abuse. Section 3 states: “domestic violence” includes physical, sexual, emotional or psychological or financial abuse committed by a person against a spouse, child, any other person who is a member of the household or dependant.

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